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Senior Waiter Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Head/Chief Waiter. A Chief Waiter keeps a track of other waiter’s job. He manages and keeps them in high spirits. A waiter is suppose to be well-mannered, active and fresh all the time, and a head waiter/manager has to put a check on their responsibilities being carried out rightly. An employer would want to hire a person who keeps a calm and pleasing smile on his face no matter the entire hotel is on fire. He has to work under pressure, to manage flow of customers, bring and take out dishes to client’s comfort, and make rightful decision on the spur of the moment. Below we have given an adequate sample of resume for this post. Do mention pictures from your previous experiences to stand your resume out among others.



San Bartolome Novaliches Quezon City

Mobile No.: 0000

Email:  xxxx


To fully enhance my capabilities, perform the highest quality standard of service to do my duties and responsibilities with the best I can be, interpersonal skills, communication and creative skills, and at the same time support the business by preserving the good image of the company I serve.

Work Experience:

Concord Hotel

Doha Qatar

As a Senior Waiter

September 02, 2012 to still.

 Beach Resort Hotel

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Senior Waiter

MARCH 14, 2012 to AUGUST 2013

One-to-one Hotel

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Senior Waiter

NOVEMBER 28, 2011 to JULY 2012

National Corporation for Tourism and Hotel

Abu Dhabi, United Arab .Emirates

Senior Waiter

November 19, 2009 – November 18, 2011


Desert Island Resort & Spa

  1. O. Box: 14586

Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Senior Waiter

Al-Mutakka Restaurant

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


February 2004 – February 2008

Responsibilities included:

                                          checking customers’ identification in order to ensure that they meet minimum age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages, checking with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems, escorting customers to their tables, explaining how various menu items are prepared, describing ingredients and cooking methods, informing customers of daily specials, preparing checks that itemize and total meal costs and sales taxes, presenting menus to patrons and answer questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request. Activity in removing dishes and glasses from tables or counters, and taking them to kitchen for cleaning, serving food and beverages to patrons; preparing and serving specialty dishes at tables as required and stocking service areas with supplies such as coffee, food, tableware, and linens.

TRAINING ATTENDED                                                   

1.) Essential Food Safety

Training Certificate                       Sysco’s College                               2010

2.) Seminar Workshop                  Cenille Espana Sampaloc               2006

Integrated Hotel, Restaurant and Passenger Ship Operations.

3.) AutoCAD Computer Networking Career & Training Center

3D Modeling.                                                                                          2009

PERSONAL INFORMATION:                                                                                  

Name                                     : xyz

Age                                         : 36

Civil Status                            : MARRIED

Date of Birth                          : MARCH 1, 1978

Place of Birth                         : MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Nationality                             : FILIPINO

Height                                     : 187 cm

Weight                                    : 175 lbs

Local Address                        : ABC

Contact No.                            : Tel.    # 0000

Mobile  0000

Skills                                      : Computer Technicians, Software and Hard ware                                                                                                                         installation, Microsoft Office.


School, Name and Address:                Course:                                 Year:

STI COLLEGE                                      B.S Computer Science          2002

4th Year College

Claro M Recto Manila.

University of the East                             High School                            1998

Claro M. Recto Avenue, Philippines


1.) ABC  Outlet Manager The Village UAE.

2.) ABC  HSSE Engineer  Qatar Security Sevices W.L.L.    3) ABC     Beauty Spot SalonDoha   Qatar.