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Computer Lecturer Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Computer Lecturer. Learning computer is not a difficult thing these days. Computer itself through numerous ways teaches you how to use it. Then why a teacher? Computer’s genius is created and practiced by humans. It can teach itself but it cannot in any way teach new blooming minds with all the questions that come due to evolution and unfathomable human imagination. A computer lecturer teaches computers and clears all the related confusions and misconceptions. A resume, therefore, should be build considering these facts in mind. It should be comprehensive, dynamic and easy-to-read. Finally add verified references/credits/awards to add to the value of your resume among others.

Computer Lecturer Resume Sample

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Lecturer cum teacher with more than three years of extensive experience in the field of empowering education seeking a position in the respected organization to utilize skills and knowledge gained during academic and professional career and seeking a position where knowledge can be shared and enriched, believing in performance with perfection.

 Sanskrit University.:

  • Worked as a computer lecturer for post graduate students with a batch strength comprising of 60 students
  • Simultaneously took charge of computer department as a computer Head of Department
  • Remained member of syllabus setting faculty of the university
  • Acted as supervisor and examiner in various theoretical and practical examinations
  • Published two articles in the book RESEARCHER JOURNAL OF SOCIAL AND LIFE SCIENCES
  • Published book on designer software called DTP & MULTIMEDIA and TALLY ACCOUNTING
Programming Languages Visual Basic, C & C++
Operating Systems MS Dos, Windows 98, XP
Database Systems Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL
Assembly Languages MASM
Subjects Of Interest ASP.Net & Java
Web Servers IIS
Web Technologies HTML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, J2EE
Graphic Packages Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Flash 8
Others Office Xp/2003, Open Office
Course School / College Board / University Year Of Passing Class Percentage
MCA S.K.Patel IM & CS KSVV 2007-2010 DISTINCTION 75.86%
BCA K.M Savjani Saurashtra Uni. 2004-2007 First Class 64.15%
H.S.C Sheth M.P Girls High School G.H.S.E.B. 2004 DISTINCTION 71.83%
S.S.C Sheth M.P Girls High School G.S.E.B. 2002 SECOND CLASS 55.85%
  • Participated in Instant Software Programming and developed the Snake & Ladder game (C++)
  • Actively participated and awarded token of appreciation for extra ordinary paper presentation.
  • Awarded 1st position on Teacher’s day.
  • Won trophies and Medals and received best performance awards, several times.
ACADEMIC PROJECTS (In Each Semester):-

Industrial Project

Language & Tools    :           Asp.net 2008, SQL SERVER

Duration                     :           8th and 9th   Trimester

Initiated and successfully completed the “Township automation system” project to enhance automation facilities available to the people of township.

Library Management System

Language & Tools    :           Asp.net 2005, SQL SERVER

Duration                     :           6th Trimester

A.B.C. Institute, 

Managed and actively leaded the team for transforming library administration from manual paperwork oriented administration to fully automated software managed administration.

Transformation included setting up various software managed processes, for example;

  • Managing Issues and Return of books through software;
  • Generating unique identification numbers for books to trace their status;
  • Computation of penalty for delay in return

Online Shopping (E-Commerce)

Language & Tools    :            ASP.net, SQL SERVER

Duration                     :           7th Trimester

A.B.C Institute 

 Developed totally automated online shopping Portal for Electro Shopping Centre. Formulated team of students; reviewed and proactively guided them at a supervisory position, to set up fully automated online shopping portal.

Ensured following objectives are achieved:

  • Purchase transactions are done online.
  • Bar codes are assigned to all products available within inventory listings.
  • All items in Inventory listing are included in to the software to check availability of products.
  • Customer orders are promptly responded within give time frame.
  • Purchase transactions are properly recorded in software integrated with online shopping portal.
  • Ensuring automated payment receipts for purchases are generated electronically and recorded within system.

Hospital Management System

Language & Tools

  •               C++Duration
  •               3rd Trimester

A.B.C Institute.

 Played active role in providing totally automated management system for A.B.C Hospital.

Objectives of automation process were:

  • Maintain Patient Data: Record full patient information & medical data.
  • Easy Patient check in & data recording.
  • Reservation & Planning of various patient and operation rooms.
  • Recording services availed by patient and auto generation of invoices against medical services offered along with facilities and medication provided.



► Role of IT in professional media.


Address abc
Contact Number 000000
Date of Birth 0000
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
Visa Status Residence
E-mail xxxxx
Known Languages English, Hindi.
Hobbies Dancing, Cooking, Teaching.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge.