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Technician Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of  Technician. An technician is a person who is precisely trained with the equipment of a laboratory. He attains, maintains and prepares the X-Rays and other  reports. (See also Lab Technician Resume Sample). This medical technician job is a very responsible one so the employer would want to spent some time on your resume looking for information that ensures him that you are a talented, properly trained, smart and an experienced person. Even if you are not an experienced person it is highly recommended that you should discuss this in your resume that you are a well-aware of all the possibilities and responsibilities requisite for this job. Below we have given an effective sample of Technician Resume to help you convince the employer. See more on Medical Specialist Resume. and Medical Claim Specialist resume.

Technician Resume Sample

Name: XYZ

Phone No. 0000

Email ID: xxxxx

Present Address:

Applied: X-Ray Technician Resume/Technician Resume/Medical Technician Resume/Lab Technician Resume


To be with a stable organization that will allow sufficient room for professional and personal growth.


College                                                Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College                                          1997-2001

B.S. Radiologic Technology            Tandang Sora, Q.C.

Secondary                                         University of the East                                                     1993-1997

Recto, Manila

Primary                                             P. Gomez Elementary School                                        1988-1993


Age                                       :              30  years old

Sex                                       :              Female

Birthday                              :              April 9, 1982

Birth Place                           :              xxxxxxxx

Civil Status                          :              Married

Nationality                          :              Filipino

Weight                                 :              147 lbs

Height                                  :              5’5

Positions Held/Work Experience

Cruz-Dalida Hospital                  Assistant Pharmacy                March 2012 –  Nov 2014 JPS, Novaliches Q.C. Philippines

Cruz-Dalida Hospital                 X-Ray Technologist/ECG Technician                Oct 2003 – March 2012 Q.C.

Novamed Diagnostic Clinic      X-Ray Technologist                                                July 2003 – Oct 2003    JPS.

Greenwich                                    Trainee Technician                               1998 – 1999                JPS, Novaliches Q.C.

Wendy’s                                        Trainee Technician                                 1997-1998                   Tandang Sora Q.C.


o   Utilize patient/hospital day to day transactions:
§  Medicine and Supplies
§  Laboratory services
§  Medical records
o   Assuring institutions viability of service.
o   Established client/patient accountability update.
  • Set up x-rays for examination, takes x-rays of patients, and records results.
  • Operates, maintains, calibrates and adjust specialized equipment.
  • Coordinates client services with appropriate professional and/or specialty clinic.
  • Maintains and/or creates files or record keeping systems. Sorts, labels, files and retrieves documents, or other materials.
  • Types and prepares reports or other written materials available from sources documents, transcription, etc.
  • Ensures that there is an adequate supply of materials available. Orders, Receives, inspect, and stores equipment, merchandise, commodities, materials, and/or supplies.
  • Cleans, Sterilizes and or disinfects areas and/or equipment.
  • Coordinates and inventory management system to effectively control and distribute supplies and equipment.
  • Ensures equipment, supplies, and work areas are maintained and sanitized in compliance with health standards.

Professional Organizations/Internship

Philippine Orthopedic Medical Center                         Banawe Q.C.                        Nov 15 2010- Feb15 2001

Quirino Memorial Medical Center                                Project 4 Q.C.                      Feb 20- May 20 2001

Philippines Children’s Medical Center                          Agham Road Q.C.               June 4 – Dec 4 2001

Skill and Qualifications

  • Operate applicable safety equipment and specialized equipment
  • Enter, transcribe, record, store, or maintain information in either written or electronic form.
  • Operate scanning/imaging and/or photographic, audio-visual, or related equipment.
  • Deal with people in a manner which shows sensitivity, tact, and professionalism.
  • Arrange, Coordinate, or schedule time and details.
  • Assemble, sort, and/or distribute documents, supplies, and/or materials/items.
  • Use cleaning agents, products and equipment
  • Communicate information and ideas clearly, and concisely, in writing; read and understand information presented in writing
  • Use security and/or control techniques or devices to secure people, facilities, property, supplies or equipment.
  • Fluent in English communication written and spoken.

MACHINE USED: Picker, Toshiba, Ultrasound, ECG



Contact Number: 00000                                               Contact Number: 0000

Document Controller                                                      Officer In-Charge

Aldar Academies L.L.C.                                                   Cruz-Dalida Hospital 1025 JPS, Novaliches, Quezon City

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.