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This resume is a sample for the post of bank credit manager/treasury manager/Financial Controller Manager. It’s a top-level post, and the job requires Human Resources  Development training, staff recruitment, accounts supervision, getting the accounts audited, reporting to management of the project status, organizing strategic business development programs, finalizing hi-color bulk deals, internal auditing, fund management coupled with financial planning, M.I.S reporting, liaising with banks, Auditor & contractors. So resume should be well-constructed and balanced keeping in mind all these points of view. The below-given resume sample shows all necessary requirements and document arrangement of the Credit Manager.

Bank Credit Manager/Treasury Manager/Financial Controller Manager Resume Sample

Name:     XYZCredit Manager Resume Sample
Mobile:   000
Dubai,    UAE


To be able to accomplish a responsible position like  Treasury Manager / Credit Manager in an organization where my skills, capabilities, <p><strong>PROFILE :</strong></p> <ul> <li>Gained knowledge & skills in Finance and Accounts including Treasury Management, Payroll Administration, Bank Settlement, Receivables & Payable, Petty Cash, and General Administration.</li> <li>A seasoned professional who is a fast learner, adaptable in any assigned task, and an expert in prioritizing duties.</li> <li>Have excellent communication skills in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Oriya, Bengali, and Arabic.</li> <li>An industrious and can work under extreme pressure & meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.</li> </ul> <h5>CORE COMPETENCIES:</h5> <p>Fund Management</p> <p>Credit Control & Operation Management</p> <p>Treasury Management & Bank Liaising</p> <p>Cost & Credit Control</p> <p>Statutory Compliance</p> <p>Relation & Key Account Management</p> <p>SOP & KPI</p> <p><strong>PROFESSIONAL SKILLS:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Overall management of financial accounting works of the organization.</li> <li>Spearhead team of Finance & Accounts staff and prepare, review and analyze monthly and annual computerized financial statements and audits.</li> <li>Take part in drawing up group financial policies and procedures; resource planning, fund flow handling, and risk checking.</li> <li>Analyze business operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations, to project future, revenues, and expenses or to provide advice.</li> <li>Enforce strict internal control on financial records to ensure adherence to international accounting standards.</li> <li>Develop project appraisals to identify long-term financial borrowings from financial institutions and banks.</li> <li>Watch cash flow. Liaise with banks, and financial institutions; preserve rapport with same.</li> <li>Take care of accounts receivable follow-up, prepare cash flow statements, and customer-vendor settlement statements, and prepare MIS. Create reports and report to management.</li> <li>Liaised with external auditors for annual audits to ensure timely submission of reports.</li> <li>Develop, preserve, and analyze budgets, and review periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs. Arrange working capital and financial needs with Banks.</li> </ul> <p><strong>CAREER PROFILE:</strong></p> <p><strong>Bank Credit Manager</strong></p> <h5><strong> </strong>Job Profile:</h5> <ul> <li>Reporting to C.F.O, looking after all the accounts, and financial affairs of the group including three stocking points i.e. Kenya, Ethiopia & Djibouti.</li> <li>Includes exposure in Stock point management, Treasury management, group finance management, procurements, credit control, and liaising with lawyers, auditors, and banks.</li> <li>MIS of revenue & cost analysis, finance management, HRD training & insurance affairs of the group.</li> <li>Review financial statements & internal reporting requirements.</li> <li>Conducting Departmental Meetings for review of Monthly Financial health (including Status of Payables, Receivables, Financing requirements, Future projections, and other aspects.</li> <li>Preparing and Monitoring payment plans to ensure timely payments to suppliers and recoveries from Clients.</li> <li>Supervising analysis and evaluation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial data.</li> <li>Preparation of Company diagnostic reports and Management Reports.</li> <li>Preparation/providing inputs for Budgets, Budget Revisions, and Forecast Cash Flow of Projects in Hand and Future Projects.</li> <li>Monitoring Fixed Assets Management System in coordination with Commercial Department (In-charge Assets Management).</li> <li>Coordination with Planning and Cost Control departments for preparation of the latest Forecast of Projects, estimation of Monthly accruals, Project Close reports, and other assignments.</li> </ul> <h5><strong>Significant Achievements:</strong></h5> <ol> <li>Quality Control & Wastage Management.</li> <li>Upgradation of accounting software to ERP, training & defining the user-right interface.</li> <li>Financial & Credit control measures and revamp in the banking facilities.</li> <li>The initiation of R & D Program & pursuit of I.S.O 9001 certification.</li> <li>Managing Letters of Credit (L/C), Trust Receipt Loans.</li> </ol> <p><strong> </strong><strong>Asst. Bank <strong>Credit Manager</strong></strong></p> <h5>Job Profile:</h5> <ul> <li>Looking after of complete Escrow Management, M.I.S reporting, RERA registration, escrow formalities, properties, land, unit registration with Land Dept., Liaising with Escrow Agents, RERA affairs, Land dept. operation & Escrow Management services.</li> <li>Effectively registered the companies with Land Dept., RERA, units registration, Land registration, opening the Trust A/cs of the companies,</li> <li>Streamlined the entire trust accounts operation of the group in a very smooth way.</li> <li>Negotiated the best facilities & services from the banks.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Senior Accountant:</strong></p> <h5>Job Profile:</h5> <ul> <li>Managing A/R, Associating Finance Department for Budgets, Forecasting, Accounts Payable monitoring, Ensuring compliance with accounting deadlines, and liaising with financial Institutions, Auditors, Insurers & Solicitors.</li> <li>Involved in decision-making & overall monitoring of the Accounts Department.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Financial Controller:</strong></p> <h5>Job Profile:</h5> <ul> <li>Handling accounts, daily cash & finance management, cost control, Internal Control, daily Inventory Management, Internal Audit of 5 branches & reporting to M.D</li> <li>Financial planning & Decision making, Office Administration & interacting with Banks, External auditors & Suppliers for bulk deals.</li> </ul> <p><strong>CERTIFICATIONS:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Strategic Time Management certification from Time Lenders, USA</li> <li>IELTS – First Class from British Council, Dubai</li> <li>21ST Century A.M.L- Anti Money Laundering Certificate from Transformed, Dubai</li> </ul> <p><strong>IT SKILLS:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Post Graduation Diploma in Application Programming (P.G.D.A.P), Orissa-INDIA</li> <li>Hands the application on EXE 2000, FAP 2000, Peach Tree, Profit, SQL Oracle, Tally 9 ERP, Builder Beans, Amlaki, ERP- Intacct, Focus ERP & SAP., etc.</li> </ul> <p><strong>PERSONAL DETAILS:</strong></p> <p>Nationality                                      :        Indian</p> <p>Marital Status                                 :        Married</p> <p>Visa Status                                      :        Visit</p> <p>Languages Known                          :        English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Oriya, Bengali, and Arabic</p> <p>Driving License                               :        Valid UAE License</p> <ins class=" adsbygoogle data-ad-client="ca-pub-1251068360648828" data-ad-slot="4526545990">

Credit Manager Resume Sample