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Project Architect Adviser Resume Sample Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Project Architect Adviser . This position is the top level position in management so your Project Architect Adviser Resume must be focusing on the fact. A project architect adviser resume sample is given below. This sample resume will help you enable on how  you should construct a high quality resume. The resume starts with name and personal detail following by your bio data, emphasizing the key areas where you have performed your duties and finally describe your skills and your compatibility with the job. As a good project manager you should show that you are I.S.O certified – a proof of the quality of work and skills. After this show how many projects with which you were involved and you have completed. And finish it with the  appreciations or awards that you took during these projects. At the end of resume give all reference of these project and address.

Project Architect Adviser Resume Sample

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  • International Highways, Roads, Railroads, Tunnels, Airstrips.
  • Water Building; Water, Waste Water, Pressured and Slope lines with Bump Stations, Water Power Stations, Closed Circle Water- and Waste Water Treatment, Harbors, Coast Line Protection, Breaker Waves, Dams, Islands, Plant Areas.
  • Pipelines; Oil, Gas, IT, Lightning, Water, Waste Water, Sewage’s and Drains.
  • Open- and Underground Mining; Mines, Drilling and Blasting, Tunnels, Vibration
  • Site Preparation and Plant Area Building Internal Works for Oil and Gas-, LNG-, Power- Industry.

Applied For( Project Adviser)

Adviser, Specialist, Sr. Project Manager, Sr. Construction & Quality Manager, Sr. Civil and Mining Engineer.

 Senior Professional with over 28 years of international experience from tender to client hand over in time and budget.

Built HSES Programs, with Job Safety Analysis, Job Safety Monitoring and Daily Tool Box Meetings, for various companies.

Programs include; occupational safety, first aid, hot work, lifting, equipment safety, fire work, ergonomic.

Over 10 years experience in Maintenance and Workshop Management for heavy equipment with mine-road, rail-road, harbor and sea building machinery.

 Self-starter with ability to trouble shoot and solve technical problems. Enthusiastic, proactive and flexible approach, to work.

Accustomed to, working and collaborating with people of diverse national, linguistic and cultural backgrounds and managing remote operations with minimal supervision from head office.


  • Played a key role in Polar Rock projects with a value of €12.5M/year.
  • Successfully built the E4 Oulu Highway for Finnish Roads (government), at a total value of €63M.
  • Efficiently managed Botnia (plant preparation project) with over 100 contractors and total value of € 93M, and successfully attained revenue of € 11M/year. 

Project Management, Site Engineering, Civil Engineering. Reporting to client and company.

The basis for our business is that we as engineers and business people are capable to support future proof, sustainable development at a completely different level than what traditional environmentalists can do. 
Within Etha Wind we have considerable knowledge about justification of the wind business market and wind conditions.

Wind park Due Diligence, wind resource assessment, wind farm permitting, wind farm transactions, wind turbine procurement, wind farm design.

PÖYRY OY Finland, Russia                                                                        

  • Civil Engineering General and Work Methods and Cost Specialist. Reporting to line manager.

Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company. We serve clients globally across the energy and industrial sectors and locally in our core markets. We deliver strategic advisory and engineering consultancy.

POLAR ROCK OY Scandinavia, Baltic’s

  • Project Management, Civil Engineering and Cost Analyzing. Researching mineral areas to be refined. Engaging in selling and buying of such areas as well as refining. Reporting to company owner.

JUSSILA GROUP Scandinavia                                                                

  • Successfully managed the project of 14 local roads, 3 pedestrian routes, lighting of roads, ditches and roundabouts.
  • Involved in wind power station internal works. Reporting to stockholders.


  • Responsible for open mine including internal camp, earth moving, drilling and blasting, loading, transporting, crushing and screening.
  • Managed the underground mine including diamond-, preparation- and production-drilling, blasting, screen- and cable bolting, washing, cement spraying, back-fill operations and methods of underground mining in theory and practice.
  • Acquired experience in both type of mines: HSESQQ training, survey, maintenance and laws.
  • Effectively developed electrical mining book, curriculum for basic and vocational exam (Moodle).
  • Played a focal role in building and developing mine industry education material in EU project (safety, ergonomic and
    maintenance). Reporting to principal.

T.MAIJALA OY Finland                                                  

  • Carried out drilling and blasting management. Reporting to company owner.                                              
  • Responsible for vibration measurement and HSEQQ management.

HAWK INTERNATIONAL FINANCE & CONSTRUCTION CO.LTD Yemen                                                                        

  • Involved in the Yemen LNG project for Bal Haf site preparation, plant area, harbour and airstrip building.
  • Responsible for all aspects of the blasted rock removal and back-fill operations.
  • Reporting to CEO and line manager. Efficiently managed over 120 personnel on different levels.
  • Performed HSEQQ planning and monitoring of JSA and TBM. Accountable for training and testing operators.
  • Engaged in the pipeline foundation preparation, survey planning and monitoring as well as work shop monitoring.

Since its establishment in 1992, HAWK International has enjoyed continued success in undertaking a variety of projects in the Oil & Gas sector and other selected industrial markets. In the Oil & Gas sector, HAWK International undertakes turnkey projects in areas such as Petrochemical Plants, Central Processing Facilities, Pipelines, Flow-lines, Wellhead Tie-ins, Fabrication works and Tank Erection including all associated Civil and Mechanical Construction, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation Works.

POLAR ROCK OY Scandinavia, Baltic’s

  • Engaged in the establishment of company in Finland. Reporting to stockholders.
  • Purchased mineral areas for crushing and selling in Scandinavia and Baltic.
  • Responsible for organising crushing, loading and transportation of materials for projects such as roads, railroads, harbours and factories.
  • Performed HSEHQQ management in line with company policy.
  • Carried out construction management for Transport Company of 124 independent truck owners of earth, waste and long distance transport trucks.

TAPOJÄRVI OY Finland, Sweden                                                             

  • Opening of Saattopora gold mine and Outokumpu Kemi Viianmaa chrome mine (over 3 mill. cubic meter).
  • Botnia paper factory site preparation; plant area, roads, railroads, pipelines and dam works for sea.
  • EU 4 Highway Oulu, 2 different projects.
  • Enso paper factory site preparation; plant area, roads, railroads, pipelines and harbour works
  • Rautaruukki Raahe steel factory coal loading and transportation. Outokumpu Tornio stainless steel factory process.
  • HSEQQ management. Reporting to client and stockholders.


  • Pahtavuoma  cold mine construction. Reporting to client and joint company.


  • Rautaruukki, Partek and Outokumpu open mines.
  • Gas underground store for Outokumpu Steel. Reporting to client and stockholders.

TOWN OULU Finland.                                                                                                                                   

  • Road-, water-, waste water-, gas-, phone-, electric-, IT lines building.
  • Superintendent for asphalt works. Reporting to line manager.


  • Survey and planning Oulu eastern railroad
  • Railroad works in Oulu northern-, eastern-, southern- railro
  • Red Cross First Aid 2011.                                                                                                                                                    
  • National Occupational Safety Training 2010.  Hot Work License 2010.          
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suit and Internet Specific Applications

will be presented if required.