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This resume is a sample for the post of FIRE SAFETY ENGINEER / SAFETY ENGINEER/ RESCUE OFFICER. The job is a very responsible one. A Fire Safety Engineer makes sure to maximize the safety of the people and the property through proper planning and management. It is his job to design and arrange different strategies to lessen the risks of accidents, especially of fire, and to minimize the chances of loss in case of some mishap. (Looking for more Security Associated Resume Samples?)

The prime requisite for this job is honesty and responsibility. In this job, you are supposed to show your capabilities through your performance and your chance of committing a mistake or any kind of negligence is simply intolerable.

While creating a resume for the  SAFETY OFFICER RESUME SAMPLE you should provide not only your basic information but also some previous experience, credits, or awards -as proof – to show that you are an attentive, active, culpable, and intelligent person. Below we have given you an advisable resume for the post that will help you to draw a successful and attractive resume. In the sample resume given below, we have shown an impressive arrangement of your basic info, previous experiences and services, and your passion to work further. Attach some previous information or credits to your resume to attract the attention of your employer.

Fire Safety Engineer Resume Sample

NAME         :    XYZSafety Officer Resume Sample

Mobile No. :     000

Email ID     :



Seeking the position of a Health and Safety Professional in a reputed organization where I can provide my expertise in analyzing the HSE protocols, Pro-Actively contribute, and promote a healthy and safe workplace in the organization. To work as a fire safety engineer in an organization whose prime motive is to protect the lives of others.


With more than 9 years of experience with the combined works of E.H.S, Food and Beverage. Have gained excellent knowledge in risk assessment and hazard prevention on Food contamination where I’m working at present.


  • DARE institution for fire safety engineers
    Course studied: Masters in fire safety engineering
    Year of passing 2008
    Grade A.


  • SAVE training center.
  • Certificate course in fire protection. Duration of the course:1 YEAR

WORK EXPERIENCE:(Fire Safety Engineer)

Position: Fire Safety Engineer

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Designed formations of rescue teams in different situations.
  • Monitor all the Job activity at the site to ensure safety compliance.
  • Monthly Inspection program of Site equipment and Firefighting equipment to ensure safe operation.
  • Installation of safety signs, traffic control signs,  and other safety promotion posters to remind workers to work safely and enhance safety awareness among them.
  • Can take quick decisions.
  • Daring.
  • Well-versed with the subject.
  • Analytical, unbiased.
  • Reviewing Lift Plan and Permit to work before any complex lift.
  • Verifying to confirm that all lifting equipment operators are trained, competent, and certified.
  • Maintaining records of PTWs to be available for auditing as required by company standards
  • Assist Supervisor/Foreman with the Job Safety Environment Analysis and Risk assessment for all working & practices at the site
  • Prepare & Submit daily safety reports / Inspection Reports.
  • Increase and apply awareness on health and safety levels within the organization.
  • Conducting Toolbox Talk weekly & as per Task required.
  • To record and maintain a database of all inspections conducted to follow up and identify corrective actions.
  • Managing all Commercial and Technical Document
  • Distributing Documents and ensuring Accuracy of all Documents


Position: Fire Safety Officer

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Advise about the prevention of injury to personnel and damage to the plant and equipment.
  • Advise about further improvements in existing working methods.
  • Report directly to the HSE Supervisor ( or as per the project org chart)
  • Inspection of the work site daily for any unsafe condition and initiate immediate corrective action, refer more complex issues to a senior HSE Personnel
  • Ensure that healthy work conditions are maintained
  • Complete and submit daily activity reports
  • Assist Sr. HSE Officer at a site to conduct Safety Toolbox meeting.
  • Responsible to assist the HSE team in their duties as Pro-Active in a safe work environment.
  • Advise suitable standards of protective clothing and equipment.
  • Ensure that new employees Undertake HSE training and seminars to ensure complete knowledge of all elements and aspects of HSE procedures.
  • Implementing the JSA, JHA, and TBT and explained to them how important it is.


Position: Junior Safety Officer

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Implementing Safety and Health policies and procedures.
  • Assists in risk management and hazard identification in different areas in the location.
  • Assist in Investigating and reporting all incidents, accidents, injuries, and hazards.
  • Monitoring OSH standards and compliance with OSH policies and procedures.
  • Assisting Sr. HSE officer in preparing materials for HSE in-house training for new employees and Conducting TOOLBOX TALK on a daily basis as per rules of the management.
  • Advise and assist management in fulfilling safety obligations & setting goals for safety matters
  • Analyzing incident and accident reports.
  • Conducting Health and Safety Environment training for the new coming workers in the plant.
  • Assist in conducting monthly evacuation drills in the particular groups in order to keep them updated and to ensure they have proper knowledge regarding HSE procedure


Birthday                                        : 000

Age                                                : 000

Sex                                                 : MALE

Marital Status                                 : Single Parent

Nationality                                       : ABC

Hobbies                                           : Mountain biking, reading, photography


Fire Safety Engineer Resume Sample