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This Resume is a sample for the post of Mathematics Cum Computing Lecturer. The prime thing required in teaching profession is the dedication and passion of the teacher for his subject and his interest to deliver it to his pupils. A Mathematics Cum Computing Lecturer teacher can bring the best out of one AND he can as well drop one’s caliber to zero. Your resume should stress about your expertise in your subject but it must show your patience and understanding with the student and their problems. Below we have given an example of such a resume. It should help your in creating a fine and convincing resume. Attach your recent photograph. Adding references and credits from your previous work experiences is highly recommended! Best of luck…!

Mathematics Cum Computing Lecturer Resume Sample

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Masters of Teaching (secondary) specializing in Mathematics and Computing (information system and software), University of Western Sydney, Sydney Australia.


Current: Teacher

Tutoring club is an American franchise that helps students achieves success in education. As part of the tutoring club team my responsibilities are as follow:

  1. Teaching English (reading, writing) (K-12)
  2. Teaching mathematics (K-12)
  3. Teaching sciences ( chemistry, physics and biology)
  4. Teaching languages ( Arabic and French)
  5. Teaching SAT students
  6. Teaching students with special needs ( ADHD, depression)
  7. Helping students improve their grades in their preparation to university.

Pre-service teacher practice

Taught years 8, 9 and 10 General mathematics. Classes involved all levels of abilities and diverse backgrounds.

  1. Implementation of diverse classroom management techniques
  2. Design of assessment tasks according to the required outcomes of the curriculum
  3. Creation and marking of end of topic tests
  4. Excellent use of Information and Computer Technology(ICT) around the classroom such as interactive white boards, collaborative mathematical software on Windows and Apple products to assist students grasp difficult concepts e.g. geometric figures, functions.
  5. Implementation of the syllabus in smaller more manageable consecutive lesson plans
  6. Implementation of group work as well as individual tasks
  7. Involvement indifferent school activities (sports, events…)

Pre-service teacher practice

Taught years 9 and 10 Information System Technology and Years 11 and 12 Information Process Technology. Classes involved all levels of abilities but mostly students from low ability and diverse backgrounds.

Provided support and help for year 12 students in their preparation for the HSC.

  1. Implementation of diverse­classroom management techniques in computer rooms as well as normal classroom settings
  2. Creation of practical as well as theoretical exams
  3. Marking exams according to specific syllabus outcomes
  4. Arranging educational excursions and creating assessment tasks that evolve around it
  5. Excellent use of ICT around the classroom such as interactive white boards and graphical organisers
  6. Implementation of the syllabus in smaller more manageable consecutive lesson plans
  7. Implementation of group work as well as individual activities
  8. Involvement in different school activities


Taught years 6, 7 and 8 Advance Mathematical classes. Classes were split into low and high abilities around 20 students per class.

  1. Planning and implementation of lessons that met the syllabus requirements
  2. Involvement in preparing homework and assessment tasks
  3. Diverse classroom management skills

Consultant-Professional services Delivery APAC

Worked as part of the professional services team on a major project called “Analytics Management System” that was installed on a mobile network to collect and analyse data that was displayed through a business object (BO) system to make them simple and understandable by business managers.

The following are some of the areas I have experienced in this role:

  • Coordinated and managed the resources and projects
  • Prepared Agendas and minutes for meetings
  • Learned to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Managed financial aspects of the project; invoicing and achieving milestones.

Proof of Concept (POC) Application Support Engineer

Worked in the Innovation Central Executive Briefing Centre as part of the Solution and Marketing Group.


  • Delivered operational Excellence in the Presentation, Demonstration and Solution.

Development in Innovation Central EBC to meet current and future needs of Alcatel-Lucent in Australasia and APAC.

  • Planned, organised and delivered demonstrations to a wide range of Journalists / Media, politicians, Telco and Enterprise customers at executive, technical and end user levels. (Including CEO of Telstra, CxO of Hospitals).
  • Participated and presented to customers at trade shows such as FTTH Council, Comms Day, and Healthcare Seminars etc.

Network Optimization Engineer:

Servicing one the of the Telecommunication companies in Australia, AAPT.


Some of the courses involved:

  • Diversity Classrooms: It reflects on how cultural diversity and differences are characterized in schools and how teachers can understand students’ cultural backgrounds and personal constructions of identity and influence that in their teaching practice.
  • Pedagogies: It analyses the models of pedagogy and apply understanding to the design of learning activities. It recognizes and interprets subject specific general capabilities (including literacy and numeracy) demands to effectively sequence teaching / learning outcomes.


Effective relationships with customers; Alcatel-Lucent University Australia 2009

Business Writing Skills; Australian Institute of Management                         2009

In Stride Program (Instinctive Drives)                                                                  2008

Professional Presentations; Australian Institute of Management                  2008

Fundamental components of a Business Case; Alcatel-Lucent University     2007

Multi language’s: English, French and Arabic written and verbal fluently.


Available upon request

Mathematics Cum Computing Lecturer Resume Sample