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Store Accountant/Hotel Storekeeper Resume Sample

This resume post is for the post of Store Data Entry officer/store keeper/store helper/store inspection /Junior store supervisor/ Company store keeper/Hospital store keeper/Hotel store keeper or Store Keeper. The prime requisite for this job is good moral character and sense of responsibility. A Store Keeper works to maintain, organize and manage a store or a shop (have knowledge of LIFO & FIFO System). Your resume is your first meeting with the employer, pay considerable attention to it. Entail all the necessary information with your previous experiences. Highlight your expertise in eloquent talking as a store keeper has to greet and communicate with the people(from every walk of life) all the time. Below we have given you an example of such a resume that should help you to create an impressive resume. Finally adding (verified) references to your resume is definitely going to add to the worth of your resume.

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Applied for: Store Data Entry officer/store keeper/store helper/store inspection /Junior store supervisor/ Company store keeper/Hospital store keeper/Hotel store keeper/


To find a Job where I am able to put in to practice the experienced I have gained. Contribute to a theme effort working towards a united goal in a happy atmosphere where my efforts are recognized.

Personal Details:

Date of Birth:




Marital Status:

Languages Known:

Passport No.:

Father Name:

Educational Qualification:

  • Qualifying BBM(Finance and Store Management)with 63% in KANNUR UNIVERSITY in 2014 year
  • Completed 6 months IELTS TRAINING.
  • Completed Store training during internship.
  • SSLC and PLUS TWO with 90%, under(KERALA STATE,HSE BOARD)
  • Advanced diploma in Professional Accounting and store management.
  • Soft ware known Tally, Peach Tree & Quick Books & Store system.

Experience and Achievements:

  • Store Entry.
  • Store Inward Outward Gate Passes.
  • Store Coding System.
  • Store LIFO system.
  • Store FIFO system.
  • Store Inspection skills.
  • Store Handling skills.
  • Store item or product supervising.
  • Store item wise coding.
  • Store consumption record department wise.
  • Store product aging record.
  • Industrial visit to INFOSIS ,Bangalore.
  • Industrial visit to RUBCO HUAT PVT LTD,THALASSERY.
  • Commercial industrial visit to TOYOTA KIRLOSKAR.
  • Proficient and expert in MS OFFICE(word, excel and power point).
  • Have the experience in Accounting(Tally,peachtree).
  • I always keep a knowledge in the fielded of IT and INTERNET WORLD.

Personal Profile:

  • Very energetic, result oriented and organized.
  • Have a knowledge store system like LIFO,FIFO.AVE WEIGHTED accounting treatment.
  • Managed and supervise store perfectly.
  • Efficient and well behaved person.
  • Extremely hardworking self motivated and able to work independently in a team environment under supervision.
  • Keep excellent interpersonal relations with colleagues and ready to help
  • Always focused on result oriented

Extra Curriculum Activities


  • Interested in social activities in the society.
  • Inspection and handling products.
  • Traveling and exploiting to strange destinations.
  • Like to watching status of the world and technology in TV.
  • Swimming a lot.
  • I am always keep a good helping mentality.

In the above facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If you could give a chance to work with you, I assure that I will discharge my duties to the entire satisfaction of your organization.