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Designer Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of  Designer/Home Designer. This job requires discrete knowledge, working skills and exquisite aesthetic sense sharpened with accommodations to design any corner/place that is given to him. A Designer/Home Decorator resume at this level needs be well-constructed keeping the employer’s point of view in mind and subjected efficiently to those fields that the employer is precisely interested in. (See also Interior Designer Resume Sample). The Designer resume sample for the post of Interior Designer/Home Decoration is given below with all (the detailed) mention of required necessary information. If you read Designer resume sample you will be quite aware of how you should construct an impressive resume. Discuss in detail all your past experience, big projects that you handled and completed.

Name :xyz

Address: Lahore Pakistan.

Contact No:000

Email add: xxxx

Website: xxxx

Post Applied For:  Designer/Home Designer/Kitchen Designer/Inter Level Home Designer


Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

  • Certificate of Photography.
  • Auto cad 2001 certificate.

STRENGTH/ SKILLS: ( Designer/Home Designer)

AUTO-CAD R13-2014 ,Rev-it Architecture 8-2014,Sketch up 8, Basic studio max,Basic Photoshop,Microsoft Office.MS Project management /coordination, photography, Quantity Estimate, Freehand sketch presentation, mood preparation and mock up samples, Furniture/finish  Inclusive Date February 28 2008 to March 2013- September 2013-Present


 Designer/Home Designer

Scope of works

  • Lead and manage the drafting and  design team in preparation for DM, Tracheas and other governing authorities for  approval.
  • Develop design brief and program, Answer RFI from contractors and other sub-consultant
  • Evaluating and advise on environmental and regulatory legal requirements affecting the project and obtaining approvals from the authorities.
  • Producing, analyzing and advising on BOQ, specification, materials selection and detailed design solutions to produce a high quality standard of architectural works.

ABC Residential Building

Location: Al Warqaa

Client : ABC

Designation:  Senior  Designer

Interior Designer /Kitchen Design Specialist

  •  Schematic and design layout Proposal for front and back of the house design.
  • Attend meeting and coordinate with other Consultant and interior designer in respect to the design requirements of the Kitchen.
  • Prepare work program, Kitchen equipment list and requirement to be issued to other consultant and contractor.
  • Liaise with the Interior consultant with the type of Kitchen layout needed as per the concept of the restaurant.
  • Provide routing of the waste management  and deliver of goods to the storage.


 Assistant designer

  • Responsible for the interior design and preparation of interior as built drawings.
  • Does an on site inspection for the work progress of sub contractors and in charge of the quality control of the interior works.
  • Responsible in budget estimation for the project.
  • Certifying the sub contractor on there claim of payment base on there work progress and work quality.


  • Architect ABC Architectural Firm- JUNE 2004- MAY 2006
  • Ever last Construction- July 2002- March 2003


  • 12 Hours LEED Course Conducted by: Mr. kwwc , Held : 2d Fold Training center Alwarqaa Dubai (Mar 2011)
  • AutoCAD 2D And 3D Conducted by: Mr. Dante Roxas ,Held:  Western Mindanao State University

College of Architecture

  • Basic Photography Portraiture.
  • Mosh La Fuentes Photography Workshop.
  • Basic Photography.
  • Green Building – Dubai Municipality 2013.

Payroll Administrator Resume Sample

Following resume is a sample for the post of Payroll Administrator. For this job you need to be good in dealing with numbers, a Payroll Administrator manages employee’s pays and salaries infrastructure. See also HR Manager Resume Sample, HR Assistant Manager Resume Sample, Hotel Admin Manager Resume Sample. In short he makes sure that the employees’s are paid satisfactorily and on time. A resume is the most important document in introducing you to the employer. It depicts all your positive and negative aspects in accord to the employer’s requirements. Try to be very precise and affirmative about your attitude and discipline. Below is given the sample for a Payroll Administrator Resume. Make sure to add in verified references and awards from your previous work experience to be in employer’s good books. Finally best of luck!


Contact No.

Email Id: xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

Objective Career:(Payroll Administrator)

 More than 12 years Payroll Admin Manager experience in Pakistan, I want to be associated with a progressive organization where I can implement my knowledge, skills and professional experience to increase level of responsibility and career advancement as

Payroll Administrator/Admin Manager, Senior Admin Manager, Quality Controller, and Quality Assurance.


  • Tactical Financial Planning                              Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Cost Control & Profit Management                  Financial Reporting
  • Quality Assurance.                                          Leadership & Supervision
  • Payroll Management & Executive                    Bank Negotiations & Relation
  • Accounts management using Tally, Quick Book and custom applications designed in oracle,VB etc.


Master of Commerce (M.COM)-Banking & Finance

From G.C University, Faisalabad Pakistan.

 Commerce Graduate (B.Com)

From Allma Iqbal Open University, Faisalabad Pakistan.

 Career Snapshot:

Payroll Administrator:  Jannat Apparel & Fency Faisalabad, Pakistan

Garments Production Mills

(From April 05, 2014 to Still)

  • Manage the financial budget, planning and analysis required for strategic purpose.
  • Preparation of annual /monthly financial statements/profit & loss accounts.
  • Monitor and coordination of all accounting activities.(Payroll Admin Manager)
  • Carried out review of financing made by the banks as per the requirements of prudential regulations.
  • Supervising inventory department to make sure that all the received and issuance has recorded properly.

Admin cum Accounts:  Masood Textile Mills Limited, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

(Textile & Manufacturing Co.)

(From September, 2007 to March 31, 2014)

  • Prepare and post transactional vouchers with supporting documentation.
  • Accounts payable/receivable and bank reconciliations.
  • Assist with payroll administration.
  • Assist with implementation of new systems and policies and procedures.
  • Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and internal control procedures.
  • Prepare and review budget, revenue, expense, invoices, and other accounting documents.
  • Prepare profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports.
  • Supervising inventory department to make sure that all the receiving and issuance has recorded properly.
  • Involved in project accounting.

Junior Payroll Administrator :  Jaguar Group (Pvt.) Ltd Faisalabad, Pakistan.

(Textile & Manufacturing Co)

(From March, 2003 to August, 2007)

  • To create the GRN in ERP system,
  • To make the costing sheet for GRN
  • Fixing the selling price for each stock item,
  • To make the Item coding procedures.
  • Prepare the aged item stock report
  • Maintain the minimum stock level
  • Supervise the packaging and handling of materials.
  • Make stock ledger report as per Management requirement,
  • Stock confirmation for each inventory documents,
  • Month closing and annual closing ,
  • Create the stock valuation report,


§  12 years of using IT skills advance level, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point & Access.

  • Capability of internet using searching and surfing.
  • Accounts management using Tally, Quick Book and custom applications designed in oracle,VB etc.

Other Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Computer Application (C.A) from Quaid Azam Computer College (Regd.) Pakistan.

Participation in Seminars:

Regarding continuous professional development on;

  • Finance & Administration
  • Operations & Management
  • General meetings/gatherings

 Personal Detail:


Mobile(PAK): +9200000000000

E-Mail: xxxxxx

  • Father’s Name     : XYZ
  • Nationality:             Pakistani
  • N.I.C:                    000000-000000-0
  • Date of Birth:     DD/MM/YYYY
  • Gender:                 Male
  • Marital Status:   Married
  • Religion:               Islam


Can be furnished on demand.

Travel Agent Resume Sample

Traveling of all the professions needs a dynamic, passionate and adventurous person. You cannot be a good travel agent if you do not have the nerve for it. Following resume is a sample for the post of a Travel Agent. A Travel Agent helps and assists clients in arranging suitable travelling plans with transportation and also helps to manage travel costs and accommodations. They work both independently and under various travelling agencies. A resume is the most important step for any employee to describe his capacities and expertise. It needs to be according to the requirement of the employer, try to highlight your those qualities that are in favor of employer’s interest. Below we have build such resume. Customize it with your particulars and add verified references/credits/awards from your previous experiences.

Name: xyz

United Arab Emirates

Mob: 00000

Email Id:xxxx

Personal Statement: (Travel Agent Resume)

I am a dynamic individual person who enjoys working as a team. I am determined and responsible, and I believe the skills that I have gained will be good grounding for my future employment. I am willing to learn new skills and to update the skills I already have.


To be a part of the effective winning team and to serve in an organization that offers challenging roles and utilizes my skills for enhancing the organizations progress as well as my career.(Travel  Resume)

Work Experience:

Travel Coordinator 

ABC Travel and Tourism LLC – Dubai


  • Working as a tour coordinator.
  • Promoting hotels and places for clients who are like to visit Dubai.
  • Handling all the situations like vehicle crash, emergency client’s arrivals and making all the arrangements like replacing vehicles and arranging hotel rooms for clients.
  • Assisting clients as a tour guide.
  • Work out itineraries as per tour section requirements and issue tickets; give visa formalities and hotels reservation.
  • Handling all EDNRD visa formalities for the clients.
  • Rechecking the documents such as valid passport, visa etc. Ensure compliance with company’s procedure and policies.
  • GDS using Galileo.(Travel  Resume)
  • Setup a new outlet to handle corporate clients, Leisure travel and Agency business.
  • Set benchmark on service delivery standards.
  • Sales and Marketing set by management.(Travel  Resume)
  • Ensure error free and quality handling of day to day activities at office.
  • Create rapport with suppliers and clients in a new market environment.

Professional Strengths:

  • Punctual, self-motivated and dedicated to the job.
  • Quick learner and a team player.(Travel  Resume)
  • Enthusiastic, eager to learn. Always has a positive attitude.
  • Maintains and observes honesty and loyalty.
  • Hardworking and responsible.
  • Ability to interact with people.

Computer Skills and Awareness:

  • Diploma in Computer Application.
  • Internet Application.
  • Basic Training and document production in Galileo CRS with distinction from Galileo Dubai.
  • Accounting Packages (Tally and Peach tree) from IGM Computers,  India.


  • Bachelor  of  Commerce  –  Degree  course  completed  from  ABC  Commerce  College.
  • Higher Secondary School Examination passed from S.S.S. Higher Secondary School.
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate passed from S.S.S. Higher Secondary School.

Personal Profile

Name                                        : xyz

Date of Birth                             :000

Gender                                   : Female

Marital Status                           : Married

Languages                               : English and Hindi

Passport Details

Passport Number                        : 0000

Date of Issue                               : 0000

Date of expiry                             : 0000

Place of Issue                              : abc

Visa status                                 : 000


I hereby declare that the facts mentioned above are true and sincere to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Babysitting Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of a Babysitter/Childminder/Baby attender. A Babysitter comes to your home to babysit your kids while a childminder works (usually) in their homes and you drop your child off their house. This is a very crucial yet underestimated post. A Babysitter is what is the most wanted for the working ladies today. As it is hard for a woman to work after she plans family the idea of a reliable, professional and motherly substitute is what she dreams of for her kids. Your resume may not have high education or talent at all but it MUST have one thing – your motherly passion for kids. It must entail that you treat kids as your own. Most importantly taking care of a kid do not demand high education or post graduate degrees, it just requires your attention and sincerity. Below we have devised a professional resume to help you present yourself impressively before the parent or the guardians. Do attach some pictures of you with parents and kids to add to the credibility of your resume among others.

Name: XYZ

Mobil No: 000000

Email ID: xxxx@xx.com

Applied For :Babysitter/Childminder/Baby attender


I want to be a part of your esteemed family not as a governess or nanny but as a friend who will take care of your kids as my own. I am passionate and sincere and want to help you in bringing up  your child as you were never gone away from them.


JUNE – 1999              Bachelor of English Literature

(—— —— University/College)

Diploma in ———- from ——–

Diploma in ———– from ———–


  • Done Basic course from ——–
  • Adequate experience in M.S. Office.


  • I have passed Typewriting examination with 50 W.P.M.
  •  Attented All-Asia Tutoring Conference in India 2007.
  • Attended classes for baby food and hygiene.


v  Worked  in Mr./Mrs./Miss xxxxxx house as Babysitter for 2001-2004 Years. Contact No: 0000000

v  Worked Mr./Mrs./Miss xxxxxx place as Babysitter from 2004-mid 2006. Contact No: 000000000, Address: xxx.

v Worked in St. Antonio’s School for Orphans from 2006-2011 as Babysitter/Childminder/Baby attender.

v Worked with Mr./Mrs/Miss xxxxx from 2012-2014.


  • Reliable  And Understanding: Child loves to trust and admire their nanny that’s why reliability and developing good understanding with them is my first job priority.
  • Punctual: Child readily copies with whom he spends time, I am a very punctual, trustworthy and endorse the value and quality of time.
  • A multitasker: Always works for kids.
  • A very good cook; i can bake.
  • Disciplined, intuitive, proactive and viberant.
  • Patient and well-mannered, a good listener and apprehensive teacher.
  • Have absolute and unconditional love for kids, babies and toddlers.


-Mr./Mrs./Miss XYZ

Address: ——-
Contact No: 000000000
E-mail ID: xxxxxx@xxx.com

-Mr./Mrs./Miss XYZ
Assistant Lecturer in ——- University/College

Address: ———
Contact No: 000000000
E-Mail ID: xxxxx@xxx.com


  • Father’s Name      :           xxxxx
  • Date of Birth          :           00-00-0000
  • Marital Status       :           Single
  • Nationality             :           ——-
  • Language Known   :          English, Arabic, French,
  • Hobbies                   :           Cooking, Travelling, Book Reading and Listening to Music
  • Address                   :           ———-
  • Mobile No:                :           00000000
  • Passport No:             :           abc


  • Decision Making :     I have a good skill of effective decision making.
  • Honesty :     I BELIEVE in honesty is the best policy.
  • Hard Work :   I believe in hard work, punctuality and commitment.

Sales Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Sales Officer. A Sales or Salesman Officer works to maintain and ensure the quality of the products of the company. He (Sales Officer) has to make sure to maintain right balance in the quantity and quality of the company. It is on his reputation that the company may add or eternally lose the trust of its customers and ultimately their sales. For this job the employer would want an honest, hardworking and strict person. He must have a discreet knowledge of the product and experience with which he could guide and check his workers. Any ordinary resume can bring about miraculous resume if only certain techniques and methods are applied. Below we have given you such an example ( Sales Office) to help you explain yourself better before the employer. It must entails that on no account your are going to compromise over the rules of the company.  And finally adding references or previous records to your resume adds to the credibility of your resume.

Name: xyx

Cell No. 000

Address: abc

Email Id: xxx

Country :abc

Gender: M/F


Objectives: (Sales Resume)

To be able to have a position in an establishment where I can enhance my leadership skills, work passionately with people who live up to the vision and mission of the company.

Primary Goal(Sales Resume)

·        Provide comprehensive and quality customer care at all times

·        Provide appropriate and accurate respond

·        Meet quality, productivity and schedule adherence performance standards

·        Apply technical knowledge and appropriate procedures

·        Meet performance goal and targets


·        Leadership Skills

·        Excellent Customer Service Skills

·        P.C & Microsoft Office/Excel Literate

·        Strategic Planning & Evaluating Skills

·        Punctual & Trustworthy

·        Self – motivated

·        Microsoft Office

·        Typing speed 30 to 40 words per minute

Salesman or sales Officer

For 3 years being an administrative officer is very tough and exciting job. In this working scenario I learned how to manage marketing information, decision support system and office automation.

1.      To plan, organize, and administer the activities of his/her department, office, or division efficiently.

2.      To keep informed of new developments relating to his/her function and to maintain a creative and experimental attitude toward change, in order to continuously improve the operation of his/her area of responsibility.

3.      To recommend the organizational structure and staffing that complement his/her area of responsibility.(salesman)

4.      To establish and maintain an organizational climate that encourages the development, retention, and a high level of morale among personnel.

5.      Keep his/her immediate supervisor informed of activities of the unit, particularly of major or unusual developments, and seeking his/her advice and counsel.

6.      To recommend the budget for his/her department, office, or division and, within limitations established by the board or President, to administer his/her budget.

7.      To serve on committees and councils as directed by board policies and procedures or by his/her immediate supervisor or the President.

8.      To represent and attend professional meetings as authorized by his/her immediate supervisor.

9.      To provide information and reports to the board at the request of the President.

10.   To perform any other duties assigned or delegated by his/her immediate supervisor.

Salesman / Sales Agent

3 years of experience providing customer support in busy call center environments for technical inbound for electronic device. It is a commitment to the customer to build good relationship, resolve problems and gain customer trust. I learned here how to be calm and good listener.

1.      Receives, processes and verifies the accuracy of orders from customers utilizing the organization’s internal CRM/mainframe systems and customer purchase orders.

2.      Initiates required action for response to customer service requests for order changes, including the maintenance of order/customer information files and communicates changes to the appropriate Personnel/departments.

3.      Ensures and provides quality service to both internal and external customers.

4.      Receives inquiries from and/or contacts the organization’s branch/regional offices to resolve a variety of order-related issues.

5.      Accesses the company’s internal systems to obtain and extract order information and provide customer service management with the data for inclusion in various scheduled and special reports

6.      Performs assigned system maintenance to various electronic order files.

7.      Participates and provides expertise as a member of the customer service’s departmental team.

8.      The team’s objectives are develop and recommend changes to existing methods and systems to increase the accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness of the customer service department as a whole.

Sales Supervisor:

During my UAE endeavor, I started here as sales working person. Even it’s not my line I still stand my own principles on how to handle customer care and having a good relationship from the big boss to the staff. Only one basic information I learned in this aspect, equality and respect is essential.

§ Prepare sales action plans and strategies

§ Develop and maintain a customer database

§ Develop and maintain sales and promotional materials

§ Make sales calls to new and existing clients

§ Develop and make presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients

§ Negotiate with clients

§ Maintain sales activity records and prepare sales reports

§ Respond to sales inquiries and concerns by phone, electronically or in person

§ Ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships

§ Maintain an awareness of all promotions and advertisements.

§ Assist in processing and replenishing merchandise and monitoring floor stock.




Inventory Manager Resume Sample

An Inventory Managers job is like that of a Purchaser (Senior Purchaser Resume Sample, Purchaser Cum Driver Resume Sample). So you must show in your resume that you are well aware of purchasing and all the method of store handling and you know LIFO. FIFO, WEIGHTED AVERAGE methods; a most commonly used method for store inventory and transaction purpose. This resume is a sample for the post of Inventory Manager. A good Inventory Manager has the precise knowledge of inventory handling and using. Most employers from different organizations want their Inventory Manager to be sharp, honest with good character. So when you construct your Inventory Manager resume you must be aware of these points. The employer always wants to hire a reliable employee for his inventory or store and mentioning all your good records and awards in this service will definitely highlight your profile.

Name       :   x.y.z
Phone no :000

Email id : xxxx

Present Location: Dubai, U.A.E.

Summary (Inventory Manager)


  • Purchase in charge
  • Inventory Section and Stock management


  • Bachelor Of Computer Science 

Career Contour: (Inventory Manager)

  • ABC MARINE L.L.C ,A.E         

       As on Stock Purchasing Management system                            


             Stock Management system      



  • Receiving purchase requisition from the stores, send to the purchase enquiry to concerned suppliers,
  • Collect the quotes from the supplier and make the comparison chart with last cost and selling price for the approval,(Inventory Manager)
  • Make the purchase order with our terms and condition and send to the supplier,
  • Make the supplier evaluation for each year. As per the ISO procedure,
  • Analyze market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future material availability.
  • Maintain records of goods ordered and received.
  • once items received we should verify the goods condition and compare the invoice amount and quantity with purchase order.(Inventory Manager)
  • After material received must inspect all items
  • Posting all purchase entries verifying PO & Import cost.(Inventory Manager)
  • If WE find any damage and poor quality material must to be returned.(Inventory Manager)
  • Placing order for office use items
  • Making work order for all non trad-able items and non trad-able work.(Inventory Manager)
  • Manages stationery requirements for the department and other office supplies
  • monitoring all the annual work ,cleaning work,service work & replacement work done by perfect.

Inventory Manager:  

  • To create the GRN in ERP system,
  • To make the costing sheet for GRN
  • Fixing the selling price for each stock item,
  • To make the Item coding procedures.
  • Prepare the aged item stock report
  • Maintain the minimum stock level
  • Supervise the packaging and handling of materials.
  • Make stock ledger report as per Management requirement,
  • Stock confirmation for each inventory documents,
  • Month closing and annual closing ,
  • Create the stock valuation report,
  • Generating all required reports regarding dispatch of products using MS-Excel

IT Skill:

  • All OS Software, MS OfficeWord ,Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Well versed with the usage of Internet, E-mail

Personal Dossier:

  • Professional and positive attitude.
  • Quick learner and planning with executing the skills and experience.
  • Capable and can work independently in urgency with positive actions.
  • Flexible in working hours and committed to excellence.
  • Committed to professional excellence, organized and flexible.
  • Ability to maintain a good working relationship with all co-workers
  • Main responsibilities of my job is to provide customer satisfaction and the highest level of


 Date of Birth                                         :          000

 Nationality                                             :           Indian

 Civil Status                                            :            Single

Languages Known                                :            English, Tamil

 Passport No                                            :             xxxx

 Visa Status                                              :            Employment Visa

 Permanent Address                               :          Tamil Nadu, India


References can be furnished upon request

Event Planner Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of an Event Planner. Today’s world offers great opportunities as well as competitions to a man. Here establishing a new business or maintaining an old one is not a plain sailing. Discreet knowledge or education is not something that would suffice the needs to meet these days. An Event Planner is primarily responsible for taking Business to another level – a higher one. He (Event Planner) must be aware of the prevailing fashion as well as with an insight to predict and to perform. (see also Photographer Resume Sample) Below is given an example of Event Planner resume that should help in creating your resume according to the requisites. The sample Event Planner Resume shall guide you to put your skills and experience at the right place. Finally do try to add previous credits or awards as they shall really make your resume stand out among others.

Name        :xyz

Email        :xxx

Mobil        :0000

Objectives (Event Planner)

To contribute towards the growth and development of a dynamic organization where opportunities to grow both personally and professionally are ample and where I can utilize my skills effectively & efficiently. Also to show the best of my knowledge, policies and practices in any field that relates to my personal profile and personality.

Applied For: Event Planner/ Event Organizer .

Areas Of Expertise (Event Planner)

  • Well organized
  • Lesson planning
  • Detail oriented
  • IT skills
  • Team work
  • Health & Safety
  • Working with individuals
  • Coordination

Professional Experience

Year 2013 – 2014                Private Corporation

Year 2010– 2012               THE AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOL

Year 2005 – 2009              BEACONHOUSE SCHOOL SYSTEM

Year 2003 – 2004              THE DAFFODILS SCHOOL

Key Competencies And Skills(Event Planner)

  • Discussing course objectives, expectations & policies with seniors.
  • Dependable, manageable and flexible.
  • Focusing on basics.
  • Able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • Considerate and patient.
  • Enjoy working with team.
  • Regular and on time attendance.
  • Can form productive relationships with seniors and staff.
  • Able to stay calm in all situations.
  • Can assimilate within a department quickly and effectively.
  • A committed and organized professional.
  • Fully aware of diversity and cultural issues.
  • Helpful in organizing events.
  • Good in creative skills.
  • Honest and diligent.

Academic Information(Event Planner)

2002-M.A. English   University of Punjab, Lahore

2000-B.A. University of Punjab, Lahore

1998-Intermediate     Gujranwala Education Board

1996-Matriculation    Gujranwala Education Board

Specialization And Certification

2014-   Boot startVista, Office 2007 and Computer Hardware

Aptech Computer Education

I.T. Skills

Os:                                                      work on windows Xp, to window 2010

Tools:                                                 MS Office, Word Excel, Power Point.

Internet\Web:                                    Strong skills of Internet, Email& Web

Typing:                                               Can do good typing.                                                                       


  • English
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi

Personal Information

Father Name:       :    xyz

Marital Status     :    Single

Nationality          :   Pakistani

Religion              :     Islam


  • Reading Books
  • Computing, Net Surfing
  • Dress Designing ,Interior Designing
  • Travelling, Music.

Salient Features

  • Solid knowledge and experience in business management
  • Feel comfortable in administration and management field.
  • Result and target oriented approach.
  • Confident and persuasive personality.
  • Well-groomed and has a sound personality.
  • Can work for long hours.
  • Always ready to learn new things and updating information.



Heavy Equipment Operator Resume Sample

Following resume is a sample for the post of Heavy Equipment Operator. A Heavy Equipment Operator operates and work with heavy equipment like Tractors, bulldozers, loaders etc for building and construction purposes. They are specialized and trained in using heavy equipment appropriately and safely. The resume for Heavy Equipment Operator needs to be tackle differently. The employer or the recruiter may or may not be interested in your education but he is definitely looking for how where you have used what kind of equipment. Secondly either you can work with multiple equipment. Elaborate your past experience your resume. Make it dynamic by placing one or two pictures of yours while working. Make a very clear account of your zero criminal record and also that you are a healthy person in 100% working shape.

If you are a fresh/new/zero experience employee than make sure to add references and contact numbers of your referrers(see also Bus Driver Resume Sample). Mention what kind of equipment you can handle and that you are a quick learner. Finally best of luck!

NAME                : xyz

CONTACT         :00000

ADDRESS           : LONDON

E-mail                : xxxx

OBJECTIVE: (Heavy Equipment Operator)

Reliable, expert and professional driver with 8 years’ hands-on experience in light vehicle driving. Committed to ensure the safety of passengers and vehicle. Able to respond quickly in emergency situations. Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to read maps and use GPS systems.


  • Completed High school from D.M.D.G Municipal High School,Valsad, Gujarat, India  in the year 2000.
  • Completed 2 years Degree in Bachelor of Arts from M. R. Desai Arts & Commerce College, Chikhli, Gujarat, India in the year 2002.
  • Completed computer course in MS Office in the year 2002.

KEY STRENGTHS: (Heavy Equipment Operator)

  • In depth knowledge of routes, locations and addresses in and around cities
  • Cheque collection from Clients.
  • Arranging gate passes from Ports.
  • Able to perform minor repairs of all kinds of vehicles
  • Demonstrated ability to keep the vehicle clean

WORKING EXPERIENCE: (Heavy Equipment Operator)

  • Currently Working as a Bus driver in THERMO L.L.C(Offshore Division) from Jan 2008 till this date.
  • I have a valid U.A.E Driving License:
    • 3 – Light Vehicle (Heavy Equipment Operator)
    • 5 – Light Bus (Heavy Equipment Operator)


A leader in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing Engineering and Contracting with an experience of 28 years. Thermo LLC offers Comprehensive Services as Single or multi-services Engineering Contracting Contractor for both Small and large Projects and has Head Quarters in Dubai & Saudi Arabia. With an established reputation for providing high quality services, Thermo LLC depends on the integrity of their 3000 staff to deliver professional excellence. Thermo LLC views each projects as relationship of mutual trust and respect.(Heavy Equipment Operator).


  • Transport office staff from one place to another on assigned routes
  • Transport cargo to different places safely
  • Ensure appropriate maintenance of vehicles
  • Perform vehicle inspection to manage preventive maintenance
  • Make minor repairs as and when necessary
  • Follow maps to deliver the goods
  • Maintain driver log book


  • Positive attitude and professional demeanor
  • Performs general assistance in filling, photocopying, faxing, scanning and PC works.
  • Flexible schedule: Available at nights, weekends or early morning


      Name                           : xyz

Father Name                     : xyz

Date of Birth                    : 0000

Gender                              : Male

Marital Status                   : Married

Language Known              : English.

Visa Status                        : xxxx

Passport No                      : 0000

Visa Validity                      : 0000

I hereby declare that all the information’s given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Electrician Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Electrician . An Electrician/Electrical Engineer deals with electronics and electric ornaments. Modern world is a tech world. Everything is related to technology in one way or the other. An Electrician/Electrical Engineer is an example of this. His expertise correlates the talent of electrician with telecommunication (Telecom Engineer Resume Sample). An Electrician/Electrical Engineer resume is the most important thing for you before coming face to face to an employer. It must be build in a very careful manner. Below is given an example of such a resume to help you create an impressive and convincing resume. Finally adding verified references and images(if any) of your previous experiences is definitely going to increase the worth of your resume.

Name: xyz

Post Box: 000

Abu Dhabi-UAE

Contact No: 0000

Email ID : xxxx

  Career Objectives:(electrical or electrician)

  1. To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job Satisfaction and self development and help me achieve personal as well as organization goals.(electrical or electrician)
  2. To seek challenging assignment and responsibility, with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as successful achievements.(electrical or electrician)
  3. To be involved in work where I can utilize skill and creatively involved with system that effectively contributes to the growth of organization

5. To make a sound position in corporate world and work enthusiastically in team to achieve goal of the organization/MNC with devotion and hard work.

Educational Qualifications :(electrical or electrician)

Bachelor Degree – B. E (Electrical and Electronics Engineering).

Diploma Degree –Diploma in Computer Application (DCA).

Diploma Degree –Desk Top Publishing (DTP).

Electrical Maintenance Management.

Experience:(electrical or electrician)

  1. Saudi Telecom Communication(STC)

Year           : 2012 to 2014.

Position      : Electrical or Electrician

 Core Experience of Electrical DC/AC and HVAC  Maintenance:

  • Managing Electrical supply and maintenance operations in GSM field and Telecom Exchange field.
  • Rectify the problem of Electrical panel and preventive maintenance routine (Ex. Phase sequence changing, Over voltage production burn, High voltage problem, Main contactor fault, etc..,).
  • Ensuring the surveillance monitors are observed at all times.
  • Monitoring and controlling all sally port doors that enters into the secured area of the facility. Also, monitoring and controlling all of the sally port doors in the housing units.

Core experience of Electrician:

  • May have to visit sites when needed to solve problems regarding communicating devices on power issues.
  • Will have to inspect and service telecommunication devices in frequent interval of time.
  • Engineers will also have to design and create devices for telecommunication systems and cooperate with the team members.
  • Develop and write procedures for installation, use, and troubleshooting of communications hardware and software.
  1. CONSIM Info Pvt. Ltd-Property Consultant Management

Year         : 2011 April to 2012 March,

Position    : Executive Customer Service.

Core experience of Executive Customer Service:

  • Represents the president by welcoming visitors, reviewing correspondence; arranging company dinners and other corporate functions.
  • Publishes the corporate newsletter by gathering information; preparing and editing articles.
  • Make consistent decisions by advising them of historical precedents; serving as liaison between them and the president.
  • Completes projects and special assignments by establishing objectives; determining priorities; managing time.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.

Area of Interest

  • Specialization in managing Stock and Adjustment Operations.
  • System Operations at senior level contribution
  • Document control and Server Management.

Computer Skills

  • Key Skills :   MS-office, DOS,Unix,Linux,C,C++,JAVA,Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows OS
  • Typing Speed  :   46(WPM)
  • Advance Kills :  Server maintenance  for large number of computers


  • Leadership Quality with planning in professional manner
  • Good listener
  • Honesty and Sincerity
  • Punctuality with well designed planning manner

Personal Information

Date of birth                       :   0000

Gender                                :   Male.

Marital Status                       :   Single.

Nationality                            :   Indian.

Passport No                          :   00000

Address                                :    0000,

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Language known                  : Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu and Tamil


I hereby declare that the above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Reference: 000