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Fancy a movie poster?! How can yo know about the movie? Obviously a trailer, it tells you all the crucial, the exciting and the promising points of the movie, isn’t it? Same is the purpose of a Cover Letter. A cover letter is like the teaser trailer of your resume movie. A Cover Letter’s importance is as much undeniable as of Resume itself these days. Cover Letter is the quick glance of your resume. It should be fairly concise but highly attractive. So be very cautious before creating your cover letter.

Below we have arranged an overview or standard cover letter template to help you create your cover letter easily out of it! Or you can search in Latest Cover Letter Sample for ready-made cover letter samples.


Your Name
Contact Info


The Employer Name

Respected Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs. ——-:

Introduction: (keep it intentionally short)

This is your introduction and purpose paragraph, try not to exceed it more than three lines, the shorter yet complete it is the heavier effect you will have.

Experience, Key Skills & Qualification:

State you experience, acknowledgements, credits and awards here. Give a synopsis of your qualification as well. Impress upon the employer that your skills are exactly relevant to the employer’s requisites. He is very much interested to know your key skills here.


This is the last and again a short paragraph. State here that how you think you are perfect for the post, entail your interest to further discuss your qualities and the job. Mention that you can be contact at any time. Lastly, state your appreciation towards the employer’s consideration.

Your regards (Sincerely/Regards),