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Kitchen Helper Resume Sample

Following resume is a sample for the post of Kitchen Helper/Kitchen Staff. A Kitchen Helper’s job and responsibility directly depends upon the reputation of a restaurant/hotel/dinning place. It is a very tough job. The employer would want to hire a person who is not only calm and contained but also hard working, consistent and punctual. A resume is your first interface with the employer. A good resume should represent your abilities as  per employer’s demands. For lower level jobs the most important thing is the character qualities of the employee. He must be honest and reliable person with precise knowledge of handling new and modern equipments. Below is given the sample resume to guide you in presenting yourself before the employer in an impressive way.

Name        :XYZ

Mobile No: 000

Email        : xxx

Address   : UK.


 Looking for the challenging career in good organization, I am an enthusiastic and energetic individual strengthened to take up all responsibility of the task assigned and completed with the quality expected within the target constraints.


Worked as Kitchen Helper in Hotel Ambassador Lahore – Pakistan for two years .

Main Responsibilities

  • Sweeping and mopping floors.
  • Washing worktables, walls, refrigerators, and meat blocks.
  • Segregating and removing trash and garbage and placing it in designated containers.
  • Steam-cleaning or hosing-out garbage cans

Washing pots, pans, and trays by hand.

  • Transferring supplies and equipment between storage and work areas by hand or by use of hand trucks
  • Setting up banquet tables.
  • Washing and peeling vegetables, using knife or peeling machine
  • Loading or unloading trucks picking up or delivering supplies and food.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • A   (Intermediate)


Full Name                            :             XYZ

Father’s Name                    :             XYZ

Date of Birth                        :           000

Religion                                :            Islam

Marital Status                     :            Single

Sex                                        :            Male

Nationality                           :            Pakistani

Passport number                :             000

Visa Status                           :             000