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Property Commission Agent Resume Sample

Property Commission Agent Resume

The following post is a resume sample for Property Commission Agent. Perhaps the highly available post is in real estate business. The purchasing and selling of property in usually the real estate. Now many company hires their salesmen as to sell their property with some commission. The amount of commission varies and depend totally on the company finance and the efficiency of the agent. Jobs for Property Agents are all time available and are usually very tough ones due to the higher percentage of demand by the agents. Presently the inquiry emerges how you can compose a decent and noteworthy resume for Insurance Coordinator? There are sure particular tips for composing a decent resume. You should remember them before beginning your resume.

How A Good Resume Should Be Written?

Resume is your first interface with the recruiter. It is your very introduction, invest good time in making effective and persuasive resume. The resume sample given below is created by the experts keeping all the crucial points of the employer in mind. There are some basic tactics to make your resume stand upon other pile of resumes; firstly make it as much reader-friendly as possible. Use right font size and style to make the reader read without much effort. The quality of your paper, sheet and folders DOES matter so don’t skimp on to it. The details about your qualification and experience should be precise but not too lengthy to force the reader glide through or not too short to give him an impression of scanty or neglected resume. Your picture should be updated and clear. And lastly references their addresses and immediate contact numbers would seal your success in getting the job.

Our Property Commission Agent Resume Sample is perfect.

The information given in the template, although, is totally fake and is mostly put there to give you ideas about presenting yourself. Frequent use of bullets is practiced as it makes the reader to have a precise idea about your point of view without really stressing on to it. Text formatting is avoided in order to abstain the content from over emphasis.The text of the Property Commission Agent Resume Layout is created in MS Word and can be easily modified and edited there.

And finally to make our efforts as much flawless for you as possible we have given the text of the resume. You wouldn’t have to download any file or folder with the fear of downloading something dangerous. Just Ctrl C the text and Ctrl V the content in your draft.The following is given the sample of Housekeeper/Cleaner Resume. It should manage you in introducing yourself before the business in an amazing way. See also Risk Management Officer Resume SampleFresh Insurance Underwriter Resume Sample, Insurance Underwriter Resume Sample.

Property Commission Agent Resume Sample


Home No:

Cell No:

Personal Information


Marital status:

Date of birth:




Graduation year:


Career Objectives

To make use of my extensive knowledge and skills and synergize with the organization to focus on and achieve the long term goals that have been put into place in the field of international business.


Computer skills:

  • Microsoft Office: Excellent dealing with Microsoft Word & Power Point.
  • Others: Good Internet and research skills.

Personal Skills:

  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Bargaining skills.
  • Best dealer.
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks and divide time between work and study.
  • Possessing a good knowledge base and strong educational background together with good team work experiences.
  • Good presentation & communication skills
  • Punjabi Mother Tongue.
  • French
  • English
  • AFCA   “Académie Francophone Cairote des Arts”  “Education through Art” Work with children aged from 4 to 12 years old and teens in French.(2007)
  • Worked as a reporter at kelmetna magazine Egypt  (2008)
  • NSGB bank , worked in individual banking in customer services (2010)

Joining university activities:

  • Organizing job fairs
  • Joined career development
  • United nations country team simulation model (UNCTS)
  • TOEFEL test
  • My Graduation project was about “Tourism Marketing”


  • Certificate Delf B1 (Diplome d’etudes en langue francaise DELF B1)
  • I was in the Vodafone ad  (2011)
  • Participated in a workshop dialogue as a tool to mutual understanding at Maadi
  • English conversation course at Amideast
  • Worked at the tourism field, trips (Egyptians to Turkey)
  • Was one of the team of “Le Centre Culturel Du Patrimoine Arabe – France”, who organized the international Celebration of Africa’s day.

Work Experience:

Work at Al-Ahly Insurance Brokerage (ADIB) Company as Property Commission Agent (Operation Department), 20 NOV 2013 – Till Date, Task:

  •  Intermediary between clients (Individuals or Corporates) and insurance companies.
  • Arrange suitable insurance policies and arrange cover by offering products from more than one insurer to ensure that our clients get the best deal.
  • Policies range from motor, Property, Medical, Life, liabilities Etc.
  • Renewing or amending existing policies and advising clients whether and when they need to make a claim on their policies.


Organizing events – Hiking – Camping- Cycling- Traveling- Photography and Photoshop