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Labor Room Nurse Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of an Labor Room Nurse Resume Sample. As an old saying goes teaching is a very noble profession. It demands a person’s passion, dedication and commitment towards his profession more than his education or skill. Below we have devised a resume for you to help you build an attractive resume for this post. Make sure to enlist your past experiences and achievement. Employer would want to make sure(before hiring a person) that he hires an efficient and experienced person. Attach verified references with your awards/credits to differentiate your resume among the pile resumes of other applicants.

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    Labor Room Nurse Resume Sample

Name: XYZ

Dubai, UAE.

Contact No: 00000

E-mail: xxxxxx

Skype ID: xxxxx

objective :
To be able to work in an institution where I can enhance my skills and to be able to communicate well with my colleagues and also to give my best effort towards achieving the Institution’s goals and visions.
summary of qualifications :
n Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team.

n Has proven leadership skills involving managing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives.

n Dedicated to maintain high quality standards.

n Willing to be trained, To render excellent services to clients.

n Good Communication skills.

n Have leadership Skills, I can train individuals, most especially, in targeting sales, how to hit Qouta.

Labor Room Nurse  (February 2005 to January 207) free life international Hospital

medical representative & Nurse (December 2012 to march 2014) interphil laboratories,inc

music teacher  (violin, guitar and Piano) (april 04, 2012 to may 07, 2014)




2003- 2005      Our Lady of Fatima University -Valenzuela City,Philippines

2000 – 2003  Medical Colleges of Northern Phils. Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Graduated, Oct. 2007


License number : 0000000000


1997 – 2001  University Of Saint Louis – Tuguegarao City , Philippines.