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Part Time Nurse Resume Sample

Part Time Nurse Resume

This resume is a sample for the post of a Hospital Part Time Nurse. Nursing is an extremely celebrated, respectable and dependable post. A nurse regardless, part time or permanent, requires awesome talking aptitudes and behavior to take care of all clients. In this activity you ought to be very much aware of the association and your activity Part Time Nurse. While contracting the staff for this post for the most part Human Resource Manager in a clinic requires various qualities in the candidate. So you are required awesome experience, introduction alongside solid and certain identity. Append some past involvement along as the HR Manager would need to guarantee your capacities and limit as this calling requires excessively mindful personality that can cop with every one of the circumstances that may happen in a clinic.

How A Good Resume Should Be Written?

Resume is your first interface with the recruiter. It is your very introduction, invest good time in making effective and persuasive resume. The resume sample given below is created by the experts keeping all the crucial points of the employer in mind. There are some basic tactics to make your resume stand upon other pile of resumes; firstly make it as much reader-friendly as possible. Use right font size and style to make the reader read without much effort. The quality of your paper, sheet and folders DOES matter so don’t skimp on to it. The details about your qualification and experience should be precise but not too lengthy to force the reader glide through or not too short to give him an impression of scanty or neglected resume. Your picture should be updated and clear. And lastly references their addresses and immediate contact numbers would seal your success in getting the job.

Our Part Time Nurse Resume Sample is perfect.

The information given in the template, although, is totally fake and is mostly put there to give you ideas about presenting yourself. Frequent use of bullets is practiced as it makes the reader to have a precise idea about your point of view without really stressing on to it. Text formatting is avoided in order to abstain the content from over emphasis.The text of the Part Time Nurse Resume Layout is created in MS Word and can be easily modified and edited there. See also Labor Room Nurse Resume Sample, Male Nurse Resume Sample, Nurse Educator/Trainer Resume Sample, Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample.

And finally to make our efforts as much flawless for you as possible we have given the text of the resume. You wouldn’t have to download any file or folder with the fear of downloading something dangerous. Just Ctrl C the text and Ctrl V the content in your draft.The following is given the sample of Housekeeper/Cleaner Resume. It should manage you in introducing yourself before the business in an amazing way. Pictures (if conceivable) and checked references and credits are a major help for this situation. A resume Hospital Nurse sample is offered underneath to enable you to communicate in a great route and to cover all the vital focuses required.

Part Time Nurse Resume Sample

Name: XYZ

E-mail Address: xxxxxx

Contact #: 00000000

Deira, Dubai UAE


Date of Birth


Civil status


Language spoken


Visa Status


To be part of an organization that will develop and enhance knowledge and secretarial skills and contribute to the success of the hospital in rendering healthcare services to the people with the best of my abilities.


ABC Hospital

(worked as Par time Nurse)

Job Description:

Out Patient Department:

  • Filing and retrieving medical records and other paperwork
  • Undertaking General office duties like data entry, scanning, and updating patient records
  • Registering new patients, checking their identification.
  • Assessing their vital signs as well as present complaint and coordinating them with the physician.
  • Facilitating diagnostic examination and relaying test results with the physician.
  • Maintaining a safe work area, free from hazards and using appropriate infection control procedures
  • Completing necessary documents with regards to patient’ records.
  • Ability to deal with people in a caring, courteous and professional manner.

General Ward: (Pediatric, Obstetric, Medical and Private/VIP Patients)

  • Assessing patient’s physical, psychosocial, and emotional needs.
  • Monitoring Patient’s condition and informing physician for patient’s status and progress.
  • Assisting Physician for conduction of patient’s rounds and examinations.
  • Informing co nurses for any changes on patient’s condition and physician’s order.
  • Vital Signs taking, monitoring and proper recording.
  • Administering Physician’s ordered medications.
  • Oral medications
  • Topical medications
  • IV medications
  • IM medications
  • SQ medications
  • ID medications
  • Facilitates Laboratory test and Diagnostic Examinations.
  • Maintaining Oxygen Inhalation for patients care.
  • Facilitating Nebulization, Suctioning and proper ways for effective expectoration
  • Re inserting and changing Intravenous fluid.
  • Preparing and Transfusing of Blood Products.
  • Checking for proper tube placement and feeding the patient through Nasogastric Tube.
  • Ensuring that all dietary requirements are followed by the patient.
  • Ensuring patient’s for proper personal and protective hygiene.
  • Facilitating proper Electrocardiography procedure.
  • Proper Wound Dressing
  • Inserting of Indwelling Foley Catheter.
  • Performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation for arrested patients.
  • Performing Maternal and New Born Care.
  • Protecting patient’s privacy and confidentiality.
  • Ensuring Patient’s chart is always in correct documentation and updated.
  • Coordinating patient’s available test results and present status to physicians.
  • Provides patient and family teaching depending on their needs
  • Serve as a resource person for knowledge of medication uses, dosage and possible side effects.
  • Notifies pharmacies of physician’s approved prescriptions; reviews drug samples to ensure they have not exceeded the expiration date; labels sample drugs and educates patients of medication administration.
  • Instructing and demonstrating health teachings, home care procedures and follow up checkups.
  • Referring patient to other Hospitals for more care and management.


Central Luzon Doctor’s Hospital Educational Institution

Course:  Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Board Passer) Tarlac City, Philippines


  • Nursing Li-censure