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Chemical Engineer Resume Sample

The work of different and complex chemical combinations, inventions of new and better formulas, and modification of old ones to help make the various products better is the prime responsibility of a Chemical Engineer. The job requires tiniest bit of attention, sole dedication and somber sense of responsibility to carry out all the sensitive and risky tasks. This post is a sample for the post of Chemical Engineer.

To make sure to get as much positive response from the resume as possible, you need to make sure to provide all the data in accord of the employer’s demand. Click here for some tips and tricks for an impressive resume. The sample give an ample representation of how you can put information and at what places to make them stand out. Make sure to add good references/remarks to put a good impression. Looking for more Engineer Resumes?

Name: xyz

Mobil No. 000

Email: xxx

Skye: xxx


Status: Married/Unmarried

Applied For: Chemical Engineer/ Executive Chemical Manager/ Dyes Chemical Engineer

Career Objective:
Chemical engineer, in depth knowledge about chemicals, knowledgeable in statistical analysis, chemical composition and structure, experience in designing chemical plant equipment and processes for manufacturing chemicals.


  • National Textile Engineering  University Faisalabad Pakistan
  • Course studied: Bachelor’s of chemical engineering
    Gold Medalist.

Working Skills:

  • Developed chemical processes to optimize the manufacturing cost of pesticides
  • Design chemical plant.
  • Team leader of chemical laboratory.
  • Prepare quality dyestuff chemicals.
  • 3 Time promotion in year of performance base and get bonus also.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Process and design validation.
  • Conceptual design.
  • Chemical manufacturing processes – Optimization.
  • Working with simulation packages and programming languages.
  • Designed the specific use of chemicals

Core Skills:

  • Love my work.
  • Drive team with heart and take favorable results.
  • Logical and critical thinking.
  • Active listening to minute details.
  • Complex problem solving.
  • Good inter-departmental coordination.

Professional Experience:



Worked as “Chemical Engineer”

  • Supervised and directed construction, absorption, evaporation, and other operations.
  • Work as team leader.
  • Controlled chemical department as well as chemical laboratory.

Testing Procedures:

  • Every day Performed small-scale testing analyzing.
  • Researched product opportunities.
  • Training all team how they perform quality test.
  • Assist laboratory team.
  • Laboratory manufacturing processes.
  • With great team work and combination different expert department to introduced improvements.
  • Regularly tested equipment for temperature, pressure and other variables.

Other Key Functions:

  • Reported to Director & executive head of chemical departments.
  • Provided detail budgeted summary of chemical.
  • Estimate the cost of chemical which is used.
  • Lead the team and possible to work with minimum risk.
  • Co-operated with engineer and process chemist teams  controlled all department activities to  ensure optimal output.
  • Ensured plant equipment and production processes were flexible enough to allow introduction of changes.



Worked as “Assistant Chemical engineer

  • Assist senior chemical engineer and learn lot off valuable experience.
  • Lead all the dye manufactured department.
  • Prepare dye bander which is used in dyestuff.
  • Supervise junior and report to senior manager.
  • Become a valuable asset of company.

Hobbies and Interests:

World economics, socializing, communication with different people from different region and country I like travelling. I am socializing with friends in my spare time. I play cricket to keep myself healthy and active. I also like to travel within country and abroad.

Fire Safety Engineer Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of FIRE SAFETY ENGINEER / SAFETY ENGINEER/ RESCUE OFFICER. The job is a very responsible one. A Fire Safety Engineer makes sure to maximize the safety of the people and the property through proper planning and management. (See also Resume Sample For Safety Analyst for more ideas) It is his job to design and arrange different strategies to lessen the risks of accident especially of fire and to minimize the chances of loss in case of some mishap. (Looking for more Security Associated Resume Sample?)

The prime requisite for this job is honesty and responsibility. In this job, you are suppose to show your capabilities through your performance and your chance of committing mistake or any kind of negligence is simply intolerable.

While creating resume for the  SAFETY OFFICER RESUME SAMPLE you should provide not only your basic information but also some previous experience, credits or awards -as a proof – to show that you are an attentive, active, culpable and intelligent person. Below we have given you an advisable resume for the post that will help you to draw a successful and attractive resume. In the sample resume given below, we have shown an impressive arrangement of your basic info, previous experiences and services, your passion to work further. Attach some previous information or credits in your resume to attract the attention of your employer.

NAME        :    xyz

Mobile No. :     000

Email ID     :     xxx


CAREER OBJECTIVE:(Fire Safety Engineer)

Seeking the position of a Health and Safety Professional in a reputed organization where I can provide my expertise in analyzing the HSE protocols, Pro-Actively contribute and promote healthy and safe workplace in the organization. To work as a fire safety engineer in an organization whose prime motive is to protect the lives of others.


With more than 7 years of experienced with the combined works of E.H.S, Food and Beverage. Have gained excellent knowledge in risk assessment and hazard prevention on Food contamination where I’m working at present.


  • DARE institution for fire safety engineers
    Course studied: Masters in fire safety engineering
    Year of passing 2008
    Grade A.


  • SAVE training centre
    Certificate course in fire protection
    Duration of the course:1 YEAR

WORK EXPERIENCE:(Fire Safety Engineer)

Position: Fire Safety Engineer

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Designed formations of rescue teams in different situations.
  • Monitor all the Job activity at the site to ensure safety compliance.
  • Monthly Inspection program of Site equipment and Firefighting equipment to ensure safe operation.
  • Installation of safety signs, traffic control signs and other safety promotion posters to remind workers to work safely and enhance safety awareness among them.
  • Can take quick decisions.
  • Daring.
  • Well versed with the subject.
  • Analytical, unbiased.
  • Reviewing Lift Plan and Permit to work before any complex lift.
  • Verifying to confirm that all lifting equipment operators are trained, competent and certified.
  • Maintaining records of PTW’s to be available for auditing as required by company standards
  • Assist Supervisor/Foreman for the Job Safety Environment Analysis and Risk assessment for all working & practices at site
  • Prepare & Submit daily safety reports / Inspection Reports.
  • Increase and apply the awareness on health and safety levels within the organization.
  • Conducting Toolbox Talk weekly & as per Task required.
  • To record and maintain a database of all inspections conducted to follow up and identify corrective actions.
  • Managing all Commercial and Technical Document
  • Distributing Documents and ensuring Accuracy of all Documents


Position: Fire Safety Officer

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Advise about prevention of injury to personnel and damage to the plant and equipment.
  • Advise about further improvements in existing working methods.
  • Report directly to the HSE Supervisor ( or as per the project org chart)
  • Inspection of work site daily for any unsafe condition and initiate for immediate corrective action, refer more complex issues to a senior HSE Personnel
  • Ensure that healthy work conditions are maintained
  • Complete and submit daily activity reports
  • Assist Sr. HSE Officer at site to conduct Safety Toolbox meeting.
  • Responsible to assist the HSE team in their duties as Pro Active in safe work environment.
  • Advise suitable standard of protective clothing and equipment.
  • Ensure that new employees Undertake HSE training and seminars to ensure complete knowledge of all elements and aspects of HSE procedures.
  • Implementing the JSA, JHA, and TBT and explained to them how important it is.


Position: Junior Safety Officer

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Implementing Safety and Health policies and procedure.
  • Assists in risk management and hazards identification in different areas in the location.
  • Assist in Investigating and reporting of all incident, accident, injuries and hazard.
  • Monitoring OSH standard and compliance with OSH policies and procedure.
  • Assisting Sr. HSE officer in preparing materials for HSE in-house training for new employee and Conducting TOOLBOX TALK in daily basis as per rules of the management.
  • Advise and assist management in fulfilling of safety obligations & setting goals for safety matters
  • Analyzing incident and accident report.
  • Conducting Health and Safety Environment training to the new coming workers in the plant.
  • Assist in conducting monthly evacuation drill in the particular groups in order to keep them updated and to ensure they have proper knowledge regarding HSE procedure


Birthday                                        : 000

Age                                                 : 000

Sex                                                 : MALE

Marital Status                              : Single Parent

Nationality                                    : ABC

Hobbies                                         : Mountain biking, reading, photography


System Engineer Resume Sample

Following resume is a sample for the post of System Engineer. A System Engineer holds a very important and basic place for any industry/mills/firm. With the help of IT, it has become very easy to keep a track of all the activities  going on in an organization, for example in an industry, it is very easy to follow all the procedure from collecting raw material to delivering products through IT monitoring. A system Engineer predicts, creates, plans, operates and manages all the systems undergoing in an organization. His prime task is to help things being carried on smoothly and on schedule. A resume is your first interface with the employer. It introduces you to the employer. Make sure to put forward all you qualities that are according to the demand of employer. Your resume must be a synopsis of your qualities, experience, achievement and promising personality. Below is the sample of System Engineer Resume.

System Engineer Resume Sample

Name: xyz                                                                                                

Cell No. 0000

Email id: abc

City/Country: 000

Status: Married/Unmarried

Applied For: System Engineer/Junior System Engineer/ Experience System Engineer /Planning Officer/Strategic Manager/Business System Developer.



  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Financial Analysis and Management
  • Related coursework: Managing Human Capital, Strategic Marketing and Strategic Management

BS Electronics

  • Major: Communication Systems
  • Minor: Electrical Studies
  • Related coursework: Optical Communication, Digital Electronics, Industrial Electronics

Skills & Abilities:

  • Management
  • Sales & marketing
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Writing:
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Active Listening
  • Market Research


Worked as a “Systems Engineer

I was appointed as systems engineer for the computerization project for transport department of Government of Pakistan.

Below are the responsibilities:

  • Visiting sites such as Regional Transport Authority (RTA) and Provisional Transport Authority (PTA) for computer deployment.
  • Developing reports on the progress of the project on monthly basis as well preparing reports on the visits of the regional transport offices in cities of the Sindh province.
  • Attending meetings with vendors to give explanations of the project and the needs for the project.
  • Working closely with vendors for computerizing the R.T.A and PTA offices along with developing targets and implementation plans.
    • Leading the team of 5 persons for automation of the records from R.T.A office in Karachi and visiting different R.T.A offices in Sindh.


Have worked as freelancer since 201 till now taking up the following tasks and completing task before deadlines:

  • Conducting market research both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Creative writing in terms of contents both technical and non-technical.
  • Helping many people in academic writing.
  • Providing support in managing blogs on different platforms.


I have joined PFL which is an educational firm operating from Karachi dealing with international institutes located in USA, UK, CANADA, DUBAI, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND. I was official representative of University of Essex, UK.

  • Actively look after the marketing and student recruitment activities of the University of Essex in Pakistan particularly.
  • Develop customer relationship management in order to generate high volume of prospective students for various universities.
  • Providing valuable assistance to all the team members and manager by preparing reports on the meetings that are held internally and externally.
  • Proposing the areas which are beneficial for the expansion of the business by means of conducting market research and norms and presenting ideas in a presentation made on Prezi or MS PowerPoint.
  • Generating leads for the business and converting the leads by arranging face to face meetings.
  • Crafting up relations with potential clients by means of visiting them and explain the benefits of both the businesses to each other.
  • Preparing plans to meet the target in upcoming months according to the market trends along with innovative ideas to capture the market.
  • Accountable of budgeting for the marketing activities and promoting the business in target places via Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, designing material for the promotion on MS Publisher and WordPress.
  • Arranging and attending expos for promotion of the business.
  • Make weekly/ monthly plans to visit schools and universities in Karachi.
  • Correspond with the prospective students through telephone or through face-to-face meetings and negotiating all terms.
  • Provide appropriate counseling and support services to prospective applicants on suitable courses and study options at various foreign universities.
  • Manage customer calls and appointments effectively for new opportunities and determine cross-selling opportunities among different offices.

Business System Developer :

I joined this company after completing my MBA. It is an education consultancy firm.

Achievement: Made the company to obtain license for hiring from UKBA.

Below are the responsibilities:

  • Accountable for promoting the activities of company in regions such as Uzbekistan, Vietnam and China and communicating with agencies in targeted regions.
  • Working closely with team to develop marketing strategies for the targeted regions and developing relations with educational institutes in the UK and international universities.
  • Dealing with new customers, notifying the needs of clients and proposing best institutes to the clients.
  • Making customers satisfied and make sure that best solution is provided to the customers.
  • Preparing business plans for the expansion of business for 5 years in international market with forecast of increasing business and marketing plan for next five years.

Technical Skills:

  • Prezi Presentations
  • SPSS
  • Adobe
  • WordPress
  • MS Office
  • Windows 2000, XP, 7 & 8


  • Training from Study Group US at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi.
  • Training from University of Essex at Fairmont Dubai, Dubai.


Can be furnished on demand.


Team Leader Resume Sample

The resume for a Team Leader is more of a general resume. A Team Leader holds the most important position in any firm/agency/organization. He leads the team obviously. But by leading means handling, managing and executing maximum output from the team. He manages his entire team keeping them in high spirits, constantly examines the quality and quantity of work and most importantly makes sure that there is no disruption in the work schedule. Following resume is a sample for the post of a Team Leader. It contains all the crucial points i right order to make sure highlight your positive attitude to the employer. Make a brief account of education and entail your previous experiences. Add in your credits and awards that you’ve won throughout your career. And don’t forget to put authentic references from your past experiences.

Name:  XYZ

Mobil:  000

Email:  XXX



Applied For:It Team Leader/Android Team Leader/WiFi Team Leader/Hotel Team Leader

Career Objective:

Professionally contributing to an organization, where my qualification, analytical and professional skills can be best utilized towards the commensurate goal of the organization.

Career History:

Worked as a “Team Leader”  – ABC Communication (Pvt.) Ltd

Creative Agency

  • Responsible for managing all advertising for Roche Pharmaceuticals Pakistan, Dawood University and Sindh Government campaigns nationwide.
  • Worked on the campaigns brief from respective clients and devising advertising/marketing strategy in accordance with the campaign objectives with inclusion of drafting media plans and press releases.
  • Managed and monitored campaign’s operations and execution.
  • Keeping abreast of changing market dynamics and environment.(Team Leader)

Sr. Team Leader – ABC Key (Pvt.) Ltd

        Online Business and Trade Center

  • Independently headed the region of Fujian, China.
  • Lead end-to-end sales operations, service planning and execution; managed a team of 5 associates
  • Responsible for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Loyalty and Sales Revenue.
  • Generating sales revenue through different revenue generation sources (Online Marketing, Referrals, Up selling, Cross selling, Churn Management).
  • Retained dissatisfied customers through the concept of Churn Management.
  • Negotiated and closed complex sales & service issues.
  • Developed and implemented customer satisfaction and loyalty systems.
  • Strategic Planning for additional services to the premium members.
  • Key-Account Management, responsible for managing accounts of the Senior and VIP premium customers, and monitoring them for maintaining service non-conformance.(Team Leader)
  • Maintained cost controlling measures for the team to meet budget guidelines.
  • Trained and performance evaluation to develop and improve employees’ performance.
  • Worked on branding project to create good word-of-mouth on different B2B forums.
  • Engaged with Product Development team to launch new features and modifications in the existing system to make the interface user-friendly.(Team Leader)
  • Engaged with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM) team to run the member’s campaign smoothly.(Team Leader)


  • Managed and achieved highest number of retention by any Team Lead in the history of ABC Key – 96%
  • Brought-in and achieved US$ 67,000 business in last one year of span.
  • Designed and executed new work structure for Buyers Relationship Department on the basis of modern market trends. Increased department performance by 175%.
  • Participated and explored rest of the world (except China) market while handling my dedicated tasks. On the basis of analysis presented by me, ABC Key initiated a separate team for rest of the world which was later named as “Global Business Expansion”


2007 – 2010                          Bachelors in Commerce from University of Karachi

2005 – 2007                          Intermediate in Commerce from Private

2003 – 2005                          Matriculation in Commerce from Roots School Network

Training & Certifications:

Internet Marketing tool SEM basics and functions to promote company websites by increasing their visibility on different search engines results.(Team Leader)

SEO basics and tactics to improve rankings and searches on renowned search engines around

Customer Service & its importance

Key Account Management

Time Management

Project Management

Cross selling and Up-selling

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)

Irate Customer organized by Telenor

Skills & Abilities:

Excellent communication skills, Leadership & management, Development of personal relationships, Strong presentation skills, Multi-tasking, Pro-active approach, Analytical approach, Initiative,Good organizing and time management skills.

Interests:Cricket, Football, Snooker, Music, Movies, Internet, Travelling, Socializing.

Call Center Agent Resume Sample

A Call Center Agent is the most important worker for any Calling Agency/Company. He demonstrate the temper of the company. The employer would want to hire a person who has a very calm, contained and improvising personality. You are required with quality communication skills, multilingual with a strong leadership property to manage and motivate the staff working under you. See related Customer Care Representative Resume Sample, Customer Attendant Resume Sample. This resume is a sample for the post of Call Center Agent. We have prepared this resume keeping all the essential points in mind. The points are arranged in specific order to draw maximum attention of the employer towards your strength. Make sure to add verified data into your resume. Givea few valid references for it in spite of a lot unknown ones. And finally… best of luck!

Name:   xyz

Mobil:  000

Email:  xxx

Status:  M/F

Professional Summary: (Call Center Agent)

  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills and ability to partner across departments.
  • Exceptional versatility with the ability to manage multiple tasks in pressured environment.
  • Strong leadership skills and capability to motivate and manage staff to accomplish great results.
  • Strong IT, database and communication skills.(Call Center Agent)
  • Proficient use of MS word, Power Point, and Excel.

Work Experiences:

Company Name: xyz

Post As a ” Customer Service Officer)

  • Complete all transaction processing activities as specified on the transaction processing checklist before the end of business, after receipt of an executed Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Implement all lead generation systems on a daily basis in order to maximize prospect leads consistent with the appropriate marketing checklist
  • Updating website(s) and other electronic portals (i.e.: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to ensure content is up-to-date and provides the maximum positive impact for the team
  • Provide accurate quality support services to the Team Leader in a time frame which exceeds the Agent’s expectations
  • Continue to build stronger relationships with all referral sources, past clients and future clients in order to maximize client satisfaction and customer satisfaction rating

Call Center Agent / Customer Support Specialist :

  • Resolves problems by clarifying issues; researching and exploring answers and alternative solutions; implementing solutions; escalating unresolved problems.
  • Provide training to clients in the use of system and applications as related to Internet
  • Obtain general understanding of OS and application operations related to company offered services.
  • Identify and correct or advise, on operational issues in client computer systems
  • Sells additional services by recognizing opportunities to up-sell accounts; explaining new features

Converges :

Quality and Assurance Specialist :

  • Prepared quality assurance reports and evaluated employees in their quality performances.
  • Call monitoring to identify problems and filed all records for reviewing of the supervisors.
  • Coordinates and facilitates call calibration sessions for call centre staff.(Call Center Agent)
  • Review CMS statistics on a daily basis and provide constructive feedback.

Communication / Product Trainer:

  • Conduct the Customer Relations Management, Accent Neutralization, and English Proficiency program
  • Provides constructive feedback to students regarding employment interview
  • Revise and make different essential call centre training program module requirements
  • Conduct specialized off-site trainings on Communication Skills for businesses

Call Center Agent

February 2005 – September 2007

  • Meet established sales goals and objectives
  • Market and sell ISP/WEB listing/ software and other peripherals to commercial clients and dealer networks.
  • Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions; suggesting information about other products and services.


Southwestern University

Cebu City, Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management – June2001 – Oct 2004



Character References:

Al Baraha Land Real Estate

Hotel Supervisor Resume Sample

This resume sample is for the post of Hotel Supervisor. A Hotel’s/Restaurant’s/any dining place’s reputation lies on its workers. The more comfortable the customers would feel the more often they are going to visit the place. A Hotel Supervisor makes sure that all the services are being carried out smoothly, waiters are taking orders accordingly and they’re being delivered to the right rooms. See also Room Supervisor Resume Sample, Waiter Resume Sample. A Hotel Supervisor manages, handles and rejuvenates his sub-workers, manages the hotel management and accounts. Your resume must highlight your qualities of dedication, commitment and consistent. Below we have given an example of such a resume that should help you in building a convincing and impressive (Hotel Supervisor) resume.

Name: XYZ

Mob. :000

Email: xxxx

OBJECTIVE: (Hotel Supervisor)

To look for a job in any reputable company that can bring out the best of my ability and give me the opportunity to support my family.


– Be able to work a flexible schedule, work well under pressure, and meet deadlines.
– Possess the necessary social skills to work with a broad based constituency and provide excellent

Service to all internal and external customers.
– Demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors.
– Keep information confidential as directed in the confidentiality agreement and furthermore

Support and comply with all policies, procedures, and standards.
– Protect restaurant assets.(Hotel Supervisor)
– Be an ambassador of inside and outside of work.(Hotel Supervisor)


Hotel Supervisor :

  • Insures that the restaurant is clean and organized at all times.
  • Assist in maintaining cleanliness of restaurant. Including: table set-ups, flowers, decorations, lighting, and all aspects pertaining to the ambiance.
  • To oversee and assist in the set-up, confirmation and organization of restaurant reservations.
  • Assists in scheduling, hiring, firing, training, and managing of front employees.
  • Controls costs, regulates sales and labor, and maintains profitability standards as set by the restaurant manager.
  • Exhibits job and product knowledge sufficient to provide customer with accurate information in all aspects of food and service.
  • Exhibits self-confidence to the degree necessary to handle a variety of situations in a positive and professional manner.
  • Exhibits a positive attitude when speaking about customers, fellow employees and management.
  • Takes ownership and is responsible for all aspects of restaurant operations during shift.

Assistant Hotel Supervisor: 

Job Description:

  • Services existing accounts, obtains orders, and establishes new accounts by planning and organizing daily work schedule to call on existing or potential sales outlets and other trade factors.
  • Adjusts content of sales presentations by studying the type of sales outlet or trade factor.
  • Focuses sales efforts by studying existing and potential volume of dealers.(Hotel Supervisor)
  • Submits orders by referring to price lists and product literature.
  • Keeps management informed by submitting activity and results reports, such as daily call reports, weekly work plans, and monthly and annual territory analyses.
  • Monitors competition by gathering current marketplace information on pricing, products, new products, delivery schedules, merchandising techniques, etc.(Hotel Supervisor)
  • Recommends changes in products, service, and policy by evaluating results and competitive developments.
  • Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems; developing solutions; preparing reports; making recommendations to management.(Hotel Supervisor)
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  • Provides historical records by maintaining records on area and customer sales.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Mall Sales Coordinator

Job Description:

  • Assists the sales team, focusing mostly on managing schedules and the distribution of any sales documentation.
  • Prepares and then follows up on any sales quotations made for clients, negotiating terms with the client at a cost best suited for them.
  • Respond to any online or telephone queries in a calm and friendly manner.
  • Liaise between other departments and the client to provide the service most suitable to the client’s needs, cost and time restraints.
  • Work closely with the Sales team to assess the progress of the department and develop Sales strategy accordingly.
  • Produce reports on progress within the department and outline any developed strategies to improve.
  • Responsible for overseeing any supercharges and evaluating any alterations to both external and internal staff.


Date of Birth: 0000

Passport number: 0000

Nationality :abc


Bachelor of Science in Commerce

Home Delivery Boy/ Office Boy/ Messenger Resume Sample

What the world could be if you couldn’t order a pizza at home? Just a call and wait, and he rings your door bell. Following resume is a sample for the post of Home Delivery Boy or Office Boy. A Delivery Boy makes sure to deliver the order as soon as possible. There are many types and kinds of Delivery Boys for example some jobs are specific to commercial level like goods delivery boy, transport delivery boy while some categories include home delivery boy, pizza delivery boy, courier delivery boy (see Courier Boy Resume Sample). This resume template is suitable for any kind of delivery boy CV writing. Below we have given an avid example resume for this post. For any good Delivery Boy Resume Sample make sure to add some images  from your previous work experiences and references/awards/credits as well. You would want your resume to stand out among hundreds of others waiting to get noticed. You can also see

Name :    XYZ
Address :    abc
Contact No. :   0000
Email ID :   xxxxx@xx.com
Skype ID : ——-

Applied for : Office Boy / Delivery Boy / Officer Helper  Or Any Available suitable position for work ( Ready to Join Immediately ) Please Give me one Chance


To achieve professional excellence in any above mentioned field that provides me with opportunities to fully utilize and develop my knowledge, skills, information and education. I am easily motivated, confident, honest and dedicated to my job.


Healthy, Hand worker, Team player, Positive attitude and Boundless Energy, Quick learner innovative, Ability to adapt to situations, Hardworking, Self-believed and respect others, Diligence, Confidence, Sincerity & loyalty.


Joining                           : Can Join Immediately

Salary Expectation       : Any Salary Package as per Company Policy and Offer is accepted

Education                     : Middle Passed Standard


Type of Visa            : Tourist Visa

Passport Number   : 000 (Valid Till: 00-DEC-2020)


  • 2 Years Worked in imran Trading Co. Ltd  as “ Office Boy / Messenger / Cleaner  ”
  • 1 Year Worked in khaliad Restaurant as “Steward / Dishwasher / Kitchen Helper”
  • 2 Years Worked in Eagle Shipping & Logistics as “Warehouse Helper / Store Assistant”


Father’s Name             : xyz

Nationality                    : Pakistani

Religion                        : Islam

Marital Status               : Single

Date of Birth                 : October 15, 1992 (22 Years Old)

Languages                     : English (can speak and understand a little and learning), Hindi, Urdu


Management Trainee Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Management Trainee. This is a Multi-task job where you are required Multi skills, quick improvisation and knowledge. Mostly these types of jobs are offered by mediocre level companies that has fewer numbers of employees. Such employers would prefer to hire one person with multiple talent. So, for this kind of opportunity you should build your resume (Management Trainee) keeping in mind manifesting all your multiple skills and experiences that enhance your over-all capabilities as in Assistant Project Manager Resume Sample or Transport Manager Resume Sample. A Management Trainee resume sample is given below which will be helpful for you to create an impressive and convincing resume. Start Management Trainee resume with your introduction shortly followed by an explanation of what types of duties you have been preforming throughout and what kind of experiences you are looking forward to perform.

Name: xyz

Mobile No:000

Email Id:xxx

CAREER OBJECTIVE:(Management Trainee)

To gain a dynamic and challenging role in the area of Accounts, Finance, and Auditing, that will offer me the best opportunity for further development of my abilities, skills and knowledge in an established organization by making positive contribution to the company and personal growth through team effort.

Course Discipline University/  board Passing year
MBA Finance Virtual University of Pakistan 2011
B.Com Commerce University of the Punjab 2008
ICS Computer. Sc. B.I.S.E Lahore 2005
SSC Metric B. I.S.E Faisalabad 2003

Subjects: Auditing, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Money & Banking, Principle of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Economics Entrepreneurship, Advance Financial Accounting, Auditing, Business Communication & Report Writing, Business Law, Business Taxation.(Management Trainee)


Diploma in Computer Science                                                COMTECH
CPA   (SRN-109/CPA)   ICPAP                                            Last two module left.


Best Skills in all computer Operating systems Windows & Dos.
Domain InstallationSoftware & Hardware managementBusiness communication & report writingProgramming visual basic, java, Html, C++

VMware workstation installing

Networking Cable and wireless

 MS office (Excel,DB,PPoint etc)Media presentationWeb developingTroubleshooting

Internet Browsing

Outlook express


Creative and dedicated to work efficiently and effectively manage time Business DevelopmentEvent Management

E.R.P Software (Oracle)

Strong Computer SkillsSmart Working NaturePublic Relation

Committed to work

IT Skills


Area of expertise

Bank reconciliationReconciliationsCash flow managementPreparing monthly opt. reports

Finance vouching in E.R.P system

Generation of imprest sheets

Production and OPS report

Assist with external Auditor

Ledger tally/maintainCost analysisA/R moduleA/P module

Preparing of Journal entries

Insurance Claims

Stock reports

E-enrollment, Tax deduction and deposit (FBR)Developing internal control procedure
Aging reports of debt(micro finance, Loan installment, Salary advances, USPL advances)
Payroll/Store Audit.Compliance of task assignment and timelines for completion for each task and main activities and reporting result.System payment and other documents are verified for their accuracy compliance with supporting.Preparing special reports when asked for the management on various aspects, including asset management and security, financial reporting and management information system.

Specifying internal check including pre-audit checks, adherence to company policy procedure and compliance with rules, law and regulation to ensure that payments to contractors are made to them in accordance with guideline.

Maintain open communication with management and audit committee.

Appraise progressively the soundness, adequacy and application of the internal control systems.

Keep Current on trends in accounting and auditing.

Ensuring that systems exist for generation of accurate and reliable financial and other information.

Monthly bases work in process maintain for yield.

Preparing audit base on information provided.

Conducting internal control evaluation and risk assessment to prevent frauds embezzlements, misuse and wastage and ensuring that objectives of the organization are achieved efficiently and effectively.

Compliance of task assignment and timelines for completion for each task and main activities and reporting result.

Understand key business risks, including associated technology risks.


Date of birth         : 000

Gender                   : Male

Marital Status      : Single

Country                 : Pakistan

Domicile                : Punjab

Passport No          : XXXXX

E.O.B.I. No            : 000000

C.N.I.C.                  :000000

Language Known

English   IELTS Band-6

Urdu       Official Language
Punjabi  Mother Language
Hindi      Known




Interaction with people


During working with this organization, Cash prize was awarded to me several of times.


I hereby declare that all the information and facts given above are true to best of my knowledge and belief.

Yours faithfully

Office Manager Resume Sample

This resume sample is for the post of an Office Manager. Below is given the example that should show you how you can well-construct a resume for a top level management post.The post of Office Manager is a very important one because responsibility or key management skills are required by the employer. Every employer wants to hire an Office Manager who has the international key skills. In the Office Manager resume below you will find a precise guidance to describe all your skills and experiences briefly. (See also Manager Resume Samples)

Name: xyz

Position applied for: (Office Manager)

Contact No.  000

Objective Career:(Office Manager)

More than 9 years Accounting/Finance/Audit experience in Pakistan, I want to be associated with a progressive organization where I can implement my knowledge, skills and professional experience to increase level of responsibility and career advancement as Accountant/Chief Accountant,  Finance Manager/Internal Auditor/CFO.


  • Tactical Financial Planning                                          Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Cost Control & Profit Management                             Financial Reporting
  • Audit Management                                                        Leadership & Supervision
  • Payroll Management & Executive                               Bank Negotiations & Relation
  • Accounts management using Tally,Quick Book and custom applications designed in oracle,VB etc.

Qualification:(Office Manager)

Master in Business Administration (M.B.A)-Banking & Finance

From Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad Pakistan.

Commerce Graduate (B.Com)

From Agriculture University, Faisalabad Pakistan.

Career Snapshot:(Office Manager)

Office Manager:  Chiniot Blood Bank & Dialysis Centre, Faisalabad, Pakistan

(A Project of C.A.I.Karachi)

Health & Service Association

(From February 05, 2012 to November 15, 2014)

  • Manage the financial budget, planning and analysis required for strategic purpose.
  • preparation of annual /monthly financial statements/profit & loss accounts.
  • Monitor and coordination of all accounting activities.
  • Carried out review of financing made by the banks as per the requirements of prudential regulations.
  • Supervising inventory department to make sure that all the received and issuance has recorded properly.

Office Manager:

  Rafiq Fabrics (Pvt.) Limited, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

(Textile & Manufacturing Co.)

(From September, 2007 to  January 31, 2012)

  • Prepare and post transaction vouchers with supporting documentation.
  • Accounts payable/receivable and bank reconciliations.
  • Assist with payroll administration.
  • Assist with implementation of new systems and policies and procedures.
  • Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and internal control procedures.
  • Prepare and review budget, revenue, expense, invoices, and other accounting documents.
  • Prepare profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports.
  • Supervising inventory department to make sure that all the receiving and issuance has recorded properly .
  • Involved in project accounting

Auditor:  Riaz Ahmad & Company Faisalabad, Pakistan.

(Chartered Accountants)

(From March, 2006 to August, 2007)

  • Planning, execution and completion of various audit assignments.
  • Preliminary review of financial statements, drafting of audit programs, supervision and review of team members’ work as well as establishing and strengthening of cordial relationship through liaison at various levels top management.


§  09 years of using IT skills advance level, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point & Access

  • Capability of internet using searching and surfing
  • Accounts management using Tally,Quick Book and custom applications designed in oracle,VB etc.

Other Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Professional Accounting Program from Soft Tech Computer College Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Diploma in Computer Application (C.A) from Byte Computer College (Regd.) Sahiwal, Pakistan.Diploma in Office Management (M.C) from
  • Modern Institute of Technology (Regd.) Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Participation in Seminars:

Regarding continuous professional development on;

  •  Finance & Administration
  • Operations & Management
  • General meetings/gatherings

Personal Detail:

  • Father’s Name:                Muhammad Yaqoob
  • Nationality:                      Pakistani
  • N.I.C:                                 33100-3829532-3
  • Date of Birth:                   Jan 02, 1985
  • Gender:                              Male
  • Marital Status:                  Married
  • Religion:                             Islam
  • Passport#:


Can be furnished on demand.

Security Guard Resume Sample

Scared of going alone to the bank with huge money in purse or you are lost at some strange,vacant place looking for some guidance, a security guard is always there for your help. Following resume is a sample for the post of Security Guard/ Night Guard. He is a person either hired privately or formally in order to assist, protect and guide people. A world is a lot safer place with a Security Guard/Night Guard in sight, isn’t it?

The Security Guard/Night Guard resume holds the most important place in any job hiring. It is given primary importance by the employer. So the Security Guard/Night Guard  resume must be build very carefully. A good Security Guard/Night Guard resume contains all the necessary information of the applicant. It not only entails his qualification but also convinces the employer that the applicant is the most suitable person for the job. Below we have given a sample resume. It should help you in providing all the essential points in creating a convincing and impressive resume. Do add references/credits/awards from your previous work experiences for an even better impression.

Name: xyz

Address :abc

Email Id: xxx

Mobil No.: 000

Gender: M

OBJECTIVE:(security guard/ night guard)

To obtain a challenging position within a supportive environment to allow full use of my educational experience, and technical skills to further benefit the company’s productivity and increase opportunities for personal advancement.

CAREER PROFILE:(security guard/ night guard)

An experienced Security officer and supervisor in du telecom patrolling supervisor in UAE, HR assistant and pro Hardworking, self-motivated.

Experienced in emirates (security guard/ night guard, supervisor in du telecom)

 SECURITIES EMIRATES :(security guard/ night guard)

  • AL ATTAR RESIDENCE (BUR DUBAI)  security office and take care of all safety and client.
  • Schlesinger oil company head office.
  • security officer and safety take care of all employees and staff.
  • Worked as HR assistant and PRO cum driver in g4s head office.
  • (AL QUOZ HEAD OFFICE) operation controller.
  • worked as patrolling supervisor in du telecom.(security guard/ night guard)

Responsibility of pro cum driver:

  • Take care of all new employees take for medical paper and stamped visa from emigration office
  • Provide administrative support for all HR functions and also general duties of HR.
  • Organizes and maintains file systems, scan invoices all document for electronic storage and keep files and other records save and confidential.
  • All reports to HR manager on daily basis, weekly basis, and monthly basis.
  • Submit visa in airport and also take cancelation paper from emigration airport.
  • Good knowledge of all UAE roads

E D U C A T I O N:

  • Bachelor of arts
  • From Pakistan Peshawar university.
  • FA
  • Intermediate from Pakistan Peshawar.
  • HSSC
  • Government higher secondary school no 3 Pakistan Peshawar.


  • Proficient in ms office
  • Diploma in (Health safety & environment) from trade testing board kpk
  • UAE light driving license ( VALID TILL 2016)


  • Swimming, foot ball ,running , reading books and English movies architect


  • Birth Date:              000
  • Birth Place:             Peshawar
  • Age             :              000
  • Civil Status:             Married
  • Citizenship:             Pakistani
  • Religion     :              Islam