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The resume for a team leader (Marketing Team Leader/Business Team Leader/ Product Team Leader/Project Team Leader)  is more of a general resume. A team leader holds the most important position in any firm/agency/organization. He leads the team obviously. But by leading means handling, managing and executing maximum output from the team. He manages his entire team keeping them in high spirits, constantly examines the quality and quantity of work and most importantly makes sure that there is no disruption in the work schedule. Following resume is a sample for the post of a Team Leader. It contains all the crucial points i right order to make sure highlight your positive attitude to the employer. Make a brief account of education and entail your previous experiences. Add in your credits and awards that you’ve won throughout your career. And don’t forget to put authentic references from your past experiences.

Marketing Team Leader Resume Sample

Name:  XYZAR Coating Machine Resume Sample

Mobil:  000

Email:  XXX

Gender: M/F

Country: XXX

Applied For :Marketing Team Leader/Business Team Leader/ Product Team Leader/Project Team Leader

Career Objective:

Professionally contributing to an organization, where my qualification, analytical and professional skills can be best utilized towards the commensurate goal of the organization.

Career History:

Worked as a “Team Leader”  – ABC Communication (Pvt.) Ltd

Creative Agency

  • Responsible for managing all advertising for Roche Pharmaceuticals Pakistan, Dawood University and Sindh Government campaigns nationwide.
  • Worked on the campaigns brief from respective clients and devising advertising/marketing strategy in accordance with the campaign objectives with inclusion of drafting media plans and press releases.
  • Managed and monitored campaign’s operations and execution.
  • Keeping abreast of changing market dynamics and environment.(Team Leader)

Sr. Team Leader – ABC Key (Pvt.) Ltd

        Online Business and Trade Center

  • Independently headed the region of Fujian, China.
  • Lead end-to-end sales operations, service planning and execution; managed a team of 5 associates
  • Responsible for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Loyalty and Sales Revenue.
  • Generating sales revenue through different revenue generation sources (Online Marketing, Referrals, Up selling, Cross selling, Churn Management).
  • Retained dissatisfied customers through the concept of Churn Management.
  • Negotiated and closed complex sales & service issues.
  • Developed and implemented customer satisfaction and loyalty systems.
  • Strategic Planning for additional services to the premium members.
  • Key-Account Management, responsible for managing accounts of the Senior and VIP premium customers, and monitoring them for maintaining service non-conformance.(Team Leader)
  • Maintained cost controlling measures for the team to meet budget guidelines.
  • Trained and performance evaluation to develop and improve employees’ performance.
  • Worked on branding project to create good word-of-mouth on different B2B forums.
  • Engaged with Product Development team to launch new features and modifications in the existing system to make the interface user-friendly.(Team Leader)
  • Engaged with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM) team to run the member’s campaign smoothly.(Team Leader)


  • Managed and achieved highest number of retention by any Team Lead in the history of ABC Key – 96%
  • Brought-in and achieved US$ 67,000 business in last one year of span.
  • Designed and executed new work structure for Buyers Relationship Department on the basis of modern market trends. Increased department performance by 175%.
  • Participated and explored rest of the world (except China) market while handling my dedicated tasks. On the basis of analysis presented by me, ABC Key initiated a separate team for rest of the world which was later named as “Global Business Expansion”


2007 – 2010                          Bachelors in Commerce from University of Karachi

2005 – 2007                          Intermediate in Commerce from Private

2003 – 2005                          Matriculation in Commerce from Roots School Network

Training & Certifications:

Internet Marketing tool SEM basics and functions to promote company websites by increasing their visibility on different search engines results.(Team Leader)

SEO basics and tactics to improve rankings and searches on renowned search engines around

Customer Service & its importance

Key Account Management

Time Management

Project Management

Cross selling and Up-selling

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)

Irate Customer organized by Telenor

Skills & Abilities:

Excellent communication skills, Leadership & management, Development of personal relationships, Strong presentation skills, Multi-tasking, Pro-active approach, Analytical approach, Initiative,Good organizing and time management skills.

Interests:Cricket, Football, Snooker, Music, Movies, Internet, Travelling, Socializing.

Marketing Team Leader Resume Sample