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Construction/Apprentice Carpenter Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Construction/Apprentice Carpenter. Almost every manufacturing or construction company /restaurant needs a Construction/Apprentice Carpenter workers. Foreigners with little or no education are the main subject for this job. The employer is interested to hire a young and vibrant employee who is available for 12 or more hours of service. They are offered with residence and some other benefits as well. The resume, here, needs to stress more over your moral character, your enthusiasm of being a part of their company and to grow yourself there. Below we have build a resume sample for your help and guidance. Best of luck!

Name    : xyz

Contact  : 000

E-Mail   : xxxx

Objective: (Construction/Apprentice Carpenter)

Seeking a challenging opportunity in a projectile organization, which will allow my experience and extensive communication and organizational skills while proving an opportunity for career.

Applied For Post: Construction/Apprentice /Assistant/Experience Carpenter

Personal Details:

Name of father     : xxxx

Date of birth         : 000

Nationality            : Pakistan

Sex                       : Male

Marital Status :       : Married/Single

Religion                  : Muslim/Non-Muslim

Passport Details:

Passport No              : 00000

Date of issue             : 00000

Date of Expiry           : 00000

Driving license Details:

Driving license No     : 0000

Category                    :  Light vehicle (manual)

Issue date                  :   0000

Expiry date                 :   0000

Place of issue               : Country Name

Languages Known:

English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi,Arbic

Educational Qualification:

Matriculation 10th from Govt. high school daska Pakistan in 1998.

One year diploma.


3 years experience as a carpenter.

2 years experience as a Junior Carpenter.

1 year experience as a office Helper/Trainee.


I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.