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Order Taker Waiter Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Order Taker Waiter. A Waiter confronts the customers as they first enter a restaurant or hotel or a dinning place. A waiter is suppose to be smiley, active and fresh all the time. An employer would want to hire a person who keeps a calm and pleasing smile on his face no matter the entire hotel is on fire. He has to work under pressure, to manage flow of customers, bring and take out dishes to client’s comfort, and make rightful decision on the spur of the time. Below we have given an adequate sample of resume for this post. Do mention pictures from your previous experiences to stand your resume out among others.


Contact # 000000

Email Id: xxxxxx


Languages                         Urdu, English.

Date of Birth                     0000

Religion                              Muslim

Marital Status                   Married

Nationality                         Indian

Passport Number              00000


I want to serve an organization with optimistic approach and render my services to the future forwarding organization. While working in advance organization, I believe in continuous improvement, which overt my hidden quality for the prosperity of organization.

Professional skills:

  • Huge experience in business-to-business telemarketing.
  • Strong analytical, well problem identifier and problem solving skill
  • Result Oriented and ability to train motivate and lead the area sales team effectively.

Communication skills:

Excellent and powerful communication skills teamed with the ability to develop rapport with employees and peers. Poised and confident in dealing with individuals of all levels. Dedicated to building a highly motivated team aware of their role in improving productivity and quality.


  • I.Com, 2008
  • Matriculation (Science), 2006


  • Diploma in Business Administration (UK)
  • I.A security Certificate from (UK)
  • EFST (Essential food Safety Training Program) UAE


ABC Hotel

Worked in a sense gourmet food company franchise Figaro’s pizza as a Supervisor. Tasks and responsibilities are to supervise staff, making payrolls, stock ordering, supervising kitchen tasks, Monthly reports, Dining area and dealing with customer complaints.

  • Testing all equipments to make it sure that all of these working as designed.
  • Handle delivery section or Make table especially in busy hours.
  • Always keeping the store in clean by implementing the cleaning captain system of the company.
  • Enhance employee performance and attendance through daily mentoring, one-on-one discussion and motivational strategies.
  • Increase employee knowledge by giving training and coaching with development and implementation of product-awareness programmed.
  • Always promoting the action and attitude expected by company management by demonstration appropriate behavior on the job.
  • Responsible for Daily, Weekly and Monthly inventory of all stocks.

Worked as a Manager in ABC HOTEL. On the mean time did work as a Security Supervisor. 

1-Strictly implement and follow rules and regulation of the company.

2-Always promoting the actions and attitudes expected by company management by demonstrating appropriate behavior on the job.

3-Increase supervisors and employee knowledge by giving training and coaching with development and implementation of product- awareness programmed.

4-strict implementation of restaurant standards (Quality and Speed of Service).

5-Train and coach delivery drivers in map routing, food handling, and how to apply ‘WOW service’ to make sure 100% customer satisfaction.

6-Train and coach supervisors in handling restaurant and giving knowledge in business skill (Sales forecasting, Stock level system, and product production). Specially giving training to maintain safety and security of the Restaurant.

7-Arrange calendar for Flyer distribution.

8-Report preventive maintenance issue of the restaurant.

8-Gather customer feedback summary – weekly report to be discussed with all the supervisors and front-lines.

9-Manpower scheduling and stock Requisition.

10-Control and monitor Food cost, Labor Cost, and paper cost of the restaurant.

11-Maximize the productivity in the restaurant,

12-Analyzed and give corrective solution in any opportunity section in the restaurant.

13-Observe cleanliness and sanitation of the restaurant.

Zouk Tea Bar and Grill 

Work as a team leader. Responsibilities were checking the stock and Dining area, taking orders.

Computer Skills:

  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Emailing, Faxing ,Printing and Scanning
  • Excellent Internet Surfing and Data Entry Skills

References: Will be furnished on Request.