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There are following points to be kept in mind before creating an impressive (and hence job winning!) resume.

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Brief Introduction
  3. Key Skills (as the starting heading)
  4. Expertise related to the requisites of the recruiter
  5. Sufficient Experience OR
  6. In Case of Fresh Graduate Enlist your Educational Awards and/or other extra curricular performances for related field.
  7. Highlight your versatile professional expertise and social attendance. 
  8. Verified References of influential groups/companies/organizations.
  9. The End (whoo!!)

Before we start with the resume and its guidelines it is necessary to understand its meaning and purpose first. Enlisted below with suitable sample links.

Meaning And Function:

A resume is a piece of document that contains a comprehensive and detailed information about your education, qualification, experience and expertise as in Cashier Cum Sales Executive Resume Sample. It has all the essential information about your professional dedication and history work. It ensures the reader that you are a hard working, qualified and proficiently trained  person.

Why You Need A Resume?

In this era of advance IT, everything seems to be in a rush. A lot is going on everywhere. And everybody is needed somewhere. If you have the right brains and the tactics to use it with a little spice of experience there is no way you are staying jobless anywhere.

Almost everyone is applying, have applied or will be applying for a job. And resume is your first face to face meeting with the employer. It is your introductory document to urge the employer to meet you. It depicts that you have the potential and capability of handling the job. It is a manifesto of your progressive attitude, your strong and self-motivated personality, positive approach and creative innovation. It defines the employer that he is not going to hire another machine but a human with affirmative and strong behavior.

What is a good resume?

The answer to this would be one line. A good resume is that helps you attain the job! For me that very thing is good that benefits. And how to make a good resume? well that is the question here.

A good resume is well-planned, not-boringly-long and not-strikingly-short (click here for example). The material that is to put is usually the same for every person but the arrangement and the presentation is what makes your resume different from others. Every resume must have:

Personal introduction:

i.e. your first and last name, DOB, Address, Visa (if you are applying in another locality), driving license, nationality and marital status etc. (For Example Driver Resume Sample)

Career Objective:

this is a very strange criteria that I have discerned so far. People assume it to be a line of words with impressive and difficult language, with all the adjectives available and it should be some kind of symbol of linguistic mastery. While it is your career objective. You can see our Chef de Partie Resume Sample. Forget the language, forget that you have to impress someone, write a few lines about yourself, about what you want to do with your life, what you want to be, where you are seeing yourself in coming years. Write what impresses you; that is your career objective.

Key Skills:

The first thing that employer is interested in. Describe your expertise here. what are you capable of. What kind of tasks you have handled and are handling. How many critical times you survived outstandingly. Describe your strength here.

 Advance Education:

your graduation date and institute, your post graduation with date and institute and your grades. All other diplomas and extracurricular activities are mentioned here.

Work Experience:

Another thing the employer is keen about. Mention your previous work experience, the company or the organization where you have worked (with date and post). Mention some references with their contact information to impress upon the employer the validity of your entries. The seminars or other social event you have arranged, managed or attended is expected to have explained here.

Achievements; References/Awards/Credits:

Time to tell the employer that you are not just an average employee. Mention your awards here, the credits for benefiting the previous companies, and references of some well-known personalities that acknowledge your work. Now in case you are a fresh graduate and have no work experience, you do not have to leave this place empty, mention your participation in your institute and the credits and awards given to you for your performances.

Current  Activity:

is another thing the employer would want to know. See sample Insurance Underwriter Resume Sample. Mention where you are currently working or have worked, their encouraging remarks included. Mention the information i.e. your post, working hours, your salary, bonuses, extras here. Tell them you are up-to-date with the market and everything going on. It will convince the employ that you are an active, vibrant and resourceful person.