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How To Write Photographer Resume?

Writing a good resume is all about raising your chance to get hired by eighty percent. Your resume is your first interface with the employer so make sure you invest good time writing it. At LRS we create Resume Templates that are created by experts and they are bound to give you maximum results.

A photographer captures the reality, nature and imagination and preserves it either by modifying it or just staying true to it. There are many things in this world that are seen, taught and observed through photos only. A photographer occupies a very important part in every subject and walk of life. Following resume is an example for the post of a Professional Photographer Resume Writing. A professional photographer works for some company or is hired by some company/organization. The resume for a photographer is totally different from any other resume sample. It needs to depict the hearty, lively and adventurous nature of the applicant. There must be a detailed description of what your skills are, and of what type of equipment and software you have dealt with. And finally adding some of your images is going to make a pleasant difference in your resume.

Professional Photographer Resume Sample

Accountant Resume Sample

Name: XYZ
Cell No.: 0000000
Country:  UK

Career Objectives:

To obtain a position in education management environment where I can utilize and enhance my management skills and knowledge as a school manager and administrator to develop and implement school program and maximize growth of the education institute.


Sr. Certification / Degree Institution / University Specialization / Major Passing Year
1. MPA University of ABC Finance 2007
2. Bsc  University of the ABC Economics, Mathematics, Statistics 2004
3. I.C.S Board of Lahore Computer, Mathematics & Statistics 2002
4. Matriculation Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education. Arts 2000

Work Experience:

  • Third Round Media (TRM) Brand Strategist: working on social network managing social

pages including photography, editing and designing.

  • B & M Photography CEO and Photographer:  Capturing photos of different events

Fotolicious by Maraam Khan,such as weddings, model shoots, landscape and product photography.

  • Brick School         Co-ordinator and Teacher of English, Mathematics Science

and social studies and coordinating colleagues, helping teachers in making planners, organizing the classrooms and learning Resources. Creating workbooks and teaching resource.

Professional Courses, Workshops, Certificates and Diplomas       Year

  • SPELT                                                           Oxford University Press    2014
  • Montessori Teachers Training Course                    Diploma              2014 PMC
  • Montessori / Nursery Foundation Teachers Training Workshop     2014 PMC
  • Oxford English Phonics Training Course                                              2014
  • Discovering Peace and Happiness Workshop                                     2013

Al-Wabil, Center for Islamic Knowledge

  • Photography Course                                                                                  2013 Studio 4
  • SPELT international conference                                                              2013 Oxford University Press
  • Arabic language Course                                                                            2012 DHA library
  • Aurat Course                                                                                               2012 Al Noor International 
  • Information and communication technology Workshop                     2010 Para mount
  • 3d Modeling and Animation Workshop                                                   2009  Multimedia
  • Multimedia Engineering Course                                                                Aug 2008 – Mar 2009
  • BSS Induction Course                                                                                  2008 Beacon House School 
  • Connect yourself with Allah                                                                        2004 Al Huda.

Personality and Skills:

  • Ambitious, intelligent, hard working, inquisitive, quick learner, compassionate, enthusiastic, having creative mind and easy going personality.
  • Very much interested in Photography, Computers, Islam, Early Childhood Training, Research & Development.
  • Enjoy taking part in team work, supporting others with their work, as well as working on my own, whilst using my initiative.
  • Ability to communicate fluently and effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Establishing very good public relations, developing and building strong friendships with colleagues.
  • Ability to work with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Coral Draw, 3D Max, Audition, Macromedia Flash, Urdu In-page, Audio-Video Production, Graphics.

 Personal Profile:

Marital Status                ———

Nationality                     ———-

Religion                          ———–

Languages Known        ———–

Date of Birth                 MM/DD/YYYY

Visa Status                     Visit Visa


can be furnished on request OR give the names and contact numbers of your references!

Professional Photographer Resume Sample