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Salesman Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Salesman Resume Sample. A Salesman  works to maintain and ensure the quality of the products of the company. He has to make sure to maintain right balance in the quantity and quality of the company. It is on his reputation that the company may add or eternally lose the trust of customers. For this job the employer would want an honest, hardworking and strict person. A Salesman is expected to have a discreet knowledge of the product and experience with which he could guide and check his workers.

As you are creating Salesman Resume, Your self discipline and goals are the first parameters an employer might be interested in. It must insist upon that on no account your are going to compromise over the rules of the company. Below you can see the arrangement of our Salesman Resume Sample with our tips for editing the resume sample (as many users are using this sample everyday so make sure to add in your specifications to differ it a little!). We hope it helps you better explain yourself better before the employer. And finally adding references or previous records to your resume adds to the credibility of your resume.

Tips For Editing Salesman Resume Sample:

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  1. Add in your personal information as per our guidelines just like fill-in-blanks.
  2. Adhere the most recent, fresh picture of yours.
  3. Enlist your address and available contact information.
  4. Enlist you references and their contact numbers.
  5. Make sure to have the print out on the best quality of paper.
  6. Are you looking for…? Executive Sales Officer Resume Sample, Sales Distribution Resume Sample, Sales Representative Resume Sample.

Salesman Resume Sample

Name: XYZ
Date Of Birth:
Phone: 000000,  E-mail: xxxxx,    Skype Id: , etc…


To be able to have a position in an establishment where I can enhance my leadership skills, work passionately with people who live up to the vision and mission of the company.

Primary Goal(Salesman Resume)

·        Provide comprehensive and quality customer care at all times

·        Provide appropriate and accurate respond

·        Meet quality, productivity and schedule adherence performance standards

·        Apply technical knowledge and appropriate procedures

·        Meet performance goal and targets


·        Leadership Skills

·        Excellent Customer Service Skills

·        P.C & Microsoft Office/Excel Literate

·        Strategic Planning & Evaluating Skills

·        Punctual & Trustworthy

·        Self – motivated

·        Microsoft Office

·        Typing speed 30 to 40 words per minute


For 3 years being an administrative officer is very tough and exciting job. In this working scenario I learned how to manage marketing information, decision support system and office automation.

1.      To plan, organize, and administer the activities of his/her department, office, or division efficiently.

2.      To keep informed of new developments relating to his/her function and to maintain a creative and experimental attitude toward change, in order to continuously improve the operation of his/her area of responsibility.

3.      To recommend the organizational structure and staffing that complement his/her area of responsibility.

4.      To establish and maintain an organizational climate that encourages the development, retention, and a high level of morale among personnel.

5.      Keep his/her immediate supervisor informed of activities of the unit, particularly of major or unusual developments, and seeking his/her advice and counsel.

6.      To recommend the budget for his/her department, office, or division and, within limitations established by the board or President, to administer his/her budget.

7.      To serve on committees and councils as directed by board policies and procedures or by his/her immediate supervisor or the President.

8.      To represent and attend professional meetings as authorized by his/her immediate supervisor.

9.      To provide information and reports to the board at the request of the President.

10.   To perform any other duties assigned or delegated by his/her immediate supervisor.

Sales Supervisor / Sales Agent

3 years of experience providing customer support in busy call center environments for technical inbound for electronic device. It is a commitment to the customer to build good relationship, resolve problems and gain customer trust. I learned here how to be calm and good listener.

1.      Receives, processes and verifies the accuracy of orders from customers utilizing the organization’s internal CRM/mainframe systems and customer purchase orders.

2.      Initiates required action for response to customer service requests for order changes, including the maintenance of order/customer information files and communicates changes to the appropriate Personnel/departments.

3.      Ensures and provides quality service to both internal and external customers.

4.      Receives inquiries from and/or contacts the organization’s branch/regional offices to resolve a variety of order-related issues.

5.      Accesses the company’s internal systems to obtain and extract order information and provide customer service management with the data for inclusion in various scheduled and special reports

6.      Performs assigned system maintenance to various electronic order files.

7.      Participates and provides expertise as a member of the customer service’s departmental team.

8.      The team’s objectives are develop and recommend changes to existing methods and systems to increase the accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness of the customer service department as a whole.


During my UAE endeavor, I started here as sales working person. Even it’s not my line I still stand my own principles on how to handle customer care and having a good relationship from the big boss to the staff. Only one basic information I learned in this aspect, equality and respect is essential.

  •  Prepare sales action plans and strategies
  •  Develop and maintain a customer database
  •  Develop and maintain sales and promotional materials
  •  Make sales calls to new and existing clients
  •  Develop and make presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients
  •  Negotiate with clients
  •  Maintain sales activity records and prepare sales reports
  •  Respond to sales inquiries and concerns by phone, electronically or in person
  •  Ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships
  •  Maintain an awareness of all promotions and advertisements.
  •  Assist in processing and replenishing merchandise and monitoring floor stock.

Employment History




  •   MANGO


  •   CDR – KING




Can be furnished easily if demanded!

Sales Manager Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Sales Manager. The Manager of Sales pays vital role to the sales of company. He is well-aware about the demand of people or customers. According to the requirement of peoples or customer he reports his manufacturing department to manufacture products in that aspect or according to customer demand. A company with lack of knowledge of the requirement of customer is hardly able to grow in today’s world. A good Sales Manager is well known about all of these thing and time to time reports to his director and department. With this he helps to maintain the quality of product and gives your product a good sale. Every employer or company wants to hire a highly skilled sales staff that can promote its product at sales level. In modern age the competition between companies is increasing every day. Every company wants to increase its sales through its competent sales staff.

The resume sample for the sales executive officer given below is embellished with prompt guidelines about how you can construct an impressive resume.

Sales Manager Resume Sample

Name:   XYZ

Address:  Muroor Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contact No:   0000

E-mail:  xxxx

Applied For: Sales Manager/ Manager of Sales/Sales Executive


To obtain employment in a company where I can develop and share my abilities in the field of my interest. My ultimate objective is to assume a position that will give me professional advancement and development.


  • Highly organized and independent, able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity.
  • An organized, detail-oriented, and reliable self-starter, able to strategist and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks and stay calm under-pressure
  • Proficient in all of the standard office desktop software. Skill sets covering administrative support, client relations,
  • Leadership, skilled in enlisting the support of all team members in aligning with project and organizational goals.
  • Excellent inter-personal, phone and digital communication skills.(Manager of Sales)
  • I’m fond of reading, net surfing, nature trip, hiking, playing table tennis and chess(Manager of Sales)


Metro Cash & Carry Centre

Lahore, Pakistan


Job Description:

  • Manage staffs responsible for selling products (perfume and other supplements) by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects, recommending solutions
  • Hire, train, and educate staff on proper selling procedures
  • Ensure staffs are effectively trainedbefore sending to the branch
  • Maintains relationships with clients by providing support, information, and guidance
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, establishing personal networks
  • Manage team and set target for the company’s sales and goals

Chanab Mill Fair Price Shop  Faisalabad, Pakistan   2008 to 2010

SALES EXECUTIVE.(Manager of Sales)


  • Establishes, develops and maintains business relationships with current customers and prospective

Clients in the assigned territory to generate new business for the organizations Services.

  • Dealing all customers.
  • Provided guidelines and impress customer.
  • Make telephone calls and in-person visits and presentation to existing and prospective clients
  • Develops clear and effective written proposals for current clients
  • Analyzes the market’s potential and determines the value of existing and prospective clients value to the organization
  • Identifies advantages and compares organization’s services
  • Reports directly to the Territory Business Development Manager


Islamabad, Pakistan    2007-2008


(Manager of Sales)

Job Description:

  • Entertains clients who wants to inquire about our products
  • Answers phone calls and connect them to concerned
  • Encodes to the system the new subscribers availed postpaid or prepaid plans
  • Prepares inventory at the beginning and endorsed it to the cashier assigned for the day
  • Prepares Collection summary report at the end of the day
  • Attends seminars and training for knowledge enhancement about products
  • Receives postpaid application and escalate it to Approval Officer of the day for approval

Tarlac City Traffic Management & Tarlac Provincial Jail  2005 – 2006 (6months)



Job Description:

  • Assists policeman and the traffic enforcer for the traffic management
  • Assists jail guards and wardenin supervising the inmates
  • Provides weekly report to the department head and to the warden of the jail.


  • Computer Literacy Program (Facilitator)
  • Disaster Preparedness Seminar (Facilitator)
  • Health and Wellness Seminar (Facilitator)
  • Leadership Enhancement Training Seminar (Facilitator)


  • Graduate Study –           2009  Agricultural  University Faisalabad Pakistan.



  • Best sales manager                  2014
  • Best employee of the year      2011
  • Best in Civic Action –               2006
  • Academic Honor Roll –           2004

Professional Regulation Commission No: 00000

Passed the Licensure Examination for CRIMINOLOGIST

April 7, 8 & 9, 2010 at Baguio City, Philippines


Birthday                      :           0000

Marital Status             :           Married

Height                          :           6 ft

Weight                         :           0000

Religion                       :           Muslim

Visa Status                 :           Tourist Visa


Available upon request.

I hereby certify that the foregoing information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief


Marketing Officer Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Marketing Officer/Telemarketing Officer/ Online Marketing Officer. The Marketing Officer/Telemarketing Officer/ Online Marketing Officer must have following qualities: good communication skills, active and brisk thinking and decision making, eloquence, welcoming and friendly nature and strong command on English language. Because English is an international language, the entire world communicates through this language for business or other purposes. The Marketing Officer/Telemarketing Officer/ Online Marketing Officer is very important for the success and sales of any product or brand. The employer wants to hire a person who have good ethical and impressive skill and is dedicated to his job. How you build a good resume for this job? Below we have provided a resume sample for your assistance. It should help you to express your expertise in the correct manner. Also adding references and awards to your resume adds to the worth of your resume.

Marketing Officer Resume Sample

Name: xyz


Applied For: Marketing Officer/Telemarketing Officer/ Online Marketing Officer


To apply and maximize my skills and to widen my experiences in the field of customer service and office administration with a competent multinational company and offer my services in achieving it goals.


Over 8 years of experience in offering top notched customer service dealing with accounts, customer concerns, technical assistance, and training; focused in providing excellent service complimented with being proactive and ability to handle tough situations assuring customer satisfaction and achieved targets and commendations. A highly passionate and enthusiastic person, Living and working in excellence. Fluent in Filipino and English; Can easily adapt to the work with multicultural environment and is easily taught with minimal supervision.

  • CRM
  • Microsoft Office
  • Exemplary Customer Service
  • 60 wpm typing


Marketing Executive

Sirinex-DWC LLC

Almas Towers, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai UAE

Main Responsibilities:

  • Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues,  suppliers and partner organizations;
  • arranging the effective distribution of marketing materials;
  • maintaining and updating customer, clients and suppliers databases;
  • organizing and attending events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions;
  • conducting market research, for example using customer questionnaires and focus groups;
  • contributing to, and developing, marketing plans and strategies;
  • Supporting the managing director and other colleagues.
  • Admin task for Import/export process in UAE.
  • Dubai Trade, Customs, Municipality Portal, FIRS

Marketing Sales Associate  & Telemarketing  

SM Department Store

Main Responsibilities:

  • Makes customers the first priority, actively seeks out customers, greets all customers, offers assistance
  • Answer questions about merchandise for the customers’ level of expertise.
  • Escort customers to appropriate merchandise, no matter what department.
  • Describe features and benefits of merchandise.
  • Demonstrates a high level of knowledge of products, services and procedures in assigned area and nearby departments.
  • Seeks to fully understand the customers’ needs, provides customer with the best solution even if it involves a markdown, and contacts other associates/leaders as needed; until customer’s need is met.
  • Assist customers with special orders and installed sales
  • Discuss available options (good, better, best)
  • Set and achieving personal sales goals
  • Execute daily stock maintenance: all products are signed, displayed, lit and clean.
  • Ensure that aisle end caps and counter promotions are clean, presentable, and in-stock

Technical Consultant & Telesales  

Sutherland Global Services

Berthaphil, Berthaphil II, Jose Abad Santos Ave

Main Responsibilities:

  • Offered excellent customer service to thousands of international clients;
  • Worked with all the company’s department (accounts/billing, management, and supervisory) smoothly, resolving any technical, accounts, or services concerns with superb client satisfaction and commendations.
  • Trained new consultants to company standards and ensured quality work and excellent service;
  • Handled escalated calls resolved customer concerns and exemplified top notched customer service;
  • Support service plan downgrades and upgrades, reactivating cancelled and or suspended accounts, processing customer payments by check, credit or debit card;
  • Support technical issues of the customer such as no browsing, slow browsing and other technical related concerns;
  • Quickly and effectively solve customer challenges.
  • Maintain quality control/satisfaction records, constantly seeking new ways to improve customer service.



  • As a part of customer service, Technical Support may require more specific or targeted training depending on the products or services of the business. As the word implies, a Technical Support Representative’s main role is to provide assistance to their customers who requires help with the product or service they acquired. (Satellite Internet Service)
  • The ability to give directions effectively.

PRODUCT SPECIFIC TRAINING (Sutherland Global Services)

  • Introduction to specific product of the Account (Satellite Internet Service Provider)
  • Includes training in handling Billing queries.
  • Tools introduction (Oracle/CRM)
  • February 2008
  • LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS (Sutherland Global Services)
  • Introduction to English Language
  • Grammar
  • Includes Pronunciation, Enunciation, Subject Verb Agreement
  • 3 Components of Communication.
  • How to provide good customer support.



Central Luzon Doctors’ Hospital Education Institution

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

San Pablo, Tarlac City


Don Bosco Technical Institute

Technical Course: Electronics

Sto Cristo, Tarlac City


Age:       26 yrs. Old                                         Civil Status: Married

Birth date:  Dec. 14, 1987                               Height:  6fet

Citizenship: Filipino                                         Religion: Catholic

Sales Officer Resume Sample

Following resume is for the post of Sales Officer. A Sales Officer is a licensed professional who foresee the selling and the related circumstances before making large deals. His potential duties includes arranging and managing cash and sales transactions, inquiring after clients complaints and to advertise company’s recent products and deals. A sales Officer determines and makes sure that all the purchases are carried out smoothly and comfortably. See our Sales Resume Samples. The resume is your first interface with the employer. Make sure to highlight your qualities and experience that are in accord to the requisites of the recruiter. Adding verified references/credits/awards from your previous experiences to add to the value of your resume.

Name: xyz

Discipline: Marketing & Sales

Experience: 5Years

Email: xxxx

Contact No.: 0000

Career Objectives:(Sales Officer)

To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me satisfaction and self-development and help me to achieve organizational goal.

Key Result Areas:(Sales Officer)

  • Sales coordinator
  • HR Management
  • HR Administration
  • General Administration
  • Business Correspondence
  • Import-Export Documentation.

Strength:(Sales Officer)

  • Excellent communication skills
  • A confident and determined approach
  • Self-motivation and drive
  • A competitive streak
  • Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and make on the spot decisions.
  • Highly self-motivated, ambitious, enthusiastic and dedicated to attain perfection at work.

Professional Qualification:

  • Master of Business Administration specialized in Finance & Marketing under

Anna University, Coimbatore.

  • Bachelor of Commerce specialized in Accounting and Computer Application under

Mangalore University, Coorg.

IT Skills:

  • Accounting Packages : Tally & Oracle, SAP
  • Well versed with MS Office (Word, Power Point, Excel, Access & Outlook )

Work Experience:4 Years’ Gulf Experience

  • Worked as Sales Officer ABC International L.L.C,Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Worked as Sales Operations Manager in ABC Net Communications, Ajman, U.A.E
  • Worked as Sales Officer in ABC, Al Aweer, Dubai, U.A.E

 Roles & Responsibilities:-

  • Visit potential customers for new business
  • Making accurate, rapid cost calculations and providing customers with quotations;
  • Negotiate the terms of an agreement and close sales
  • Gather market and customer information and provide feedback on buying trends
  • Represent your organization at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations
  • Identify new markets and business opportunities
  • Review your own sales performance
  • Listening to customer requirements and presenting appropriately to make a sale;
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers in person and via telephone calls and emails;(Sales Officer)
  • Cold calling to arrange meetings with potential customers to prospect for new business;
  • Responding to incoming email and phone enquiries;
  • Acting as a contact between a company and its existing and potential markets;
  • Representing their company at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations
  • Advising on forthcoming product developments and discussing special promotions;
  • Liaising with suppliers to check the progress of existing orders;
  • Checking the quantities of goods on display and in stock;
  • Gaining a clear understanding of customers’ businesses and requirements;
  • Feeding future buying trends back to employers;
  • Attending team meetings and sharing best practice with colleagues. 

Additional Job Profile:

Preparation of Financial Statements (Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet), Bank  Transactions and Reconciliation, Preparing Purchase Order, Payroll Statement, Payment   and Receipt Vouchers, Sales Invoicing , Stock Register and Handling Petty Cash.

Personnel Details:

  Father’s Name          :         xxx

Date of Birth            :          000

Gender                       :           Male

Citizenship                :           India

Marital Status              :           Married

Languages Speak      :           English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil&Kannada.

Passport Details:

Passport No.              :          0000

Place of Issue            :           Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Date of Issue             :          0000

Date of Expiry          :           0000


I hereby declare that the above details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Original  certificates and references can be produced upon request.                                                           

Cashier Cum Sales Assistant Resume Sample

Following resume is a sample for the post of Cashier Cum Sales Assistant. A Cashier Cum Sales Assistant greets the customer. His potential duties includes arranging and managing cash and sales transactions, inquiring after clients complaints and to advertise company’s recent products and deals. Persons with good communication skill and friendly personality are definitely preferred by the employers. Good calculation and basic computer knowledge is also required here.The resume is your first interface with the employer. Make sure to highlight your qualities and experience that are in accord to the requisites of the recruiter. Adding verified references/credits/awards from your previous experiences to add to the value of your resume.

Name: xyz


Passport No:000


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Applied For: Cashier Cum Sales Assistant/Sales Officer /Bank Cashier /Restaurant Cashier  


To work in an organization, that gives me ample opportunities to harness my skills. I would love to work in an environment that allows me to utilize my potential as a representative of Co. I would be highly privileged, to apply my accounting & technical skills for the benefit of organization.


·         Have 4+ years of experience in Cashier Accounts in India.

·         Well versed in a computerized accounting (Tally) environment.

·         XYZ Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application.

·         Proficient in MS Office Applications

·         Having Indian Driving License

·         Have detailed knowledge of accounting procedures, finance management, liaison with banks, develop & nature client relations and budgeting aspects.

·         Possess demonstrated ability to work effectively and congenially with employees at diverse levels. / Strongly commercial with excellent communication and influencing skills.

·         Good team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

.Willing to take up responsibilities and work under guidance with little on-going supervision.


  • CASHIER& SALES EXECUTIVE, Standard Electrical, India .

Assistant Sales Accountant

Description of Work Profile:

  • Handling all the Accounts of the Customers & Vendors.
  • Maintaining proper records for Receipts, Payments
  • Scrutinizing cash vouchers & purchase invoices, Credit memo’s received from different parties and suppliers.


  • Managed accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll
  • Managed the internal and external mail functions
  • Performed general office duties and administrative tasks
  • Generated monthly close of financial statements
  • Researching discrepancies and reconciling accounts
  • Coordinating with location managers and vendors
  • Administered online banking functions
  • Prepared and reviewed appropriate ledger entries and reconciliation
  • Prepared management reports concerning purchases, sales, and inventory
  • Handling collection for over 3000 customers
  • Prepare, verify, and process invoices and coding payment documents
  • Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Verify ledger accounts
  • Prepare book entries and issuing of receipts
  • Maintain & update customer records & file numbers


  • Fluent In Microsoft Excel & Spreadsheets
  •  Experience in working with Tally software and is adaptable to other accounting tools
  •  Knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and maintaining general ledgers


  • Com with (Computer) Osmania University
  • Intermediate from Board of intermediate of AP
  • S.S.C (Board of Secondary Education A.P)


  • E2 teaming together
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office
  • Tally ERP 9, Wings,
  • Focus


Nationality                      : Indian

DOB                                   : 0000

Marital status                  :Single

Language Known            : English, Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu.

Visa status                       : valid till 2019