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Delivery Boy Resume Sample

This resume sample is for the post of Delivery Boy. A very responsible job. The employer would want to hire a young and active person for this purpose. Usually young students are most suited for this job as this job offers as much a good as suitable for your pocket money. A resume for this post must emphasize on your goof moral character. It must entail that you are a regular, responsible and an honest fellow. You are quick and can handle any type of situations. Your resume may not have any degree at all but it must have a (verified) reference or two that manifest your accountable behavior. Below we have devised a sample resume for your guidance. Add some pictures of your previous experiences, some credits or awards showing that you always delivered on time, honestly and exactly.

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Delivery Boy Resume Sample

  • Name:XYZ
  • Date of birth: 000
  • Nationality:Tunisian
  • Status:Single
  • Religion:Islam
  • Languages spoken/written: Arabic, French, English
  • Email Address: xxxxxx
  • Contact No. : xxxxx

Holding Driving License [ Tunisian license ].

Applied For: Delivery Boy/ McDonald Delivery Boy/ Pizza Delivery Boy/ Part Time Delivery Boy


To be part of an active organization, which trusts and motivates it’s employees in wholly participating in achieving company’s goals and objectives, thereby benefiting the company.                                                               Key Skills:

  • A proactive and intelligent hard worker even under pressure.
  • Easier to adapt with a multi nationalities.
  • Fast learning what i have to do in my work.
  • Energetic & dynamic while doing my work.
  • Enjoy to work under team work.
  • A self-motivated person.
  • Meets and exceeds customer and team member expectations by providing outstanding Service & teamwork.
  • Communicates effectively with customers, co-workers and supervisors.
  • Demonstrates teamwork by co-operating and assisting co-workers as needed.
  • Adhere to the company policies & procedures.
  • Minimizes dangers by following all safety rules and regulations.
  • Follows hotel standards regarding personal hygiene.
  • Attends work on time as scheduled.


  • Certificate of Secondary Education, MS World, MSExcel, Windows2000, Arts Baccalaureate.

2002 till 2003 Ibn Rashiq Secondary School, Tunisia.

  • Certificate of College Education.

1999 till 2002 in Youghorta College, Tunisia.

  • Certificate of Primary Education.

1994till 1999in Bin Allaya Primary School, Tunisia.

Work Experiences:

  • Salesman at Zara Shop in Tunis, Tunisia.

03rd February 2013 till 12th November 2014

  • Salesman at Benetton Shop in Hammamet City. Tunisia.

15th October 2010 till 22th January 2013

  • Waiter in French Restaurant in Golden Tulip Hotel,

Tunis, Tunisia.

03rd June 2009 till 12th September 2010

  • Waiter in Euro Bar & Restaurant in Royal Hammamet

Hotel, Tunisia.

Computer Skills:

  • MS World, Excel, Power point.

Linguistic Abilities:

  • Arabic: Fluent ( mother tongue )
  • French: Fluent ( Excellent )
  • English: Fluent ( Good )


Board games and competitions, swimming, listen to music, internet communication, and traveling.


Delivered upon request.