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Traveling in all professions needs a dynamic, passionate, and adventurous person. You cannot be a good travel agent if you do not have the nerve for it. The following resume is a sample for the post of travel agent/travel guide/ travel coordinator. A travel agent helps and assists clients in arranging suitable travel plans with transportation and also helps to manage travel costs and accommodations. They work both independently and under various traveling agencies. A resume is the most important step for any employee to describe his capacities and expertise. It needs to be according to the requirement of the employer, and try to highlight those qualities that are in favor of the employer’s interest. Below we have built such a resume. Customize it with your particulars and add verified references/credits/awards from your previous experiences.

Travel Agent/Travel Guide/ Travel Coordinator Resume Sample

Name: XYZAgent Resume Sample

United Arab Emirates

Mob: 00000

Email Id:

Applied For: Travel Agent/Travel Guide/ Travel Coordinator 

Personal Statement:

I am a dynamic individual person who enjoys working as a team. I am determined and responsible, and I believe the skills that I have gained will be a good grounding for my future employment. I am willing to learn new skills and update the skills I already have.


To be a part of an effective winning team and to serve in an organization that offers challenging roles and utilizes my skills for enhancing the organization’s progress as well as my career.

Work Experience:

Travel Coordinator 

ABC Travel and Tourism LLC – Dubai


  • Working as a tour coordinator.
  • Promoting hotels and places for clients who are like to visit Dubai.
  • Handling all the situations like vehicle crashes, and emergency client arrivals and making all the arrangements like replacing vehicles and arranging hotel rooms for clients.
  • Assisting clients as a tour guide.
  • Work out itineraries as per tour section requirements and issue tickets; give visa formalities and hotels reservation.
  • Handling all EDNRD visa formalities for the clients.
  • Rechecking the documents such as valid passports, visas, etc. Ensure compliance with the company’s procedures and policies.
  • GDS using Galileo.(Travel  Resume)
  • Set up a new outlet to handle corporate clients, Leisure travel, and Agency business.
  • Set benchmark on service delivery standards.
  • Sales and Marketing set by management.
  • Ensure error-free and quality handling of day-to-day activities at the office.
  • Create rapport with suppliers and clients in a new market environment.

Professional Strengths:

  • Punctual, self-motivated, and dedicated to the job.
  • Quick learner and a team player.
  • Enthusiastic, eager to learn. Always has a positive attitude.
  • Maintains and observes honesty and loyalty.
  • Hardworking and responsible.
  • Ability to interact with people.

Computer Skills and Awareness:

  • Diploma in Computer Application.
  • Internet Application.
  • Basic Training and document production in Galileo CRS with distinction from Galileo Dubai.
  • Accounting Packages (Tally and Peach Tree) from IGM Computers,  India.


  • Bachelor of  Commerce  –  Degree course completed from  ABC  Commerce  College.
  • Higher Secondary School Examination passed from S.S.S. Higher Secondary School.
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate passed from S.S.S. Higher Secondary School.

Personal Profile:

Name                                        : XYZ

Date of Birth                            :000

Gender                                     : Female

Marital Status                          : Married

Languages                               : English and Hindi

Passport Details:

Passport Number                     : 0000

Date of Issue                             : 0000

Date of expiry                            : 0000

Place of Issue                             : ABC

Visa status                                  : 000


I hereby declare that the facts mentioned above are true and sincere to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Travel Agent Resume Sample