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Babysitting Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of a Babysitter/Childminder/Baby attender. A Babysitter comes to your home to babysit your kids while a childminder works (usually) in their homes and you drop your child off their house. This is a very crucial yet underestimated post. A Babysitter is what is the most wanted for the working ladies today. As it is hard for a woman to work after she plans family the idea of a reliable, professional and motherly substitute is what she dreams of for her kids. Your resume may not have high education or talent at all but it MUST have one thing – your motherly passion for kids. It must entail that you treat kids as your own. Most importantly taking care of a kid do not demand high education or post graduate degrees, it just requires your attention and sincerity. Below we have devised a professional resume to help you present yourself impressively before the parent or the guardians. Do attach some pictures of you with parents and kids to add to the credibility of your resume among others.

Name: XYZ

Mobil No: 000000

Email ID: xxxx@xx.com

Applied For :Babysitter/Childminder/Baby attender


I want to be a part of your esteemed family not as a governess or nanny but as a friend who will take care of your kids as my own. I am passionate and sincere and want to help you in bringing up  your child as you were never gone away from them.


JUNE – 1999              Bachelor of English Literature

(—— —— University/College)

Diploma in ———- from ——–

Diploma in ———– from ———–


  • Done Basic course from ——–
  • Adequate experience in M.S. Office.


  • I have passed Typewriting examination with 50 W.P.M.
  •  Attented All-Asia Tutoring Conference in India 2007.
  • Attended classes for baby food and hygiene.


v  Worked  in Mr./Mrs./Miss xxxxxx house as Babysitter for 2001-2004 Years. Contact No: 0000000

v  Worked Mr./Mrs./Miss xxxxxx place as Babysitter from 2004-mid 2006. Contact No: 000000000, Address: xxx.

v Worked in St. Antonio’s School for Orphans from 2006-2011 as Babysitter/Childminder/Baby attender.

v Worked with Mr./Mrs/Miss xxxxx from 2012-2014.


  • Reliable  And Understanding: Child loves to trust and admire their nanny that’s why reliability and developing good understanding with them is my first job priority.
  • Punctual: Child readily copies with whom he spends time, I am a very punctual, trustworthy and endorse the value and quality of time.
  • A multitasker: Always works for kids.
  • A very good cook; i can bake.
  • Disciplined, intuitive, proactive and viberant.
  • Patient and well-mannered, a good listener and apprehensive teacher.
  • Have absolute and unconditional love for kids, babies and toddlers.


-Mr./Mrs./Miss XYZ

Address: ——-
Contact No: 000000000
E-mail ID: xxxxxx@xxx.com

-Mr./Mrs./Miss XYZ
Assistant Lecturer in ——- University/College

Address: ———
Contact No: 000000000
E-Mail ID: xxxxx@xxx.com


  • Father’s Name      :           xxxxx
  • Date of Birth          :           00-00-0000
  • Marital Status       :           Single
  • Nationality             :           ——-
  • Language Known   :          English, Arabic, French,
  • Hobbies                   :           Cooking, Travelling, Book Reading and Listening to Music
  • Address                   :           ———-
  • Mobile No:                :           00000000
  • Passport No:             :           abc


  • Decision Making :     I have a good skill of effective decision making.
  • Honesty :     I BELIEVE in honesty is the best policy.
  • Hard Work :   I believe in hard work, punctuality and commitment.