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Brand Ambassador Resume Sample

A brand Ambassador is a person who is hired by a company or an organization to publicize their products, he/she talks about their product and company in a positive way and embodies the brand that he is endorsing. Now high end companies hire famous and influential people to have their fans following their products. But mostly companies cannot hire the celebrities as they cost a lot of budget. Such companies ask for simple people to endorse their product by talking about it appreciatively and encouraging everyone to utilize it. Have a look at our Marketing Resume Samples for more creative ideas. Following resume is the sample for the job of Brand Ambassador. One important thing to be kept in mind before creating the resume for Brand Ambassador is your personality and confidence level. You must show in your resume that you are a resourceful, social and friendly person who can easily communicate with anyone. Tell them how much you want to work with their company and how much you adore their products. The employer should have the feeling that you really want to join them and not just need a job. In the end putting verified references always seal the resume more confidentially. See also Event Organizer Resume Sample.

Name: xyz

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Applied For: Brand Ambassador /Cheif brand ambassador Manager/ Marketing sales Ambassador

 Personal Profile:(Brand Ambassador)

Completed Masters in Business Administration’  Marketing. Possess an in-depth ability to understand and observe things and am a person who is exceptionally accustomed to team-work, and attaining quick results. Having a remarkable ability to work under pressure, I have developed sharp, analytical thinking and the uncommon ability to face various challenges. Being of an extrovert personality type, I like socializing and am passionately eager to achieve unimaginable heights in life.(Brand Ambassador)

 Education:(Brand Ambassador)

MBA (Marketing) from Bahria University.



ABC Pakistan Limited                                                                                                                            

Brand Ambassador/Brand Manager 


  • Developing an enduring brand communication that results in increased sales, brand loyalty and improving market share.
  • Development of activity based 12-month brand marketing planning and execution including TV, Activation, PR, mobile, print, social media and outdoor in line with global category strategy and brand vision plan.
  • Spearheading cross functional teams to deliver business objectives from inception to execution.
  • Monitoring and analysis of sales volumes, market share, media & perception trends and competitor activity.
  • Work with media and creative agencies to brief, design and deliver specific elements of projects and marketing campaigns.(Brand Ambassador)
  • Be part of demand forecast and reporting team and ensuring S&OP delivery.
  • Analyze and report brand’s progress based on syndicated research (Retail Audit & Consumer Panel etc.), brand health indicators and internal sales database (Brand Ambassador).

Recent Projects:

  • Planned and Executed Sunsilk Pakistan Fashion week.
  • Launched New Lipton Blend tea.
  • Launched first Magnum store in Pakistan.
  • Close up Diamond Attraction launch.

 Project Manager:                                                                                


  • Plan and discharge all the operations for the campaign.
  • Make Execution dynamics & details.(Brand Ambassador)
  • Regulating detailed Costing.
  • Deal and negotiate with the Client upfront.
  • Accommodate and handle the Project management team.
  • Application ensuring the execution is possible before going on ground.

Brand Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                   

Assistant Brand Ambassador Manager


  • Developing Complete brand growth solution strategies
  • Application and practice of ideas.
  • Design and execution of BTL campaigns
  • Created pricing strategies, POS and in-store promotions.
  • Pursuit and employment of overall promotion plan and execution.


  • Awarded Bowler of the tournament in Bahria Cricket Trophy 2008
  • Employee of the year (matador) In Bullseye communications.
  • Best internee at Pearl continental hotel.


  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and methods of Project management
  • Excellent grasp at the usage of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
  • Immense ability to establish and maintain a good objective working relationship with clients.
  • Event Management &Brand activation.(Brand Ambassador)

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Hosting shows.
  • Organizing events.
  • Socializing and meeting new people.
  • Playing Cricket.
  • Swimming, table tennis, cycling.


  • Available upon request