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The following resume is a sample for the post of Computer Network Optimization Engineer. Computer Engineer is a combo of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to create computer software and other equipment. Below is given a sample of this resume. It has all the essential information that is needed to impress an employer. Your resume is going to be your first introduction to the employer. It must manifest that you are a hard-working, consistent, and trustworthy person who has the potential to do a lot. Make sure to enter your previous experiences and credits. adding references will certainly give a good impression to your resume.

Network Optimization Engineer Resume Sample

Name: XYZIT Optimization Engineer Resume Sample

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Bachelor of Engineering in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering with distinction.

Assessed as an Australian Bachelor of Engineering by the New South Wales Department of Education.


Network Optimization Engineer 

Taught years 6, 7, and 8 Advance Engineering in Computer classes. Classes were split into low and high abilities around 20 students per class.

  1. Planning and implementation of lessons that met the syllabus requirements
  2. Involvement in preparing homework and assessment tasks
  3. Diverse classroom management skills

Consultant-Professional services Delivery APAC

Worked as part of the professional services team on a major project called “Analytics Management System” that was installed on a mobile network to collect and analyze data that was displayed through a business object (BO) system to make them simple and understandable by business managers.

The following are some of the areas I have experienced in this role:

  • Coordinated and managed the resources and projects
  • Prepared Agendas and minutes for meetings
  • Learned to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Managed financial aspects of the project; invoicing and achieving milestones.

Proof of Concept (POC) Application Support Engineer

Worked in the Innovation Central Executive Briefing Centre as part of the Solution and Marketing Group.


  • Delivered Operational Excellence in the Presentation, Demonstration, and Solution

Development in Innovation Central EBC to meet current and future needs of Alcatel-Lucent in Australasia and APAC

  • Planned, organized, and delivered demonstrations to a wide range of Journalists / Media, politicians, Telco, and Enterprise customers at executive, technical, and end-user levels. (Including CEO of Telstra, CxO of Hospitals)
  • Participated and presented to customers at trade shows such as FTTH Council, Comms Day, and Healthcare Seminars, etc.

Network Optimization Engineer 

Servicing one of the Telecommunication companies in Australia, AAPT.


Some of the courses involved:

  • Positive learning environment:

It involves an understanding of issues relating to pre-teen and adolescent development in a diverse population and the implications for creating positive learning environments and facilitating effective social and emotional learning. It analyses the influence of teacher behavior and discipline practices on the behavior and well-being of students from diverse backgrounds. It helps recognize how legislation, policy resources, school-based processes, and system supports impact student welfare and effective discipline. Last but not least it identifies the role of teachers and schools in the promotion, prevention, and early identification of students’ mental health difficulties, and uses resources, personnel, and referral agencies who can support this role.

  • Inclusive Classrooms:

It reflects on the likely impact that a disability, behavior disorder, or learning difficulty, including a language delay, may have on a student’s access to and participation in learning. It helps in understanding the range of learners, features of an inclusive school, school planning teams, the responsibilities of teachers and the community, and available services to identify best practices for individual students in regular education settings.


Professional Presentations; Australian Institute of Management                          2008

Fundamental components of a Business Case; Alcatel-Lucent University            2007


Software Name Role Level
IOS all versions User Excellent
Windows 2003, XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8 User Excellent
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook User Excellent
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox User Excellent
Microsoft Math User Excellent
Geogebra User Excellent
Adobe Captive User Good
Netcool (alarm monitoring system) User Good
Microsoft Access database Programmer/User Good
SQL Server database, SQL+ Programmer/User Good
Java Programmer/User Fair
Oracle Database User Good
Visual Basic Programmer/User Fair
Provisioning System BIOSS User Excellent
Logic Design Circuits User Good
Microsoft Visio User Good
Business Object User/Admin Excellent

Multilanguage: English, French, and Arabic written and verbal fluently.


Available upon request.

Network Optimization Engineer Resume Sample