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This resume is an example for the post of Entry Level Pharmacist. The prime requisite for this job is good moral character and a sense of responsibility. An Entry Level Pharmacist works to authorize, maintain and manage his pharmacy with the precise knowledge of medicine and its maintenance. Your Entry Level Pharmacist resume is your first meeting with the employer, pay considerable attention to it. Entail all the necessary information with your previous experiences. Highlight your capability to work under pressure and that you are a multi-tasker. Below we have given you an example of such a resume that should help you to create an impressive resume. Finally adding (verified) references to your resume is definitely going to add to the worth of your resume.

Entry Level Pharmacist Resume Sample

Name:  XYZMedicine  Resume Sample

The United Kingdom.

E-mail: xxxxx

Mobile no: 000

Applied For: Junior Pharmacist/Assistant Pharmacist/Pharmacy Technician

Career Objective

(Entry Level Pharmacist)

A responsible and demanding position in a progressive and reputable firm where I can utilize my knowledge and passion thus making a strong contribution to the organization.

  1. In-depth knowledge of medical terminology and practices.
  2. Knowledge of the principles of specialized science directly related to pharmacy.
  3. Skill in the compounding and manufacturing of drugs.
  4. Skilled in handling clerical and administrative tasks.
  5. Possess excellent telephone etiquette, customer service, and management skills.
  6. Comprehensive knowledge of handling administrative methods and processes of corporate offices.
  7. Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and courteously with clients, customers, guests, and staff.
  8. Proficiency in MS Office software with an emphasis on Word, Excel, Outlook 2007, Access, and PowerPoint.
  9. Possess strong organizational skills and has the ability to handle multiple tasks with attention to detail.
  10. Ability to preserve the confidentiality of information and work with less direction.
Professional Experiences

Successful registered Pharmacist in a position as a Community Pharmacist in Mercury Drug Corporation and was able to achieve exemplary attendance and outstanding performance in delivering customer service and giving medical assistance.

Entry Level Pharmacist


  1. Assists/Dispensing prescription medicines to the public.
  2. Ensuring that different treatments are compatible.
  3. Checking dosage and ensuring that medicines are correctly and safely supplied and labeled.
  4. Assists in supervising the preparation of any medicines.
  5. Selling over-the-counter medicines.
  6. Counseling and advising the public on the treatment of minor ailments.
  7. Advising patients of any adverse side-effects of medicines or potential interactions with other medicines/treatments.
  8. Measuring and fitting compression hosiery.
  9. Monitoring blood pressure levels.
  10. Offering a diabetes screening service.
  11. Handling and checking Health and Medical insurance.
  12. Supports the implementation of new procedures and manages corporate agency data requirements.
  13. Also responsible for verifying patient insurance, confirming benefits, and eligibility, performing pre-authorization, and/or notification as required by third-party providers.

The Job Training


  • Assisting in the filling of Prescription Drugs
  • Played a key role in developing new ideas on dispensing drugs and Patient Counseling.
  • Taking notes of OSCA and senior citizens’ information.
Academic Background

XYZ University

  • Tertiary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
  • Licensed as a Registered Pharmacist in the Philippines
Personal Information
  • Date of birth:         0000
  • Place of Birth:       Pak.
  • Nationality:           Pak.
  • Civil Status:         Single
  • Passport No:       0000

References will be provided upon request

Entry Level Pharmacist Resume Sample