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Plumber Resume Sample

This resume is an example post for an Electrician/Plumber from our Worker Resumes (Housekeeper Resume Sample, Hotel Cleaner Resume Sample, Waiter Resume Sample). An Electrician and especially plumbers are hired by some company and they work at domestic level. This job requires education plus experience. The higher experience you have the higher pay you can expect. Your resume must be concise and to-the-point for this job. Do add references from your previous work experience. This will help to ensure the recruiter that you are a reliable and experienced applier.

Name        :XYZ

Address    : UAE

Mobil No.  : 000

Email ID    :xxx


To take further my working experience that lead to professional development. Contribute the best of my abilities and knowledge to be an asset to a company.


  • A hard worker, quick learner and put loyalty, pride and integrity at work
  • A customer oriented and can handle multi-tasking but with organization
  • Dedicated and trustworthy with strong personality
  • Good communication skills and computer literate


Tertiary   Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Management (Undergraduate)

Lyceum of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines



Al Khamda Investmest

Al Khamda Private yacht – Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, Jumeirah Dubai


  • Live on board crew of a locally owned 120 ft. private yacht based in Dubai
  • Assist the boat captain to ensure that the yacht are at all times properly and sufficiently moored and protected with fenders and mooring lines
  • Perform boat cleaning not limited to the vessel itself also the fishing boats to maintain the cleanliness at all times.
  • Assist owners guest such as but not limited to serving food and baggage handling. And carry out other duties from time to time in order to provide good quality guest service.
  • Assist on communicating with the boat technician and maintenance in the absence of the boat captain
  • Drive fishing boat to transport guest
  • Doing boat housekeeping to maintain high standard of hygiene and appearance.

Maintenance Supervisor

MIRK General Trading / EOA Tech


  • Overseeing all maintenance works of electrician, plumber and housekeeper
  • Supervise the team to ensure works are being done in a timely manner
  • Ensure that quality of work meets the client expectation
  • Reporting to Manager the daily and monthly works that has been completed
  • Check staff job card


MIRK General Trading / EOA Tech



  • Installation and repairing of electrical equipment for the following infrastructure:
  • Landscape electrical lines
  • Swimming pool lights and other electrical lines; responsible to check electrical fault, check circuit for open, shorts, ground and bad connection
  • Responsible for A/C maintenance
  • Ensure compressor securely installed and fit properly
  • Check terminals, plugs/connection to secure the no signs of short circuit
  • Installation and repair of plumbing issues on villa, irrigation and swimming pool


  • Responsible of maintaining 5 out of 23 villas owned by the company
  • Assign to manage the maintenance of the villas of high profile personalities in GCC and EU such as but not limited to Russian President, Prime Minister, General and others.
  • Ensure that they are properly and on a timely manner served by their needs
  • Provide quality service in terms of communicating to officials and maintain the safety and sanitary of the villas on high standard

Customer Service Attendant                                                     

Jonas Food Service Inc.


  • Responsible of handling customer order and request on efficient and timely manner
  • Food server
  • Ensure to provide quality product and customer satisfaction
  • Practicing the FI/FO policy in terms of food handling for food safety
  • Maintain cleanliness of work area to have a high standard of hygiene


Unilever Philippines

Valenzuela, Philippines


  • Receive, release and store items from suppliers
  • Maintains warehouse area, keeping it clean and orderly
  • Make the proper packing of material to dispatch to client
  • Collection of delivery note and forward to office
  • Handling product distribution
  • Make sure all the products are deliver in good condition and in timely manner at all times


2003                       OJT – Room Attendant, Palmas Hotel

2002                       Basic safety training, survival techniques, fire prevention, firefighting and first aid

Reference Available upon request-