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With the progress in computer networking the demand for Networking Engineer is increasing palpably. A networking engineer develops and maintains the networking communication between single organisation or in between more then one organisations. A good Net Engineer resume manifests all your capacities along with your commitment to grow further professionally. Below we have devised such a Net Engineer resume for you to help you guide in making a convincing resume. Start with your basic information, moving along to your expertise then enlist some verified references as they are going to pose a positive effect on the employer. And finally add some credits/awards/images of your previous experiences to make your resume stand out among others.

Net Engineer Resume Sample

Name       : XYZ            Network Engineer Resume Sample                                             

Address    : ABC

Mobile No  : 000

E-mail        : 

Personal Information:

Place of Birth        :         U.A.E

Date of Birth         :         000

Religion                :         Muslim.

Nationality            :         Jordanian

Marital Status       :         Married

Career Objective:

To keep aircraft operating by completing preventive maintenance  requirements, following manufacturer instructions, troubleshooting malfunctions, making repairs, maintaining equipment inventories, evaluating new equipment and techniques.



Ø   Engineering (A&P) Course from Mideast aviation academy

Ø  part_147 approved aircraft type maintenance training course.

Ø  AIRBUS A318\A319\A320\A321 (CFM56) T1\B1+T2\B2

Ø  AIRBUS A319\A320\A321          (IAEV2500) T1\B1+T2\B2


Training As Aircraft Net Engineer

Ø  Employed in Jordanian Aircraft Maintenance Limited (JORAMCO)since 6/11/2006 till 26/09/2011.

Ø  Training in Jordanian Aircraft Maintenance Limited (JORAMCO) from  1/1/2006 till 1/3/2006.

Ø  Employed in ABU DHABI AIRCRAFT TECHNOLOGY (ADAT) FROM 29/10/2011 TO 01/04/2013.

Ø  Employed in ETIHAD AIR WAY from 01/04/2013 To 7/8/ 2013

Ø  Working experience as aircraft technician on Boeing 737NG,B767,B777 aircrafts and airbus A330/A340 , airbus A320 family ,


Ø  Excellent communication skills.

Ø  Highly motivated and responsible

Ø  Capabilities to work under stress.

Ø  Creative and dynamic

Ø  Highly appreciate team work.

Ø  Ambitious and self-motivated

Ø  Familiar with Computer environment

Ø  Valid driving license.


Ø  Languages: Mother language: Arabic

Ø  English (very good at listening, reading and writing. Good at conversation).


Ø  Jordanians ICAO (A&P) license.

Ø  Reference: All available upon request.


 I hereby certify that the information furnished above is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Net Engineer Resume Sample