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School Bus Driver Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of a School Bus Driver . This post is probably the most wanted post amongst all and is the all-season available post. Its demand level comprises of employees with little education and higher skill level. In the gulf region the post is usually free for employees coming from other countries, so if you a low qualified person with good driving skills and a license, looking for job outside of your country this is the right post and resume for you! Every employer or company wants to hire a highly trained person with whom investing for higher vehicles is not as risky as it would be for an amateur one. The template design for Bus Driver Resume is given below, although it states Bus Driver but it is equally effective for any kind of Vehicle Driver CV format. It is embellished with prompt guidelines about how you can construct an impressive resume. Finally adding references of your previous experiences and credits is surely going to add to the worth of your School Bus Driver Resume .

School Bus Driver Resume Sample

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NAME                : xyz

CONTACT NO.     :00000

ADDRESS           : Dubai UAE.

E-mail                : xxxx

OBJECTIVE: (School Bus Driver Resume Sample)

Reliable, expert and professional driver with 8 years’ hands-on experience in light vehicle driving. Committed to ensure the safety of passengers and vehicle. Able to respond quickly in emergency situations. Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to read maps and use GPS systems.


  • Completed High school from D.M.D.G Municipal High School,Valsad, Gujarat, India  in the year 2000.
  • Completed 2 years Degree in Bachelor of Arts from M. R. Desai Arts & Commerce College, Chikhli, Gujarat, India in the year 2002.
  • Completed computer course in MS Office in the year 2002.

KEY STRENGTHS: (Bus Driver Resume)

  • In depth knowledge of routes, locations and addresses in and around cities
  • Cheque collection from Clients.
  • Arranging gate passes from Ports.
  • Able to perform minor repairs of all kinds of vehicles
  • Demonstrated ability to keep the vehicle clean


  • Currently Working as a Bus driver in THERMO L.L.C(Offshore Division) from Jan 2008 till this date.
  • I have a valid U.A.E Driving License:
    • 3 – Light Vehicle
    • 5 – Light Bus


A leader in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing Engineering and Contracting with an experience of 28 years. Thermo LLC offers Comprehensive Services as Single or multi-services Engineering Contracting Contractor for both Small and large Projects and has Head Quarters in Dubai & Saudi Arabia. With an established reputation for providing high quality services, Thermo LLC depends on the integrity of their 3000 staff to deliver professional excellence. Thermo LLC views each projects as relationship of mutual trust and respect.


  • Transport office staff from one place to another on assigned routes
  • Transport cargo to different places safely
  • Ensure appropriate maintenance of vehicles
  • Perform vehicle inspection to manage preventive maintenance
  • Make minor repairs as and when necessary
  • Follow maps to deliver the goods
  • Maintain driver log book


  • Positive attitude and professional demeanor
  • Performs general assistance in filling, photocopying, faxing, scanning and PC works.
  • Flexible schedule: Available at nights, weekends or early morning


      Name                        : xyz

Father Name                    : xyz

Date of Birth                    : 0000

Gender                             : Male

Marital Status                   : Married

Language Known              : English, Hindi, Gujarati.

Visa Status                        : Employment visa

Passport No                      : 0000

Visa Validity                      : 0000


I hereby declare that all the information’s given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.