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Trade Finance Officer Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Trade Finance Officer. In financial institutions like banks, leasing companies, trusts etc, a Trade Finance Officer perform pivotal role. He reports to the local management and to the hub headquarters. He has to manage information system reports, Cash Flow management and analyzing financial problems for customers. He has to predict and analyse concerned financial reports to help develop strategies and plans for long-term financial goals. A good resume is easy to assess and appealing towards the employee’s capabilities, it plays a very basic role in presenting you before the employer. It must be concise and to-the-point. You may also see Bank Finance Officer Resume Sample, Finance Planner Resume Sample, Chartered Finance Analyst Resume Sample. We have begun the Trade Finance Officer Resume Sample with your initial information followed by your key skills and expertise, and then put some (verified) references in the end. Finally give some account of your previous awards and credits and your employer couldn’t help to give your resume a second thought.

Here is the Trade Finance Officer Resume Sample:

Trade Finance Officer Resume Sample


Name      : xyz

Address : uk

Mobile   : 000

E-mail    : xxx

Date of Birth  :00000

Nationality     : Sudanese.

Marital Status:  single.


  • Bachelor Degree in Banking and Financial Studies from Sudan Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences 2012.
  • Computer certificate from Sudan Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences 2012.
  • Diploma in Computer from Elameed Institute– 2002.
  • Complete The following courses and Workshops:
  • Complete the course of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Program, of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA, USA), at Aloula for Financial and Accounting Studies.
  • The Course Components:
    • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting.
    • Performance Management.
    • Cost Management.
    • Internal Control.
    • Professional Ethics.
  • External Financial Reporting at Aloula for Financial and Accounting Studies.
  • General English Certificate with Excellence from American Middle East Educational & Training Services INC (AMIDEAST), Egypt – 2009.
  • Global corruption and Bribery.February, 2013.
  • Information security awareness.October, 2014.
  • Workshop on labels percent and insurance and its importance in reducing the phenomenon of falsified and counterfeit currency and cheques, in the Central Bank of Sudan. September, 2013.
  • Workshop on Anti money laundering and compact terrorist finance and its impact on the economy.
  • Workshop on security the safety of Building and how to take precautions and guessing any of the risks (e.g.in cases of fire, earthquakes, medical emergencies, storms and floods, workplace violence, suspicious objective, threats, rumors, etc.) March, 2014.
  • Training WorkshoponForeign Accounts Taxation Compliance Act, (FATCA)September, 2014To Implementation in system enhancement status update.
  • The topics discussed as follow:
  • Introduction to FATCA business.
  • IMAL FATCA Module ITR.
  • IMAL CSM new features.

CAREER EXPERIENCE (Trade Finance Officer)

  • Employee in Arab Sudanese Bank since feb-2012 up to date :

Trade Finance Officer (Operations Department):

  • Trade finance/services (LCs, LGs, Collection…etc.)
  • The receipt of requests to open customer accounts and complement the introduction of data on the system.
  • Save files by policies and bricks.
  • Make accounting entriesfor foreign the remittances (incoming and outgoing).
  • Support the operations and management of the retail services forindividualsas an alternative if necessary.
  • Participation in the preparation of policies and bricks system’s central services customer accounts.
  • Respond to inquiries correspondent banks.
  • Follow-up reports and observations of the internal and external audit to correct the mistakes

And shortcomings and supplement bricks necessary for the non- redundancy.

  • Support services as an alternative to commercial.

Operations Officer (Operations Department)

Senior Customer Service Officer (Main Branch,Retail sector):

  • Identify branch cash needs in coordination with CSOs.
  • Execute all counter transactions in an efficient manner, by decline Number of counter transaction mistakes and cash discrepancy.
  • Monitor on daily basis tellers transactions, ensure that all CSOs are balanced at the end of the day and take the needed corrective actions.
  • Spotting any potential selling opportunities refer it to concerned parties.

Assistant Trade Finance Officer:

  • Support the Branch Manager in putting / achieving plans and carry out any tasks requested by BM.
  • Migrate customers to various channels (PB, IB, ATM, cheque deposit box, SMS).
  • Ensure that brochures are up to date and in place.
  • Identify customers’ needs and fulfilling it with proper bank’s products or services, through promoting and marketing bank’s products and services through direct and cross selling to achieve branch goals and the yearly set targets and increase customer base and revenues.
  • Handling BM responsibilities in case of BM absence subject to authority matrix.

Mutual Accountable SCRO and SCSO:

  • Handle customers’ requests/inquiries related to their accounts, products and services in a professional manner, refer them to concerned parties whenever needed and serving all customers regardless of segment up to the level of their satisfaction, seeking to eliminate numbers of customers’ complaints and audit notes if any.
  • Providing accurate,  professional, quick and high quality service that meet customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations and developing  the relationship with customers, while ensuring that customers profiles are updated (through implementing the KYC principle – Know Your Customers’).
  • Approve various customers’ requests, account and counter transactions according to authority matrix.
  • Carry/handle efficiently custody items, keys as per custodian matrix, and relevant P&P.
  • Coach, train, Providing guidance and support for staff reporting to me to ensure full awareness of Bank products, services, and P&P.
  • Adhere to Branch Operating Model.
  • Carry out any task requested by BM.
  • Supervisor of Microfinance at Sudan Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences-Training Center. 2012
  • Marketing Assistant at Faisal Islamic Bank2012.
  • Trained with bank of Khartoum all departments,2012.
  • Trained with Farmer’s Commercial Bank, 2010 in the flowing departments: (Current accounts, Public Accounts, Investment, transfers, Foreign Relations).
  • Accountant at Shawish international company 2011.
  • Worked with H H stock exchange Co. ltd,in portfolio and investment funds department, 2010-2011.
  • Salesperson works at Mandra business, 2009.


  • Arabic: Mother Tongue.
  • English: Fluent, reading, writing and speaking, Excellent Communication Skills in English.


  • Seeking top level assignments in banking, financial and corporate with a front line organization of repute.
  • Communicator with excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills.
  • Adapt easily with new environment and people of diverse background.
  • Acquiring requisite talents with relevant domain knowledge in Executive and Managerial cadre.
  • Work well in team – oriented environment.
  • Well-known of System Analysis and Design Technique.
  • Excellent Computer Skills:
  • Windows XP, Windows 7.
  • Office 2003 ~2007.
  • SPSS 12.
  • DBMS – Oracle.
  • Valid Driving License.
  • Acquiring requisite talents with relevant domain knowledge in Executive and Managerial cadre.
  • I have experience and enjoy working in a fast paced environment.I am able to multi-task effectively and keep up with deadlines. I have experience working with individuals and believe in practicing good ethics and integrity while always applying professionalism.


  • Abaas Ahmed Mohamed.

Cell phone No: 000