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Architectural Project Engineer Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the position of Project Coordinator or Architectural Project Engineer. In architecture and designing this position pays a vital rule. Its a highly responsible field as the success or failure of a project directly depends on it. It is highly recommended to be very careful in drawing you resume, showing a great deal about you in handling such field. In your Architectural Project Engineer Sample resume, after your bio data, provide your work experience and credits(if any) of your previous work, mention your performance that you have given and that you are intrigued to improve and increase it further. Show that I am ambitious, self motivated, a determined and a professional person, and have a flexible and positive personality. Your ability to work in a pressurized atmosphere, in a tight deadline is definitely going to impress upon the employer a second thought for you.

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 Career Level Architect

Job Focus: Architectural Project Engineer/Asst. Project Manager/Architect Resume


I am skilled, talented and creative Project Architect with over 5 years of experience in dealing with numerous housing and commercial projects. I am ambitious, self motivated, a determined and focused professional who wants to not only make a real difference to society but to also change lives and create buildings which lift the spirits of those who live in them. I am an expert at breaking down large scale projects into manageable chunks and well capable of leading a team, overseeing technical standards & shaping the future direction of any project. I have a flexible, positive attitude, ability to work within a pressurized and deadline driven environment.


To work in a dynamic environment where I will use my expertise in both cost management and field operations to manage coworkers and equipment while strictly adhering to safety and quality standards.


  • Excellent communicator.
  • Very knowledgeable in the construction industry and all applicable rules & regulations.
  • Skilled in planning, organization and time management.
  • Great track record in efficiency and maximization of profits while keeping costs at a minimum.
  • Resourceful and flexible.
  • Able to meet deadlines.
  • Confident and reliable at all times.
  • Great problem-solving skills.
  • Can comfortably manage any construction activity.
  • Able to make sure that all the project requirements have been met in regard to cost, quality and safety.
  • Proficient in procurement management.
  • Substantial knowledge of coordinating repairs and maintenance on residential properties.
    Outstanding expertise of ensuring compliance with local, state and federal codes and accepted business practices.
  • Capable of keeping all residential team members informed of project status.


  • Bachelors in Architecture (Mumbai University) from Rizvi College of Architecture 2013 with 2%
  • 12thS.C. (Mumbai University) in the year 2006 with a grade of 63.83% from science stream


  • Lakadawala Developers Pvt. Ltd. from May 2011 till Present as a Project Manager.
  • Lakadawala Developers Pvt. Ltd. from May 2009 till April 2011 as an Architect.
  • Anil Nagrath & Associates from August 2008 to February 2009 as an Intern Architect.


Architectural Project Engineer (Architecture & Interior Designing)

  • Responsible for ensuring that a construction projects become fully operational through providing design advice and selecting the best technology, tools and materials. Also in charge of surveying sites, identifying location benefits and environmental impacts.
  • Consulted with the relevant authority and took decisive action in case of any errors.
  • Supervised suppliers and subcontractors as they worked on the project.
  • Prepared site reports throughout the entire project.
  • Reviewed and made the necessary recommendations appertaining to any construction modifications.
  • Estimated and came up with budgets to be used on the construction projects.
  • Ensured that all safety standards, design specifications and any other requirements were followed to the letter.
  • Resolved any arising issues to do with site construction and procurement procedures.
  • Reviewed all the designs and drawings beforehand to identify any problems.
  • Overseeing all project activities both on-site and off-site and making sure they are completed as per the schedule.
  • Performing daily inspection of any construction activity to ensure it conforms to the approved plans.
  • Coordinating with field operators, the client and designers.
  • Obtaining approvals and any required permits for new projects.
  • Ensuring that all construction plans conform to the customer expectations.
  • Approving invoices from sub-contractors and vendors.
  • Prepare contract documents for building contractors. Liaising with surveyors & other construction professionals regarding a project brief. Analyzing architectural plans/drawings, highlighting any possible risks or problems
  • Consults with B.M.C (Bombay Municipality Corporation) to obtain required permissions and N.O.C required for redevelopment of buildings and to define functional spatial requirements of new structure or renovation plus prepares information regarding design, specifications, materials, color, equipment, estimated costs plus construction time.

Architecture & Interior Designing

  • Supported the Project Manager functions such as monthly forecasts
  • Assisted in ensuring that all documentation meets internal standards, procedures & specifications
  • Ensured good, transparent and effective reporting & documentation
  • Delivered all documents in a timely manner so that progress can be fully communicated
  • Guaranteed supplier’s drawings were controlled
  • Liaised with the Site Interface Manager and Site Manager for site project documentations
  • Did researches, plans, designs, and also administers building projects, applying knowledge of design, construction procedures, zoning building codes, and also building materials.
  • Prepared layout of project & integrates engineering elements into unified design for client review approval (Submission Drawings, Tender Drawings and Working Drawings).

Assistant Architectural Project Engineer

  • Managed several interior designing projects.
  • Prepared Designs and detail CAD drawings for execution.
  • Prepared information regarding design, specifications, materials and equipment.
  • Drew up costs, schedules and other elements associated with construction projects.
  • Helped Architects and other team members to monitor the flow of development to ensure completion of work.


English (Advanced)Urdu (Moderate)Arabic (Learner)

Hindi (Moderate)

• Persistent and hardworking
• Strong sense of loyalty and commitment
• Marvelous communication skills
• Advance computer knowledge

Microsoft Office (Advanced)Autocadd 2010 (Advanced)
Google Sketchup (Moderate)
Photoshop7 (Basic)


D.O.B. :                   000

Marital Status :     Married

Nationality :           Indian


  •  Reading          
  • Travelling           
  • Photography          
  • Computing            
  • Playing Football