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Nursing Instructor Resume Sample

Following resume is a sample for the post of Nursing Instructor Resume. A nursing instructor plays a very vital role in training and mentoring new employees. It is his/her job to manage them and to train them to the standards of the organization. A Resume holds the prime importance as it describes your competence before the employer. An employer is interested in hiring an Operating Room Nurse for Surgical, Medical and Pediatric Wards, Delivery Room, Emergency Room and Out-Patient Department clinical nurse who is patient and has a good experience in teaching and managing his staff. Begin your (Nursing Instructor) resume with your initial information and then continue to describe your education and expertise. End it with verified references and some credits and awards from your previous work experiences. Below is given an example of such a Nursing Instructor resume. It should guide in creating an impressive resume.

Nursing Instructor Resume Sample

Name: xyz

Email Id: xxx

Mobile Number: 000

Status: Currently employed

Applied For:Nurse/Nursing Instructor/Nurse Supervisor/Surgical Ward Nurse/Operation Room Nurse




Operating Room, Surgical, Medical and Pediatric Wards, Delivery Room, Emergency Room and Out-Patient Department.



Nursing Instructor

Job Description:

  • Admission of new patients from hospitals or from home.
  • Patient information
  • Health history
  • Head to toe assessment
  • Discharge summary reconciliation
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Medication administration recording (Initial)
  • Nursing care plan
  • Assess and evaluate initial chart input of staff nurses.
  • Daily monitoring and follow-up of staff nurses in the field.
  • Conducts intake of patients.
  • Monitoring patient progress.
  • Daily/weekly patient visits (depends on patient’s case).
  • Conducts nursing rounds daily.
  • On-call duties.
  • Maintains adequate inventory of medical equipment and supplies.
  • Conducts monthly equipment and supplies inventory.
  • Conducts and evaluates return demonstrations of all nursing procedures by staff nurses.
  • Provides bedside care to patients during shortage of available staff nurses.
  • Morning care
  • Assisting in ambulation
  • Transferring from bed to wheelchair, bed to commode
  • Assessment of vital signs.
  • Administration of medications
  • Blood glucose monitoring and insulin management

Patient cases: Post coronary bypass graft




Wound management

Post myocardial infarction

Post spinal surgeries

Cancer patients

End stage renal failure

Liver cirrhosis



Job Description:

  • Administers oral and parenteral drugs to students and school employees as per doctor’s order.
  • Executes oxygen therapy.
  • Provides medications through nebulization.
  • Administers vaccines to all employees.
  • Renders head-to-toe nursing assessment.
  • Assesses vital signs.
  • Assists school surgeon on minor operation procedures.
  • Conducts random blood sugar tests.
  • Provides accurate assessment in health crisis situations.
  • Provides first aid treatment.
  • Provides proper referrals to health institutions.
  • Conducts health teachings to all departments of the institution.
  • Supervises annual health and dental assessment to all students.
  • Coordinates with all other colleges and school departments in regard to consultations, physical examinations and other health programs and activities of the institution.
  • Educates employees in regard to their specific illnesses and how to deal with it.
  • Conducts regular weekly follow ups to patients on current medications and treatments.
  • Coordinates with government health agencies in regard to public health programs.
  • Attends to school campus medical emergency situations involving students, faculties and non-teaching personnel.
  • Monitors and ensures proper hygiene and sanitary practices of all departments of the institution especially the canteen area.
  • Conducts regular meeting with canteen concessionaires in regard to sanitation.
  • Submits monthly clinic inventory and sanitation reports. 

Occupational Health Nurse

Job Description:

  • Attends/conducts regular monthly meetings.
  • Formulates and presents monthly sales targets.
  • Conducts daily field monitoring.
  • Reports sales progress to manager.
  • Forecasts following year sales targets with increments based on survey results.
  • Attends regular bi-annual sales seminars.
  • Supervises promotional activities in the area of responsibility.
  • Regularly visits customer outlets and obtains feedback of sales services.
  • Attends regular seminars, meetings and workshops conducted by the Occupational Health Nurses Association of the Philippines (OHNAP).
  • Observation and assessment of both the worker and the work environment.
  • Interpretation and evaluation of the worker’s medical and occupational history, subjective complaints, and physical examination, along with any laboratory values or other diagnostic screening tests, industrial hygiene and personal exposure monitoring values .
  • Interpretation of medical diagnosis to workers and their employers.
  • Appraisal of the work environment for potential exposures.
  • Management of occupational and non-occupational illness and injury.
  • Documentation of the injury or illness.
  • Facilitates health and medical insurance of all employees.
  • Facilitates sick leave of employees.
  • Manages the company clinic.


Medical – Surgical Ward

National Hospital


Delivery Room


Pediatric Ward

Operating Room, Surgical, Medical and Pediatric Wards, Delivery Room, Emergency Room and Out-Patient Department.

 Medical Center

Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental


(O.R., D. R., Medical Ward, Surgical Ward, Nursery, Emergency Room, Out-Patient Department)

 Provincial Hospital

Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental


(O.R., D. R., Medical Ward, Surgical Ward, Nursery, Emergency Room, Out-Patient Department)

Chiniot Blood Bank Center

Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental



Insular Gold Eagle Award 1987



MASTER OF ARTS IN NURSING (Major in Medical Surgical Nursing)

University of San Agustin.


Silliman University


Birthplace         :           000

Birthdate           :           000

Height               :           5’ 9”

Weight              :          000

Gender             :           Male

Civil Status       :           Married

Religion            :           Roman Catholic