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Gym Instructor Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Gymnasium Instructor. A Gym Instructor is a qualified person particularly trained and educated in helping people to live healthier life through exercise and proper diets. He is specifically trained to handle and use different exercise machines and equipments. The employer would want to hire a person who has precise knowledge of using different machines and maintaining them. He is also expected to have good first-aid knowledge in case of any emergencies or mishandling of machines. Below we have given an avid example of such resume. It must help you in describing yourself impressively. Customize it and do add some references or images from your previous experiences.

Name: XYZ

Dubai U.A.E

Mobile Number: 000

E-mail address: xxxx


  • To work with a company that provides professional growth.
  • To use my knowledge and skills to help the company attain its goals.
  • To serve in an institution where growth and success are equal opportunities for all, to further enhance my knowledge and skills in the field I have chosen and to perform my duties to the best of my ability.

Job Experience

  Apollo Club

  Gym Instructor

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To project a friendly, customer-service oriented attitude
  • To monitor fitness and Gymnasium areas to ensure a safe and clean environment
  • To follow Fitness Area Cleaning Schedule and maintain schedule
  • To create and maintain an inviting and fun environment for the community at large.
  • To be visible on the Fitness floor and interact with members
  • To problem-solve, answer basic facility questions, and provide assistance to members and guests as needed
  • To provide members and guests with basic fitness equipment orientations and tours
  • To arrive for work shift on time, prepared to work, and able to open/close the facility as directed
  • To refer any questions, concerns, or complaints by members, guests, or staff to the Fitness Coordinator or other designated supervisor.
  • To monitor Fitness/Gym areas for any safety problems and promptly report any problems/concerns to the Sports and Fitness Coordinator or other designated supervisor
  • To follow all written and oral communications and instructions.

Health Care International

Company P.R.O

Duties and Responsibilities

Administration Executive:

  • Monitors and attends to incoming calls.
  • Generating documents and card printing.
  • Monitoring detailed statement threw excel sheet.
  • Prepares and updates employees contract and renewals.
  • Process renewal business.
  • Discuss quotations on products and plans on existing policies upon request.
  • Respond to daily email inquiries efficiently to maintain working relationships with new and existing customers.
  • Handle telephone enquirers as per Health Care International’s Customer Service standards, values and expectations.
  • General office administration.

Assistant Nurse                                                              

 Allied City Hospital 

  • Proper Hand Washing before and after contact with a patient.
  • Vital signs (such as the patient’s temperature, respiration, blood pressure, pulse, and level of pain).
  • Patients get bed baths. This involves cleaning the underarms, and perineal areas
  • For Feeding a patient who cannot load a spoon but is capable of conveying it to their mouth should be assisted only in loading the spoon.

Public Relations Officer

  • Arrange visa, work permit, labour id for the new staff
  • Schedule staff’s visa and medical
  • Collecting all appropriate documentation necessary for visa and permits required to be processed
  • Responding to staff queries on visa/labour/passport related matters.
  • Ensure all visa, medical and labour permits are up to date and arrange timely renewal.
  • Gathers and process all the information needed to complete the renewal of trade license.

Educational Background

Tertiary                                Virtual Colleges

Punjab Pakistan.

Course: Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Personal Data  

Passport Number: 00000
Expiry Date: 00000
Birthdate: February 23 1985
Religion: Roman Catholic
Civil Status: Single