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This resume is a sample for the post Physiotherapist and Medical Record Assistant. Your resume, regardless of what job it is applied for, needs to have an attractive start and convincing look. It is your first interface with the employer or the recruiter. It must impress upon him that you are the most suitable candidate for his job. Never create a single Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) and apply it for all the jobs that have vacancies. Modify your resume for every job according to the requisites. Below we have given a sample of Physiotherapist/Medical Record Keeper Resume. Copying and pasting is NOT recommended but customize it in your particulars and make it your own. Finally best of luck…!

Physiotherapist/Medical Record Keeper Resume Sample

Name: XYZ                         

Mobile  # 00000

Email Add:


To apply as a Medical Record Assistant. or any position suited to my skills and capabilities for potential growth and development to my self and company as well.


Perseverance in Health-Care management. Have planning ability, decision-making and leadership skills, community-oriented, receptive to continues change in the company policies and diversified public demands, goal-oriented, can easily take protocols into actions, can work with confidence under stress and pressure, hardworking, has good and fair judgment, efficient and effective, punctual, honest, trustworthy and sociable. Speak Tagalog, English and Common Arabic Words. Computer Literate (Windows, Word, Excel, DOS) and with Professional Driving Skills (holding U.A.E. valid drivers’ license).


ABC  International  Slimming and Fitness Center

Sharja Branch U.A.E

Position:  Physiotherapist

   Job Description:

As a Physiotherapist: Responsible for patient care and treatment.

  1. Received Several Customer Commendations and Retention.
  2. Promptly answered telephone calls to reflect professional corporate image.
  3. Consistently processed all sales contracts and parts orders without errors.
  4. Provided a high level of customer service and client relations based on outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Advised customers on the location, selection, price, and use of goods available from the department, with the aim of encouraging them to buy and to return to buy in the future.
  6. Arranging client files and storing them in private cabins.
  7. Self-motivated, detail-oriented, customer-friendly individual.


 Bahayang Pag-asa Maysan Rd., Valenzuela City

Position: Physical Therapy Staff


#502 Riyadh-Solaymaneya Arouba Rd.


JANUARY    2008                First Aid Training

The Philippine National Red Cross

SEPTEMBER 2006                Basic Life Support Training

                                                   Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training for Lay Rescuers

The Philippine National Red Cross

January 27, 2002                     Updates in Spinal Cord Injury

Philippines Women’s University Auditorium Taft Avenue.

November 18, 2001                Clinical Decision Making in PNF

Philippine’ Women University Auditorium Taft Avenue, Manila

October 07, 2001                    Neural Mobilization (Module One)

Philippine’ Women University Auditorium Taft Avenue, Manila


College                                  AZRAH UNIVERSITY

Marulas, Valenzuela City Philippines

   Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Secondary                             ST. LOUI’S COLLEGE  (Formerly P.C.T.R.)

Maysan Rd., Valenzuela City Philippines

Licensure Examination Taken / Passed

February 03, 2004                  Physical Therapy Board Examination

PRC-National Capital Region, Manila, Philippines

March 02, 2002                       Career Civil Service Examination Professional

CSC- National Capital Region, Quezon City, Philippines


Birth Date: 000                       Civil Status: Married

Age:28                                          Wife: XYZ

Height: 6 ft.                               Nationality: Filipino

Weight: 175 lbs                        Religion: Catholic

Sex: Male                                     Visa Status: For Cancellation


Physiotherapist/Medical Record Keeper Resume Sample