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Art Teacher Resume Sample

“A Picture is a poem without words.” (Horace)
Art is the reflection of life and all it’s playing without the expression of a single word. An art teacher does not teach what an ordinary teacher does. Other teachers make the students discover the world while an art teacher urges the students to discover themselves. This resume sample is for the post of an Art Teacher. As art belongs to a very delicate part of human’s psychology; their emotions and their imaginations, the teacher needs to be as cautious and brave as possible. Making a resume for this post demands all of the attention that one can give. Below we have build a convincing and impressive example of resume. Customize it with your particulars and go for it!

Name: XYZ.

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To become an active part of a respectable organization in order to gain more experience and impart my knowledge and education accordingly, just to earn little professional respect and make name in the field of teaching.


  Art Section Teacher:

Working as teacher. Responsible for Syllabus planning and examination.  

Head Start Schooling System

Head Start is one of the best institutions in the field of education and is considered to be the best education consultants. They are subsidiary of the famous Foundation School and have affiliations with various foreign universities and have sent lot of students abroad for education from not only their institute but also of lot many other institutes. Joined as the ART Teacher for junior section but soon after seeing my qualification and yield to work harder I was promoted to the Senior Section. I was able to get 100% results from my students.

Assignment includes :

  • Making Syllabus coverage plan for the whole year of art session.
  • Maintaining discipline for a healthy teaching environment.
  • Preparing the lectures prior to the class.
  • Making Notes and helping students in making notes as well so that they should not rely on notes but they can make their own notes and get them checked.
  • Doing the student analysis so that the proper guidance should be given to every student which would help in improving his education intake substantially.
  • Keeping the students in a habit of learning every thing every time by heart by taking surprise tests weekly or monthly.
  • Believing in friendly teachings so that once taught should not be forgotten for ever.

Allied School:

Jinnah School is well renowned for its quality education they started very recently and have earned lot of respect in the field of education. They were following the British curriculum. I started as volunteer and by virtue of my hard work and passion I was hired as a permanent teacher and was teaching higher section there.


  • Secured the best teacher award by virtue of highest percentage result and was considered the best among the very experienced teachers.


  • B.ED from Allama Iqbal Open University in 2006.
  • Teaching course held by JINNAH School.
  • Building strong communication skills from IOP.


  • Masters from Govt. College Islamabad.
  • B.A  from Punjab University.
  • F.S.C pre medical from Islamabad.


  • Born in August 1982.
  • Pakistan National having domicile from the Faisalabad district.


  • MS Windows XP Professional.
  • MS Word and Excel.


I take pride in choosing teaching as profession and consider teaching equating any other noble profession that serves humanity. Other than that seeing nature’s precious beauty fascinates me, I love trekking, camping and traveling in the remote areas. Take life very seriously with special interest in human psychology and education.