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Entry Level Cleaner/Housekeeper/Helper Resume Sample

The series for “Entry Level Resume” has been started due to the higher number of requests from much respected viewers, the resumes included are exclusively for beginners who are young, fresh graduates, have no experience but enthusiasm and unbinding energy to prove themselves. The information listed is totally exemplary for guidance and ideas.

This resume is a sample for the post of  Entry Level Cleaner/Housekeeper/Store Helper . Almost every hotel/restaurant/dinning place needs a Helper boy. Foreigners with little or no education are the main subject for this job. They are offered with residence and some other benefits as well. The resume Entry Level Cleaner/Housekeeper/Helper, here, needs to stress more over your moral character, your enthusiasm of being a part of their company and to grow yourself there. Below we have build a resume sample for your help and guidance. Best of luck!

Name  :     xyz
Address :     abc
Mobil No :   000
Email: xxxxx
Gender :

Applied for : Fresh Cleaner/Housekeeper/Helper Or Any available suitable position for work.

( Ready to Join Immediately) Waiting for one Chance.

CAREER OBJECTIVES: (Entry Level Cleaner/Housekeeper/Helper)

To nourish my professional expertise and to grow side by side your honoured organization. You will find me Energetic, Honest, Hardworking and Creative employee for your organization.


Healthy, Hand worker, Team player, Positive attitude and Boundless Energy, Quick learner innovative, Ability to adapt to situations, Hardworking, Self-believed and respect others, Diligence, Confidence, Sincerity & loyalty.


Joining                           : Can Join Immediately

Salary Expectation       : Any Salary Package as per Company Policy and Offer is accepted

Education                     : Middle Passed Standard


Type of Visa            : Visit

Passport Number   : 000


  •  Ability to work  as “  Cleaner  ”
  • Ability to work as “ Kitchen Helper”
  • Ability to work as “Warehouse Helper ”


Father’s Name             :    xyz

Nationality                    :   Philippines

Religion                        :   Christianity

Marital Status               :  Single

Date of Birth                 : DD/MM/YYYY

Languages Know         : English (Can speak and Understand Little After will Get Fluency),

Reference:- Available on Demand