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This resume is a sample for the post of salesman/sales officer/sales agent/ sales supervisor/ sales manager. A sales or salesman officer works to maintain and ensure the quality of the products of the company. He (Sales Officer) has to make sure to maintain right balance in the quantity and quality of the company. It is on his reputation that the company may add or eternally lose the trust of its customers and ultimately their sales. For this job the employer would want an honest, hardworking and strict person. He must have a discreet knowledge of the product and experience with which he could guide and check his workers. Any ordinary resume can bring about miraculous resume if only certain techniques and methods are applied. Below we have given you such an example ( Sales Office) to help you explain yourself better before the employer. It must entails that on no account your are going to compromise over the rules of the company.  And finally adding references or previous records to your resume adds to the credibility of your resume.

Salesman/Sales Officer Resume Sample

Name: xyz Salesman Resume Sample

Cell No. 000

Address: abc

Email Id: xxx

Country :abc

Gender: M/F




To be able to have a position in an establishment where I can enhance my leadership skills, work passionately with people who live up to the vision and mission of the company.

Primary Goal

·        Provide comprehensive and quality customer care at all times

·        Provide appropriate and accurate respond

·        Meet quality, productivity and schedule adherence performance standards

·        Apply technical knowledge and appropriate procedures

·        Meet performance goal and targets


·        Leadership Skills

·        Excellent Customer Service Skills

·        P.C & Microsoft Office/Excel Literate

·        Strategic Planning & Evaluating Skills

·        Punctual & Trustworthy

·        Self – motivated

·        Microsoft Office

·        Typing speed 30 to 40 words per minute

Salesman or sales Officer

For 3 years being an administrative officer is very tough and exciting job. In this working scenario I learned how to manage marketing information, decision support system and office automation.

1.      To plan, organize, and administer the activities of his/her department, office, or division efficiently.

2.      To keep informed of new developments relating to his/her function and to maintain a creative and experimental attitude toward change, in order to continuously improve the operation of his/her area of responsibility.

3.      To recommend the organizational structure and staffing that complement his/her area of responsibility.(salesman)

4.      To establish and maintain an organizational climate that encourages the development, retention, and a high level of morale among personnel.

5.      Keep his/her immediate supervisor informed of activities of the unit, particularly of major or unusual developments, and seeking his/her advice and counsel.

6.      To recommend the budget for his/her department, office, or division and, within limitations established by the board or President, to administer his/her budget.

7.      To serve on committees and councils as directed by board policies and procedures or by his/her immediate supervisor or the President.

8.      To represent and attend professional meetings as authorized by his/her immediate supervisor.

9.      To provide information and reports to the board at the request of the President.

10.   To perform any other duties assigned or delegated by his/her immediate supervisor.

Salesman / Sales Agent

3 years of experience providing customer support in busy call center environments for technical inbound for electronic device. It is a commitment to the customer to build good relationship, resolve problems and gain customer trust. I learned here how to be calm and good listener.

1.      Receives, processes and verifies the accuracy of orders from customers utilizing the organization’s internal CRM/mainframe systems and customer purchase orders.

2.      Initiates required action for response to customer service requests for order changes, including the maintenance of order/customer information files and communicates changes to the appropriate Personnel/departments.

3.      Ensures and provides quality service to both internal and external customers.

4.      Receives inquiries from and/or contacts the organization’s branch/regional offices to resolve a variety of order-related issues.

5.      Accesses the company’s internal systems to obtain and extract order information and provide customer service management with the data for inclusion in various scheduled and special reports

6.      Performs assigned system maintenance to various electronic order files.

7.      Participates and provides expertise as a member of the customer service’s departmental team.

8.      The team’s objectives are develop and recommend changes to existing methods and systems to increase the accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness of the customer service department as a whole.

Sales Supervisor:

During my UAE endeavor, I started here as sales working person. Even it’s not my line I still stand my own principles on how to handle customer care and having a good relationship from the big boss to the staff. Only one basic information I learned in this aspect, equality and respect is essential.

§ Prepare sales action plans and strategies

§ Develop and maintain a customer database

§ Develop and maintain sales and promotional materials

§ Make sales calls to new and existing clients

§ Develop and make presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients

§ Negotiate with clients

§ Maintain sales activity records and prepare sales reports

§ Respond to sales inquiries and concerns by phone, electronically or in person

§ Ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships

§ Maintain an awareness of all promotions and advertisements.

§ Assist in processing and replenishing merchandise and monitoring floor stock.


Salesman/Sales Officer/Sales Agent/ Sales Supervisor/ Sales Manager Resume Sample