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Professional Lecturer Resume Sample

This resume sample is for the post of Professional Lecturer. A good resume is what explains all the merits and qualities of the employee in an easy-to-read and precise manner. Pay a lot of attention towards creating your resume as it is your first interface with the recruiter. You are going to introduce yourself to the employer through this piece of paper. You are going to be as reckless as your resume is and you are going to be as professional as your resume tells about you. Below we have given a sample of resume for you. It should help in creating a fine resume. It indistinctively shows where you are suppose to put what information and where you are suppose to put your qualification. Do add references from your history of work experience as it will impress the employer about your capabilities.

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  • Being aware of curriculum developments and industry developments.
  • Ability to maintain high standards of achievement, behavior, discipline and punctuality amongst students.
  • Experience of recruitment of staff including interviewing and induction.
  • Knowledge of health and safety issues.
  • Aware of all current Equality and Diversity legislation.


  • Excellent Knowledge delivering ability
  • Mentoring
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Investment Analysis
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project/research supervisor.

Employment History:

Metropolitan School of business & Management UK      

Lecturer of MBA

Follow the curriculum in its entirety for assigned student group.

  • Liaise with students’ legal guardians regarding student progress, attendance, and progress reports.
    • Develop an individual learning plan for students in collaboration with the assigned virtual teacher.
    • Administer Scranton assessments to eligible students.
    • Submit monthly work samples to assigned teacher and review teacher feedback with student.

Credit Analyst

Key Deliverable:

Financial Analyst Project :                                                                                      Mar’13-Jan’14     

Financial Trainer:                                             

  • Training of Equity, commodities and bullion trading, understanding of Financial Market and analysis of market movements.
  • Portfolio management, risk management, binary option trading.
  • A depth training of technical & fundamental analysis, and dealing with FOREX and Derivatives.
  • Expertise in indices, Energies, Metals Future, Metals Spot, Currencies spot&future,Cross Currency and CFD product.
  • Assisting in the operation of the various departments such as: administration, portfolio Management & analysis, appraising each department and submitting reports at the end of each day by following the rules and policies of the company and strictly adhere by the guidelines of the central Bank of UAE.
  • Management of various departments to achieve goals

G.C. University Pakistan                                                                                  (Apr’11-Dec’13)

Lecturer of Portfolio Management & investment analysis:

Key Deliverable:

  • Delivered high standards of teaching and learning in corporate Finance.
  • Monitored assessment procedures and metrics to uphold quality of education as reflected in syllabi, curriculum and examination templates.
    Developed course curriculum for reference and compliance by the finance department.
  • Delivered lectures and classroom discussions; initiated hands-on, time-based workshops and seminars to determine and develop the ability of students in coping with difficult situations and non-conducive environments.
  • Provided consultative counseling support to undergraduates.
  • Underwent scholarly initiatives and participated in research activities.
  • Wrote high-quality finance journals and reference manuals.
  • Presented research and notable contributions to professionals during prominent finance conferences.

Research Interest:

Involved in the research project “Corporate governance impact on firms financial performance” during my degree     program.

Prepared a project report, consolidated probe on Autonomy of monetary policy and eying on its Transparency at SBP and presented it before Chief Manager of SBP (BSC) FSD.

Responsible for the Supervision of research project of Portfolio management with business management students.

Supervision of Research Projects:

Initiated and supervised research projects on portfolio management and investment analysis, an important advance in the mathematical modeling of finance to implement the practical verification of MPT, reduction of the risk by diversification, correlation between the investment instruments and its weight in the portfolio and minimize the standard deviation.


  • Initiated changes in delivering knowledge – Ensured policies and procedures are in according with department’s standards
  • Produced a schematic and detailed plan of work, lesson outlines, assessment methods, learning materials and other related activities that contribute to achieve an effective learning process.
  • Effectively conducted and supervised the research project to management students.
  • Organized, implemented and monitored program and assessments.


Specialized Training Program (Central Bank of Pakistan)                                            Jul’11-Aug’12

Prepared reports on functions and work flow of various departments of Central Bank.

Performed a specialized Credit Analysis with understanding of prudential regulations of state bank towards lending, analyze corporate credit risk and assess and evaluate the financial performance of the companies from lender’s perspective.

Involved in a project report, consolidated probe on Autonomy of monetary policy and eying on its Transparency at SBP and presented it before Chief Manager of SBP (BSC) FSD.


  • MSC Finance ,Heriot Watt University Edinburgh UK
  • BBA (Banking and Finance)(Hons, equivalent to MBA),GC University, Pakistan (68/4 CGPA) (2007-2011)
  • FSC from Madina Town College, Pakistan (90%, 2006)


Date of Birth:                               0000

Linguistic Proficiency:              English, Hindi and Urdu

Preferred Location:                  Any

UAE, Driving License               YES

References:                             Furnished upon request.