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Housekeeper Service Resume Sample

The following resume is a sample for the post of Housekeeper/Sweeper Service. The main characteristic that is asked by the employer for this post is the character quality of the employee. He must be honest, committed, punctual and able to work with all types of equipment. He must be trained to work under all types of circumstances and must have a precise knowledge about sanitation and hygiene. Below we have prepared a resume sample that should help you in building a convincing resume. Do attach verified references along with pictures to impress upon the employer your good moral and reliable character.

Housekeeper Service Resume Sample


Mob: – 000000

Email: – xxxxx


I am reliable person with a mature attitude, I can adapt to different surrounding QUICKLY, I feel that my keen and enthusiastic approach to work would make me an asset to any company or organization.


  • Highly skilled in operating a variety of automatic cleaning equipments, vacuums, polishers and buffers
  • In depth knowledge of the advanced methods and products used  in cleaning
  • Proven record of planning work schedule for major tasks
  • Able to co-ordinate events in homes or hotels
  • Thorough understanding of safety precautions in all housekeeping service
  • Able to work in damp, dusty and dirty areas.


  • Paradise Inn Hotel London

From June 2010 to January 2015 as Housekeeping Service


  • Maintain facility in a clean and infection -free condition
  • Disposed of trash , waste and other material
  • Dust furniture, fixtures, windows sills, etc
  • Cleanse wash basins, mirrors, commodes, tubs and showers
  • Reported any needed repairs instantly to Supervisor
  • Emptied trash waste containers
  • Mopes the floors in all resident’s room and bathrooms daily.


  • S.C.E Passed September 1998 to June 2003
  • Diploma in Banking and finance July 2006 to August 2008.


  • Solid communication & time management skills
  • Flexible, with a position attitude and willingness to collaborate with others
  • Ability to perform physically demanding work
  • Knowledge of MS, Word and Excel

Date of Birth                                     :           0000

Gender                                               :           Male
Nationality                                        :           Nigeria
Marital status                                   :           Single
Language known                              :           English

Visa                                                    :            Visit

Blood Group                                      :              B +ve


Will be provided on demand