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Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Emergency Room Nurse. A nurse inevitably plays a very important role in society. He/She is a professional person specifically trained to help the ill people to attain full recovery. An Emergency Room nurse or Trauma Nurse have to be sharp, brisk and physically fit to meet the strict needs of this profession. Now the resume for this purpose must be prepared taking all of these things in account. You not only require necessary education but you must show to the employer that you are able to stay calm and contained during emotional, tragic and emergency conditions. It must show that you are a strong and resilient person. Enlist some previous experiences to impress upon the versatility of your personality. And finally a good and well-constructed resume is all what you need to win this job. Adding some success stories from your previous encounters is definitely going highlight your resume among others.

Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample

Name: xyz

Cellphone#: 000

Visa Status: Tourist Visa

Email: xxxx

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: (Emergency Room Nurse Resume)

  • Advocate for patients rights; strive to understand a patient’s needs and concerns.
  • Hardworking and energetic; flexible; adapt easily to change of environment and work schedule.
  • Maintain critical thinking skills essential to providing competent and dignified patient care.
  • Personable with a positive attitude; interface well with patients, families, and nursing staff.
  • Knowledgeable in medical administration.
  • Skilled in conducting physical examinations (Emergency Room Nurse Resume).
  • Familiarity with disease management program
  • Knowledgeable in wound cleaning/care(Emergency Room Nurse Resume).
  • Intravenous  drug therapy management.


Staff Nurse – Emergency Room

May 2090 – Jan. 2015

Oriental Mindoro Provincial Hospital

Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

 Emergency Room Nurse

  • Collects current symptoms, as well as detailed patient history and then consults and coordinates with healthcare team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans.
  • Performs triage, while considering both physical and psychosocial elements.
  • Manage basic life support needs and stabilizes patients until the attending physician is available based upon nursing standards and protocol.
  • Records patient’s current vital signs.
  • Provides IV therapy
  • Cleans and bandages wounds
  • Provides basic bedside care
  • Maintains proper supplies and appropriate medical equipment to care for patients
  • Reports any suspected abuse to the appropriate agencies
  • Initiates patient education plan, as prescribed by the physician. Teaches patients and significant others how to manage their illness/injury, by explaining; post treatment home care needs, diet/nutrition/exercise programs, self administration of medication and rehabilitation, as well as provides referrals to other health care professionals for follow-up treatment
  • Displays professionalism while completing multiple urgent tasks in a timely manner
  • Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms


  • “Standards of Professional Care in Intravenous Therapy” October 2014 Card No. 00000000
  • “Intravenous Therapy Documentation” (ANSAP) October 2012
  • “Safety Practices in Intravenous Therapy for Health Care Professiona, (ANSAP) October 2012
  • Basic Life Support Training-Healthcare Provider ,(DOH) July 5-6, 2012
  • Physical Assessment and Advancement in Documentation, (NCCLEX) October 10, 2011




Bachelor of Science in Nursing

June 2006 to April 2010

Secondary Education

Jr. Memorial National High School

Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

June 2001 to 2005.


Age: 27 years old

Birthday: August 0000

Citizenship: Filipino

Civil Status: Married


  • Mrs. xyz

Nurse in Charge

Oriental Mindoro Provincial Hospital

Calapan City, Oriental,  Mindoro, Philippines

Tel. No. 0000000.