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General School Teacher Resume Sample

Teaching profession is more dependent on experience and practice than over education. A good teacher is one who understands and controls the environment of his class. Following resume is a sample for the post of General School Teacher. A resume is as important in explaining yourself to the employer as the honey is to the Pooh. An employer is interested in hiring a teacher who is patient and have a good experience in teaching. Begin your resume with your initial information and then continue to describe your education and expertise. End it with verified references and some credits and awards from your previous work experiences.



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WHAT I AM?      (General School Teacher Resume)                 

I consider myself a confident person and a person of Principals. I am a simple person who has an urge to stand on my own. I always want to become a remarkable member of Islamic society. I can prove myself in every field and any atmosphere. I always want to do hard work in difficult environment as I think that a difficult working atmosphere enhances a person’s abilities.

OBJECTIVE        (General School Teacher Resume)                                                                                                                 

To serve any dynamic and well reputed organization with utmost honesty, loyalty, and potential and to gain sound working experience and to polish my hidden abilities. Growth oriented position where abilities, education and potential can be most productively utilized toward achievement of company and personal goals.


Name                           :                       xyz

Father Name              :                       xyz

Nationality                  :                       Pakistani

NIC #                           :                      0000

Religion                       :                       Islam

Marital Status            :                       Single

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: (General School Teacher Resume)

  • Currently working in THE CITY SCHOOL Kharain branch as a business ‘Teacher and performing management assigned duties.
  • Two months internship at National bank of Pakistan (Lalamusa, Main Branch)
  • Two months internship at United Bank limited Lalamusa branch
  • 1 year teaching experience in Bloomfield Hall School Kharian Cantt
  • Community work at Villa-gate.


  • MBA(78%)

Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi. (2010-2012)

  • S.C (2nd division)
  1. G. Degree College for Women , Kharian Cantt. (Punjab Board Lahore)
  • C.S (1st division)
  1. G. Degree College for Women , Kharian Cantt. (Federal Board of Islamabad).
  • Matriculation (Science) (1st division)

Sir Syed Girls High School, lalamusa


  • Language Proficiency in Urdu, English.


  • Awarded merit based Laptop from Shahbaz Sharif.
  • Participated in case study competition at Case business School and University Islamabad
  • Participated in sachet women day seminar under Akhuwat foundation
  • Participated in Bizignition competition at Bahria University, Islamabad
  • Participated in Debate competition at RCCI.
  • Directed and Performed a Play on communication barriers in training and development.

ACADEMIC PROJECTS                                                                                                 

  • Selling Process of AMSON pharmacy
  • Project on Hotel Management of Akbers Resort Gujrat
  • Women in Development
  • Relaunching of Charlie Perfume
  • Application of management Theories on organization
  • Relaunching of Nestle Lemo Malta
  • Feasibility report of a business
  • A case study analysis on misrepresentation
  • A deep analysis of operations of Utility Store corporation
  • Interview of Attock Refinery Ltd
  • Ethical issues on Waste management of DHQ Rawalpindi
  • Comparison of financial statements of JS Global market
  • Synopsis on “Trade Deficits”
  • Launching new product of micro-finance by Kashaf Foundation.
  • Internal audit of Dalda Company
  • Completed Accounting Cycle on a Pharmacuitical company
  • Ratio Analysis of Gul Ahmed.
  • Marketing Process of McDonald.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES                                                                          

  • Reading Magazines, Newspaper.
  • Net Surfing and information downloading.
  • Attending Educational seminars on the behalf of Department.


Furnished upon request