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Cleaner/Sweeper Resume

The following post is a resume sample for Cleaner/Sweeper. In this world of occupied timetables and tech life, individuals who are buckling down have less time to spend in their homes and have no time for house errands. A sweeper/Cleaner helps in such a manner. He must assume the liability of cleaning and observing the house, doing all the upkeep work, and keeping the house solid. (See likewise House Cleaner And Helper Resume Sample). To bring down level occupations the most critical thing before the business is your code of character. You are required to be a genuine and solid individual with exact information about taking care of new and present-day gear.

How A Good Resume Should Be Written?

A resume is your first interface with the recruiter. It is your very introduction, invest good time in making an effective and persuasive resume. The resume sample given below is created by the experts keeping all the crucial points of the employer in mind. There are some basic tactics to make your resume stand upon another pile of resumes; firstly make it as reader-friendly as possible. Use the right font size and style to make the reader read without much effort. The quality of your paper, sheet, and folders DOES matter so don’t skimp on to it. The details about your qualifications and experience should be precise but not too lengthy to force the reader to glide through or not too short to give him an impression of a scanty or neglected resume. Your picture should be updated and clear. And lastly, references to their addresses and immediate contact numbers would seal your success in getting the job.

Our Cleaner/Sweeper Resume Sample is perfect.

The information, although, is fake and is mostly put there to give you ideas about presenting yourself. Frequent use of bullets is practiced as it gives the reader a precise idea about your point of view without really stressing it. Text formatting is avoided to prevent the content from overemphasis. The text is created in MS Word and can be easily modified and edited there.

And finally, to make our efforts as much flawless for you as possible we have given the text of the resume. You wouldn’t have to download any file or folder with the fear of downloading something dangerous. Just Ctrl C the text and Ctrl V the content in your draft. The following is a sample of the Housekeeper/Cleaner Resume. It should allow you to introduce yourself before the business in an amazing way. Check out the Hotel Cleaner Resume Sample, Fresh Cleaner Resume Sample, and Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Sample.

Cleaner/Sweeper Resume Sample


Contact No: 0000

Email ID:


I want to be a part of your esteemed family not as a governess or nanny but as a friend who will take care of your kids as my own. I am passionate and sincere and want to help you in bringing up your child as you have never gone away from them.


Diploma in ———- from ——–

Diploma in ———– from ———–


  • Done Basic course from ——–
  • Adequate experience in M.S. Office.


  • I have passed the Typewriting examination with 50 W.P.M.
  •  Attended the All-Asia Tutoring Conference in India 2007.
  • Attended classes for baby food and hygiene.


v  Worked in Mr./Mrs./Miss xxxxxx house from 2001-2004 Years. Contact No: 00000000000

v  Worked in Mr./Mrs./Miss place from 2004-mid 2006. Contact No: 000000000, Address:

v Worked in St. Antonio’s School for Orphans from 2006-2011.

v Worked with Mr./Mrs/Miss from 2012-2014.


  • Reliable  And Understanding: Child loves to trust and admire their nanny that’s why reliability and developing a good understanding with them is my first job priority.
  • Punctual: The child readily copies with whom he spends time, I am very punctual and trustworthy and endorse the value and quality of time.
  • A multi-tasker Always works for kids.
  • A very good cook; I can bake.
  • Disciplined, intuitive, proactive and vibrant.
  • Patient and well-mannered, a good listener, and an apprehensive teacher.
  • Have absolute and unconditional love for kids, babies, and toddlers.


Mr./Mrs./Miss XYZ

Address: ——-
Contact No: 000
E-mail ID:

Mr./Mrs./Miss XYZ
Assistant Lecturer in ——- University/College

Address: ———
Contact No: 000
E-Mail ID:


  • Father’s Name       :
  • Date of Birth          :           000
  • Marital Status         :           Single
  • Nationality              :           ——-
  • Language Known   :          English, Arabic, French,
  • Hobbies                   :         Cooking, Travelling, Book Reading and Listening to Music
  • Address                    :           ———-
  • Mobile No:               :           000
  • Passport No:            :           ABC


  • Decision Making:     I have a good skill of effective decision making.
  • Honesty:                  I believe honesty is the best policy.
  • Hard Work:              I believe in hard work, punctuality, and commitment.


Cleaner Sweeper Resume Sample