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Following resume is a sample for the post of computer/software engineer . A computer engineer holds a very important and basic place for any industry/mills/firm. With the help of IT, it has become very easy to keep a track of all the activities  going on in an organization, for example in an industry, it is very easy to follow all the procedure from collecting raw material to delivering products through IT monitoring. A Computer Engineer predicts, creates, plans, operates and manages all the systems undergoing in an organization. His prime task is to help things being carried on smoothly and on schedule. A resume is your first interface with the employer. It introduces you to the employer. Make sure to put forward all you qualities that are according to the demand of employer. Your resume must be a synopsis of your qualities, experience, achievement and promising personality. Below is the sample of Computer/Software Engineer Resume Sample.

Computer/Software Engineer Resume Sample

Name : xyzSoftwareResume Sample

Mobil: 000

Email: xxx

Skype: xxx

Carrier Objective:

Striving to escalate self-performance and efficiency by effectively adapting to

the work culture and work pressure. Thus grow professionally with dedication

and hard work.

Academic Qualification:

Diploma in Computer Engineering      :     University of abc.

Pre-Degree (+2)                                       :University of  abc

S.S.C Department of Education :Department of Education – Govt. of abc.

Technical Qualification:

Passed the following Computer Courses in Computer Engineering.

  • 5 Year Computer engineering course.
  • MS Office, Ms Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access.
  • Extensively using the Internet and E-mail & MS Outlook.
  • PC Assembling Trouble shooting , Net-working & Software Initiation.
  • Good exposure in documentation estimation and preparation of office work.
  • HTML, Photoshop , Flash , Front Pages, Macromedia, Dreamweaver .
  • GIF Animator{Web etc.

Additional Information:

  • Part time computer engineering teacher.
  • Driving License – Valid UAE Driving License.
  • Languages Known – English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

Summary of Work Experience:

8 Years total work Experience


worked as a “Computer Engineer”

  • Handling the routine operational activity.
  • Involved in routine operation activity.
  • Monthly report generation.
  • Making shipment run sheet to couriers.
  • Meeting the requirement of customers by providing excellent customer service.
  1. Emirates Computer Assistant. 
  • Computer Programming
  • Crew briefing
  • Handling VIP passengers
  • Creating job schedules ( arrival staff & departure staff)
  1. Al aine Computer
  • Assistant Computer Engineer.
  • Hardware engineer.
  • Customer handling.

4.Hi- Power – Power Multimedia Software solutions

  • Graphic designer
  • Supporting software creating team

5.Al Safaran Computer

  • Jr.Computer engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  1. Signature Computer
  • Customer handling
  • System Administrator

7.Image Computer:

  • Computer Assistant Engineer
  • Hardware engineer
  • Supporting software creating team

Personal Details:

Date of Birth     : 000

Nationality        :    Indian

Visa Status        :      Employment Visa

Marital Status   :      Married

Training Attended:

  • Computer Engineering.
  • “Customer Handling Programme” – Aramex Courier Services
  • “Shipment Handling & Carrying Programme” – Aramex Courier Services
  • “Security Programme” – Aramex Courier Services
  • “Products Training Programmed” – Oman Insurance Company.

Personal Strengths:

  • Good communication skills.
  • Dedicated and hardworking individual.
  • Very confident and able to move freely with people.
  • Pleasant telephone manners.
  • Quick learner and motivated.
  • Excellent team player.
  • Able to work under pressure.

To Conclude:

My experience profile has a progressive background in areas of service operation, of computer engineering.

Which enables me to deliver quick, efficient and quality work. I have extensive Computer Engineering knowledge and experience for formulating planned systematic work   to ensure a high level of performance. It is with great interest that I am forwarding my CV/Resume for your consideration.

Computer/Software Engineer Resume Sample