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Auto Service / Production Consultant Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Auto Service/ Production Consultant. An Auto Service or a Production Consultant are a big demand in newly furnished as well as already developed  companies or organization. An employer, for this job, is no doubt looking for an experienced and highly resourceful person. Now the resume, being the first introduction to the employer, hold much importance. It needs to be create keeping all the essential and related information. Below we have prepared an example of such a resume. Finally adding verified references to your resume is definitely going to add to the value of resume.

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Objective. (Auto Service / Production Consultant)

Building and leading highly motivated, achievement-oriented Service Teams capable of meeting and exceeding demanding targets and objectives.

Position Applied For: Auto Consultant/Auto Service Manager / Auto Production Manager / Auto Sales Manager

Value Offered.                   

  • Dynamic, competitive automotive management professional with 22 years experience in service activity.
  • Exceptional team builder with the ability to increase efficiency by finding team weaknesses in time management, communication, and technical strategy.
  • Imaginative and innovative individual with proven management, service, technical, training, operation and new business development skills, volume and customer satisfaction, which illustrate the ability to combine cost control, revenue growth and improvements through effective staff training and motivation.

Skills.( Auto Consultant/Auto Service Manager / Auto Production Manager / Auto Sales Manager)

¡    Improvements in service standards to increase customer footfall, retention, and quality of service.

¡    Ability to successfully work under pressure in dynamic, multi-tasked environment.

¡    Providing leadership to achieve maximum profitability and Revenue growth of the business.

¡    Coordinating numerous activities to advice maximum efficiency.

¡   Cost reduction strategies & Performance measurement.

¡    Time management, Planning, and Organizing.

¡    Developing Customer Retention Strategies.

¡    Monitoring Customer Satisfaction Index.

¡    Minimizing Service Center Downtime.

¡    Monitoring and Auditing performance.

¡    Technical Issue Consultancy.

¡    Writing & speaking Arabic &English.

Professional Experience.

  1. Retired Military Engineers Cooperative.

Auto Technical  Consultant. (Both, Automobile & Motor Insurance).

  1. NIVA, Iraq | Ford-authorized dealer.

Auto Service Manager.                                                                      

Establishing of service center, (manpower, tools, equipment, sections:-                                                                

PDI, Warranty, related documents, sheets, and forms). Manage a team of 50 employees. Ensure compliance to regulations based on NIVA/Ford standards. Operations management. Meet, exceed business & customers expectations. Planning, budgeting & Identify opportunities to reduce operational expenses. People organization, career development &identify training needs. Work closely with all departments such as technical &warranty, customer relations and parts and ensure optimal service solutions to customers. Drive performance improvements programs on internal audit and CSI parameters.

  1. Arab Life & Accident Insurance, Jordan | Leading National Insurance Company.

Motor Insurance Department.                                                                                                          

Managed a team of 35. Manage and organized all department activity & divisions

(Underwriting, Issues, Premiums, Indemnities, Restatements, Evaluations,

Joint Surveys, Subrogation. -Recovery.-), Fixed rates, approved insurance policies, oversaw claims payments. Amended reinsurance agreement principles. Propose executive operational goals and plans to develop and market motor insurance products.

  1. Jordan Light Vehicles Manufacturing | Leading Manufacturer of Vehicles.

Auto Production Manager                                                                                                                        

Directed 150+ employees, including technicians in eight technical branches. Conducted yearly, monthly, and daily planning and follow up of all production and raw materials requirements. Prepare, implement and update production plans (schedules) for all orders.Controlled and optimized inventories of finished products and raw materials. Maintained production machines in optimal conditions.

  1. Kia Motors, Jordan | Kia-Authorized Dealer.

 Auto Service Manager.                                                                                                                              

Managed team of 27, which included technicians and engineers. Defined and directed all activities within a department. Analyzed and tracked performance of personnel by using control sheets and reports generated by customer feedback data and accounts. Drafted and ensured compliance of dealer’s standards based objectives. Follow up with manufacturers to identify areas of improvement. Established Warranty section and ensured warranty claims were in line with warranty policy. Tracked service personnel performance. Trained and supervised technicians and engineers.

Education and Training.( Auto Consultant/Auto Service Manager / Auto Production Manager / Auto Sales Manager)

Automobile Engineering.

United Kingdom.

Mercedes Vehicles Training Course. | Team Consultants.


Empowerment and Motivation Course. | Team Consultants.                                                                       Jordan.

Kia Vehicles Technical Training Course. | Kia Training Center.                                                           South Korea.

Identification of ISO system training course. | Team Consultants.                                                               Jordan.

Customer’s Communication and Satisfactions Course. | Kia Training Center.                                                 UAE.