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Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer. An Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer deals with electronics and electric ornaments. Modern world is a tech world. Everything is related to technology in one way or the other. A Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer is an example of this. His expertise corelates the talent of electronics with telecommunication. A resume Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer is the most important thing for you before coming face to face to an employer. It must be build in a very careful manner. Below is given an example of such a resume to help you create an impressive and convincing resume. Finally adding verified references and images(if any) of your previous experiences is definitely going to increase the worth of your resume.

Name: xyz

Post Box: 000

Contact No: 000

Email ID : xxxx

  Career Objectives:(Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer)

To seek challenging assignment and responsibility, with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as successful achievements.To be involved in work where I can utilize skill and creatively involved with system that effectively contributes to the growth of organization

Educational Qualifications :(Telecom Cum Electric Engineer)

Bachelor Degree – B. E (Electrical and Electronics Engineering).

Diploma Degree –Diploma in Computer Application (D.C.A).

Electrical Maintenance Management.

Experience;(Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer)

  1. PAKISTAN Telecom Communication(P.T.C.L.)

Position      : Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer

Telecommunication Maintenance Engineer:

  • Managing Electrical supply and maintenance operations in GSM field and Telecom Exchange field.
  • Rectify the problem of Electrical panel and preventive maintenance routine (Ex. Phase sequence changing, Over voltage production burn, High voltage problem, Main contactor fault, etc..,).
  • Ensuring the surveillance monitors are observed at all times.
  • Monitoring and controlling all sally port doors that enters into the secured area of the facility. Also, monitoring and controlling all of the sally port doors in the housing units.

Core experience of Telecom Engineer:

  • May have to visit sites when needed to solve problems regarding communicating devices on power issues.
  • Will have to inspect and service telecommunication devices in frequent interval of time.
  • Engineers will also have to design and create devices for telecommunication systems and cooperate with the team members.
  • Develop and write procedures for installation, use, and troubleshooting of communications hardware and software.
  1. CONSIM Info Pvt. Ltd-Property Consultant Management

Year         : 2011  April to 2012  March,

Position    : Executive Customer Service.

Core experience of Executive Customer Service:

  • Represents the president by welcoming visitors, reviewing correspondence; arranging company dinners and other corporate functions.
  • Publishes the corporate newsletter by gathering information; preparing and editing articles.
  • Make consistent decisions by advising them of historical precedents; serving as liaison between them and the president.
  • Completes projects and special assignments by establishing objectives; determining priorities; managing time.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.

Computer Skills

  • Key Skills :   MS-office.
  • Typing Speed  :   38(WPM)
  • Advance Kills :  Server maintenance  for large number of computers


  • Leadership Quality with planning in professional manner
  • Good listener
  • Honesty and Sincerity
  • Punctuality with well designed planning manner

Personal Information

Date of birth                       :   0000

Gender                                :   Male.

Marital Status                       :   Single.

Nationality                            :  pakistani.

Passport No                          :   00000

Address                                :    0000,

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Language known                  : Arabic, English, Urdu

Air Catering/Catering sales Service Resume Sample

Catering means providing quality food facilities at a place. Now an Air Caterer is primarily responsible for providing best quality and safe food on a plane. This resume is a sample for the post of Air Catering/Catering Sales Service. As the resume is your first interface with the employer or the recruiter you need to pay considerable attention to it. Below we have made a sample for such a resume. It has all the necessary information and guidelines to best express your talent. Finally adding references to your resume is definitely going to add to the worth of your resume.

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Name :   XYZ

Mobil No: 0000000

Email ID:  xxxx

Applied For:Catering Manger/Catering Supervisor/Air Catering Waiter/Catering Coordinator

CAREER  OBJECTIVE:(Air Catering/Catering sales Service)

To excel in my role with exceptional professionalism and optimal performance, setting exemplary standards in this hospitality industry. Ensuring along with growth, all round development in my career. Thus, in the process, giving the best to my organization.

EDUCATION:(Air Catering/Catering sales Service)

Bachelor of Science in Physics from Bombay University in 1996.

Working as a Real Estate agent, buying and selling property in Mumbai as a side business to generate revenue for Company.


Working as a Catering Manger/Catering Supervisor/Air Catering Waiter/Catering Coordinator/ Duty Officer in Sharjah Airport Services in Catering Operation department .

We are into Quick Service Restaurant Business with popular brands as Vanellis, Tiki-Ming, Tandoori, Padthai, Teriyaki, Yum Yum Tree.

  • Ensure competent quality execution of all regular purchasing duties and administrative works.
  • Maintain complete updated purchasing records/data and pricing in the system.
  • Prepare reports and summarize data including sales report and book value.
  • Schedule store visits and conduct competitor survey.
  • Execution and monitoring of all regular purchasing duties.
  • Coordinate with user departments and suppliers in the purchasing scope of work for projects assigned.
  • Assist in managing and following up overseas orders.
  • Handling and monitoring of claims to factories and vendors for defectives, shortage, missing parts.
  • Support relevant departments with quotations for the purpose of tenders.
  • Coordinate with suppliers to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Responsible for the preparation and process purchase orders and documents in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Monitor and co-ordinate deliveries of items between suppliers to ensure that all items are delivered to site/store on time.
  • Source, select and negotiate for the best purchase package in terms of quality, price, terms, deliveries and services with suppliers.
  • Negotiate for best purchasing package (in terms of quality, price, term, delivery and service) with suppliers and sub-contractors assigned.
  • Purchase and issue order in accordance to specification.
  • Plan and manage inventory levels of materials or products.
  • Source for new parts, suppliers or sub-contractors when the need arises.
  • Monitor and co-ordinate deliveries of items between suppliers (local and overseas).
  1. Worked as  the “Catering Manager” .

At TAJ SATS Air Catering Limited, safety is a shared responsibility. We strive to excel and enhance our leadership in airline catering and expand into airport related services in India, by delivering exceptional value to our customers. We have set up our Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

  • Supervising and motivating a team of Duty Manager’s / Officer’s and Team Leaders whilst leading the people management initiatives with respect to cost, compliance, sales/service and people.
  • Active participation in outdoor sales initiative, a venture to bring our outdoor catering to competitive competency levels.
  • Providing guidance and support to the Duty Manager’s / Officer’s in assigning and scheduling work based on the flight schedule.
  • Responsible for ensuring all employees are working in safe conditions and reinforcing proactive behavior in the application of safety measures and techniques.
  • Oversee staff, and manage entire catering operations to achieve objectives for the business
  • Handled supplies and inventories
  • Committed for great quality customer service
  • Ensuring that Airlines is provided with the in-flight catering service as per laid down procedures and specifications at all times.
  • Liaising with other key stakeholders from the Ware wash, Production, Airside Logistics, Supply Chain and Administration on a daily basis to ensure clear and accurate lines of communication are maintained so we achieve on-time performance in full at all times.
  • Managing all operational matters when on shift and communicating upwards if on time performance may be affected.
  • Assisting the Operations Manager with the development, implementation and improvement of business unit processes to achieve key result areas, cost savings and operational efficiencies as outlined by the department Head of Department.
  • Comply with the Company Occupational Health & Safety Policy.
  • Come up with creative ideas in catering services
  • Recruit & train new staff
  • Ensure great service & fulfillment of the customer requirements & specifications
  1. Worked as Duty Manager with Tajsats Air Catering Ltd.( Mumbai ) from Jan 2011 to May 2011. With exemplary performance I’ve earned this post.
  1. Worked as a Catering Co-ordinator (Duty Officer) with Tajsats Air Catering Ltd.( Mumbai ) from  Mar 2008 to Dec 2010.
  • Responsible for the systematic dispatch of flights as per schedule adhering to HACCP requirements.
  •  Coordinated with Prep. Co-ordinator/ and other feeder depts. like kitchen, bond, transport, etc., as also with flight supervisors.
  • Organized & allocated duties to flight supervisors, brief them on airline requirements & ensure on time departures.
  • Was the Account Manager for Jet Airways – Handling Jet Airways flight catering operation alone.


Received Halal Total Compliance Training Certificate issued by Malaysia Airlines.

  1. Worked as Operation Team Leader with QACC (Qatar Aircraft Catering Co.),   which is a subsidiary of Qatar Airways  from Aug. 2006 to March 2008.


  • Monitor and assist flight supervisors in their duties.
  • Manage smooth flight dispatch, ensuring high standards of hygiene & food quality.


Received 02 Appreciation letters from Qatar Aircraft Catering Company for the excellent job done.

  1. Worked as Sr. Flt. Supervisor with TAJ SATS AIR Catering Ltd. I hold a rich work experience, working with this reputed organization for a period spanning nine years.
  • Handled flights of Emirates, Alitalia, Air Mauritius, Jet Airways, Korean Air, Delta Airlines, South African Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Malaysian Airlines, Air Sahara, Virgin Atlantic, etc.
  • Man Power Planning, Catering & Food management.
  • Knowledge of HACCP


Received many Appreciation letters from clients such as Alitalia, Air Mauritius, South African, Malaysian, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic etc.


  • Ability to work effectively in a team, having a diverse background.
  • Strong work ethics with leadership traits.
  • Ability to accomplish all assigned tasks efficiently.
  • Good communication skills.

All the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Thank you,


Life & Medical In charge Insurance Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Life & Medical In charge Insurance Manager. His prime job is to make sure that right benefits and services are being provided to the right persons i.e. he checks after that there is enough money available from the company for the customer’s specified insurance agreement.  A resume pays a vital role in representing you and your expertise before the employer. It must be build in the right manner. Below we have given as example of an impressive and convincing resume. We do hope that it should help you in creating a good resume.

Name:  XYZ

Place :  U.A.E

E-mail: xxx

Mobile: 0000

Applied For: Insurance Coordinator/Fire/Health/Vehicle/Business Insurance

(Life & Medical In charge Insurance ) (Insurance Coordinator )
  • Excellent Command over Administration
  • Negotiation-Public Relation Skills
  • Effective Planning and Coordination
  • Aggressive Logistics Techniques
  • Business & Self-Correspondence Abilities
  • Diversified Industry Experience
  • Adept with Documentation Procedures
  • Receptive, Self-Starter & Multi-tasked.
  • Understand dynamics of people engagement and recognize HR as a core function responsible for the success and failure of any organization
  • Over 4 years of experience in Insurance Co-coordinating , Alternative Channel Sales Officer &Office Assistant
  • Dynamic person with focus on achieving results by combining traditional methods with futuristic approach and vision
  • Keep myself abreast of industry developments People’s person with talent for identifying a problem, coordinating with related departments and synchronizing clashing opinions to arrive at an amicable solution
  • Go-getter, systematic, organized, committed person and planner capable of ensuring competing every assigned task without any delay
  • Working knowledge of MS Office and Insurance processing software

Currently working as “Life & Medical In charge”


  • Prepare the medical, health and life quotations, policies and renewals.
  • Undertake the calculation of the premium that will be given to the client.
  • Evaluate and process all the claims (cashless or reimbursement) from the Head
  • Recommend settlement of the claims (cashless or reimbursement)to the Accounting dept.
  • Coordinate with the Third Party Administrators for the clients’ and providers’ concerns.
  • Transact with clients, producers/agents and brokers.
  • Meet with different Re-Insurers and Treaty Leaders from other countries.
  • Documented, scrutinized and applied the underwriting policies to the best of my ability.
  • Calculate the risk involved as per my company’s code rules and submit report to the management
  • Manage the alteration in documentation for any mid-term changes of existing insurance policies, Preparing documentation of medical coverage certificate.
  • Performs the duties of the Receptionist and Secretary of the General Manager whenever necessary.
  • Aided in the expediency of all written or verbal communication with the insurance agents.

Sharjah insurance co.

Insurance Coordinator – Fire & Engineering Dept

  • Preparing Fire & Eng.Policies
  • Facultative Arrangements & Processing
  • Booking Inwards & Outward Premium
  • Clerical works & Secretarial routines
  • Maintaining Documents & records
  • Dispatching Premium documents
  • Arrange renewal notice & Urgent notice
  • Helping A/c Dept in Reconciliation
  • Making quotations & placement slips


Health Insurance Coordinator

  • Collecting Customer Details
  • Tele-Sales & Customer Service
  • Taking appointments
  • Selling Medical Insurance Products
  • Effective service to Achieve the given Target
  • Concentrating in Accidental Medical Cover, Critical, Illness, Total & Permanent Disability. 


Alternative Channel Sales Officer

  • Bank Financing
  • Selling Insurance Products
  • Monitoring Daily Report
  • Dealing with Customers
  • Maintaining all insurance due date records
  • Updating customers data on priority basis
  • Daily updating all insurance data

TATA TELE SERVICES LTD.                                       

Senior Customer Care Executive

  • Managing Handset /Recharge coupon Stock in the Stores
  • Monitoring Shops activities on a daily basis.
  • Selling of Handset & Recharge coupon & Bill Collection.
  • Monitoring and Sending Daily reports to higher officials.
  • Achieving Targets
  • MIS reports preparing and submitting the officials
  • Daily updating the new customers data
  • Maintaining the customers important information


Office Assistant

  • Selling apt insurance product to the customers.
  • Daily Prospect list to be maintained and reported to Team leader.
  • Managing the insurance activities
  • Daily updating insurance claims
  • Maintaining insurance claim records
  • Group wise sorting claim records
  • Making periodical claim reports
  • Maintaining Documents & records
  • Dispatching documents
  • Clerical works & Secretarial routines
  • Doing Licentiate In Insurance (Chartered Insurance Institute of India) 2014

Chartered Insurance Institute Of India

  • A Economies 2

Sree Narayana Women’s College,Kollam

  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Zimbra, Premia – Insurance U/W software & Pricing Tool.
  • Training attended in Tata Tele Services, Cochin on Attitude and Business Development.
  • Co-ordinator of Event Management as freelancer.
  • Date of Birth: 000
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Languages Known: English, Tamil, Malayalam & Hindi
  • Visa Status : xxxxx


Bank Assistant Operation Manager Resume Sample

An Bank Assistant Operation Manager supervises and make sure that work is carried on smoothly. His responsibility is to ensure that the good/product/service is according to the client’s requirements and is in favor of the company/organization. Below we have given a sample resume for the post of Bank Assistant Operation Manager. An Bank Assistant Operation Manager tasks also vary according to the employer demands. Begin your resume with your basic info. Further build it with your career objectives, your determination to grow further and previous work experiences. Highlight that you are a versatile and vibrant candidate who have wider knowledge and is not just cooped up in his own shell. Finally add some references/credits from your previous jobs.

Name        : xyz

Contact No.000

Applied For: Entry level operation manager/Bank Officer/Bank Cashier/Bank manager

OBJECTIVE:(Bank Assistant Operation Manager)

ABC and customer service sector experience i want to work in an environment conductive to the realization of my true potential and be part of a winning team with my contributions. My quick grasping and learning ability will enable me to comfortably adapt to the ever changing and demanding needs of the industry.

WORK EXPERIENCE:(Bank Assistant Operation Manager)


 Assistant Operations Manager

 Migrated the group insurance back office process under a capacity of Assistant Manager Operations, trained and currently managing a team of 30 resources. Business responsible for maintenance of group insurance policies.

Current Job Responsibilities:-

  • Daily/Weekly interaction with Process Manager (conference calls/e-mails) discussing the detailed work progress, escalating any issues or concerns and getting first hand resolutions to the internal queries.
  • Adapt to additional client requirements involved in smooth operations of processes.
  • Represent the processes in monthly review and discuss the overall performance of the processes.
  • Conducting the monthly one on one’s with direct reportees
  • Involved in various employee engagements related activities to boost employee morale and ensure minimum attrition.

  Quality Compliance Analyst

Worked as a Quality Compliance Analyst with bop Services as a part of Process Excellence Team for a Life & Annuity Insurance provider in USA.

Job Profile

  • Responsible for Mentoring and giving effective Feedbacks to attain best result out of the team.
  • Involved in the Calibration Exercises, Quality Assessments meetings and various kind of Quality Analysis with the Client to improve the accuracy.


  • Special Award for organizing Family day for company.
  • Actively involved in Employee engagement for the process.
  • Managing and organizing team outings and team parties.
  • Involved in Team building exercises.


  • Platform Skills
  • Feedback Skills
  • Business Communication+
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Bonding
  • Awareness of Six Sigma Elementary Training
  • Leadership Skills Workshop
  • Train the Trainer Workshop
  • First Time Leaders Orientation (FTLO)
  • Performance Management System

Professional Qualification

·         Basic Cabin Crew Training from Frankfinn Management Consultants based at New Delhi.

  • Diploma of six months in Basic Computer Application from Tuples.


  • Bachelor of Commerce
  •  Intermediate

Personal Detail

  • Date of Birth              :     0000
  • Father’s Name          :     xxxx
  • Marital Status            :     Married
  • Address                     : NIT, Faridabad (Haryana)
  • Contact #                   :     0000
  • Passport Number     :     0000
  • Email                          :     xxxx

Interior Designer/Home Decorator Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Interior Designer/Home Decorator. This is the top or executive level post that requires discrete knowledge and working skills. A Interior Designer/Home Decorator resume at this level needs be well-constructed keeping the employer’s point of view in mind and subjected efficiently to those fields that the employer is precisely interested in. The resume sample for the post of Interior Designer/Home Decoration is given below with all (the detailed) mention of required necessary information. If you read resume sample you will be quite aware of how you should construct an impressive resume. Discuss in detail all your past experience, big projects that you handled and completed.


Address: Faisalabad.

Contact No:

Email add: xxxx

Website: xxxx

Post Applied For: Interior Designer/Home Decoration/Kitchen Designer/Inter Level Home Designer


Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

  • Certificate of Photography.
  • Autocad 2001 certificate.

Member and Registry:

STRENGTH/ SKILLS: (Interior Designer/Home Decoration)

AUTO-CAD R13-2014 ,Rev-it Architecture 8-2014,Sketch up 8, Basic studio max,Basic Photoshop,Microsoft Office.MS Project management /coordination, photography, Quantity Estimate, Freehand sketch presentation, mood preparation and mock up samples, Furniture/finish  Inclusive Date February 28 2008 to March 2013- September 2013-Present


Interior Designer/Home Decoration 

Scope of works

  • Lead and manage the drafting and  design team in preparation for DM, Tracheas and other governing authorities for  approval.
  • Develop design brief and program, Answer RFI from contractors and other sub-consultant
  • Evaluating and advise on environmental and regulatory legal requirements affecting the project and obtaining approvals from the authorities.
  • Producing, analyzing and advising on BOQ, specification, materials selection and detailed design solutions to produce a high quality standard of architectural works.

ABC Residential Building

Location: Al Warqaa           Client : ABC                           Designation:  Senior Interior Designer

Interior Designer /Kitchen Design Specialist

  •  Schematic and design layout Proposal for front and back of the house design.
  • Attend meeting and coordinate with other Consultant and interior designer in respect to the design requirements of the Kitchen.
  • Prepare work program, Kitchen equipment list and requirement to be issued to other consultant and contractor.
  • Liaise with the Interior consultant with the type of Kitchen layout needed as per the concept of the restaurant.
  • Provide routing of the waste management  and deliver of goods to the storage.


 Interior designer

  • Responsible for the interior design and preparation of interior as built drawings.
  • Does an on site inspection for the work progress of sub contractors and in charge of the quality control of the interior works.
  • Responsible in budget estimation for the project.
  • Certifying the sub contractor on there claim of payment base on there work progress and work quality.


  • Architect ABC Architectural Firm- JUNE 2004- MAY 2006
  • Ever last Construction- July 2002- March 2003


  • 12 Hours LEED Course Conducted by: Mr. kwwc , Held : 2d Fold Training center Alwarqaa Dubai (Mar 2011)
  • AutoCAD 2D And 3D Conducted by: Mr. Dante Roxas ,Held:  Western Mindanao State University

College of Architecture

  • Basic Photography Portraiture.
  • Mosh La Fuentes Photography Workshop.
  • Basic Photography.
  • Green Building – Dubai Municipality 2013.

Auto Service / Production Consultant Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Auto Service/ Production Consultant. An Auto Service or a Production Consultant are a big demand in newly furnished as well as already developed  companies or organization. An employer, for this job, is no doubt looking for an experienced and highly resourceful person. Now the resume, being the first introduction to the employer, hold much importance. It needs to be create keeping all the essential and related information. Below we have prepared an example of such a resume. Finally adding verified references to your resume is definitely going to add to the value of resume.

Name :       XYZ
Mobil No. :  000000
Email ID :      xxx
Address.    xxxxx
Gender :

Objective. (Auto Service / Production Consultant)

Building and leading highly motivated, achievement-oriented Service Teams capable of meeting and exceeding demanding targets and objectives.

Position Applied For: Auto Consultant/Auto Service Manager / Auto Production Manager / Auto Sales Manager

Value Offered.                   

  • Dynamic, competitive automotive management professional with 22 years experience in service activity.
  • Exceptional team builder with the ability to increase efficiency by finding team weaknesses in time management, communication, and technical strategy.
  • Imaginative and innovative individual with proven management, service, technical, training, operation and new business development skills, volume and customer satisfaction, which illustrate the ability to combine cost control, revenue growth and improvements through effective staff training and motivation.

Skills.( Auto Consultant/Auto Service Manager / Auto Production Manager / Auto Sales Manager)

¡    Improvements in service standards to increase customer footfall, retention, and quality of service.

¡    Ability to successfully work under pressure in dynamic, multi-tasked environment.

¡    Providing leadership to achieve maximum profitability and Revenue growth of the business.

¡    Coordinating numerous activities to advice maximum efficiency.

¡   Cost reduction strategies & Performance measurement.

¡    Time management, Planning, and Organizing.

¡    Developing Customer Retention Strategies.

¡    Monitoring Customer Satisfaction Index.

¡    Minimizing Service Center Downtime.

¡    Monitoring and Auditing performance.

¡    Technical Issue Consultancy.

¡    Writing & speaking Arabic &English.

Professional Experience.

  1. Retired Military Engineers Cooperative.

Auto Technical  Consultant. (Both, Automobile & Motor Insurance).

  1. NIVA, Iraq | Ford-authorized dealer.

Auto Service Manager.                                                                      

Establishing of service center, (manpower, tools, equipment, sections:-                                                                

PDI, Warranty, related documents, sheets, and forms). Manage a team of 50 employees. Ensure compliance to regulations based on NIVA/Ford standards. Operations management. Meet, exceed business & customers expectations. Planning, budgeting & Identify opportunities to reduce operational expenses. People organization, career development &identify training needs. Work closely with all departments such as technical &warranty, customer relations and parts and ensure optimal service solutions to customers. Drive performance improvements programs on internal audit and CSI parameters.

  1. Arab Life & Accident Insurance, Jordan | Leading National Insurance Company.

Motor Insurance Department.                                                                                                          

Managed a team of 35. Manage and organized all department activity & divisions

(Underwriting, Issues, Premiums, Indemnities, Restatements, Evaluations,

Joint Surveys, Subrogation. -Recovery.-), Fixed rates, approved insurance policies, oversaw claims payments. Amended reinsurance agreement principles. Propose executive operational goals and plans to develop and market motor insurance products.

  1. Jordan Light Vehicles Manufacturing | Leading Manufacturer of Vehicles.

Auto Production Manager                                                                                                                        

Directed 150+ employees, including technicians in eight technical branches. Conducted yearly, monthly, and daily planning and follow up of all production and raw materials requirements. Prepare, implement and update production plans (schedules) for all orders.Controlled and optimized inventories of finished products and raw materials. Maintained production machines in optimal conditions.

  1. Kia Motors, Jordan | Kia-Authorized Dealer.

 Auto Service Manager.                                                                                                                              

Managed team of 27, which included technicians and engineers. Defined and directed all activities within a department. Analyzed and tracked performance of personnel by using control sheets and reports generated by customer feedback data and accounts. Drafted and ensured compliance of dealer’s standards based objectives. Follow up with manufacturers to identify areas of improvement. Established Warranty section and ensured warranty claims were in line with warranty policy. Tracked service personnel performance. Trained and supervised technicians and engineers.

Education and Training.( Auto Consultant/Auto Service Manager / Auto Production Manager / Auto Sales Manager)

Automobile Engineering.

United Kingdom.

Mercedes Vehicles Training Course. | Team Consultants.


Empowerment and Motivation Course. | Team Consultants.                                                                       Jordan.

Kia Vehicles Technical Training Course. | Kia Training Center.                                                           South Korea.

Identification of ISO system training course. | Team Consultants.                                                               Jordan.

Customer’s Communication and Satisfactions Course. | Kia Training Center.                                                 UAE.


Entry Level Pharmacist Resume Sample

This resume is an example for the post of Entry Level Pharmacist. The prime requisite for this job is good moral character and sense of responsibility. A Entry Level Pharmacist works to authorize, maintain and manage his pharmacy with the precise knowledge of medicine and its maintenance. Your Entry Level Pharmacist resume is your first meeting with the employer, pay considerable attention to it. Entail all the necessary information with your previous experiences. Highlight your capability to work under pressure and that you are a multi-tasker. Below we have given you an example of such a resume that should help you to create an impressive resume. Finally adding (verified) references to your resume is definitely going to add to the worth of your resume.


United Kingdom.

E-mail: xxxxx

Mobile no: 000

Applied For: Junior Pharmacist/Assistant Pharmacist/Pharmacy Technician

Career Objective

(Entry Level Pharmacist)

A responsible and demanding position in a progressive and reputable firm where I can utilize my knowledge and passion thus making a strong contribution to the organization.

  • In-depth knowledge of medical terminology and practices
  • Knowledge of the principles of specialized science directly related to pharmacy
  • Skill in the compounding and manufacturing of drugs
  • Skilled in handling clerical and administrative tasks
  • Possess excellent telephone etiquette, customer service and management skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of handling administrative methods and processes of corporate offices.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, concisely and courteously with clients, customers, guests and staff
  • Proficiency in MS Office software with an emphasis on Word, Excel, Outlook 2007, Access and PowerPoint
  • Possess strong organizational skills and has the ability to handle multiple tasks with attention to detail
  • Ability to preserve confidentiality of information and work with less direction
Professional Experiences

Successful registered Pharmacist in a position as a Community Pharmacist in Mercury Drug Corporation and was able to achieve exemplary attendance and outstanding performance in delivering customer service and giving a medical assistance.

Entry Level Pharmacist


  • Assists/Dispensing prescription medicines to the public.
  • Ensuring that different treatments are compatible.
  • Checking dosage and ensuring that medicines are correctly and safely supplied and labeled.
  • Assists in supervising the preparation of any medicines.
  • Selling over-the-counter medicines.
  • Counseling and advising the public on the treatment of minor ailments.
  • Advising patients of any adverse side-effects of medicines or potential interactions with other medicines/treatments.
  • Measuring and fitting compression hosiery.
  • Monitoring blood pressure levels.
  • Offering a diabetes screening service.
  • Handling and checking Health and Medical insurance.
  • Supports the implementation of new procedures and manages corporate agency datarequirements.
  • Also responsible for verifying patient insurance, confirming benefits, eligibility, performing pre-authorization, and/or notification as required by third party providers.

On The Job Training


  • Assisting in filling of Prescription Drugs
  • Played key role in developing new ideas on dispensing drugs and Patient Counseling.
  • Taking notes of OSCA and senior citizens information.
Academic Background

XYZ University

  • Tertiary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
  • Licensed as a Registered Pharmacist in Philippines
Personal Information
  • Date of birth  :       0000
  • Place of Birth :       pak.
  • Nationality     :      pak.
  • Civil Status     :       Single
  • Passport No    :       0000

References will be provided upon request

Entry Level Photographer Resume Sample

This resume belongs to the “Entry Level Resume” Series, consist of resumes appreciating and encouraging fresh and new talent. A photographer occupies a very important part in every subject and walk of life. Following resume is a sample for the post of a Professional Photographer. A professional photographer works for some company or is hired by some company/organization. So as a beginner it is very important to convince influential parties of your work. The resume for a fresh photographer is totally different from any other resume. Apart from  depicting the hearty, lively and adventurous nature of the applicant, it must stress over your passion and commitment for the job. There must be a detailed description of what your skills are, and of what type of equipment and software you have dealt with.

Name: XYX
Cell No.: 000000
Email:   xxxxx
Country:  UK
Gender :   Female

Career Objective:

To obtain a position in education management environment where I can utilize and enhance my management skills and knowledge as a school manager and administrator to develop and implement school program and maximize growth of the education institute.


Sr. Certification / Degree Institution / University Specialization / Major Passing Year
1. MPA University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Finance YYYY
2. Bsc  University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Economics, Mathematics, Statistics YYYY
3. I.C.S Board of Lahore Computer, Mathematics & Statistics YYYY
4. Matriculation Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Pak. Arts YYYY


Professional Courses:

Workshops, Certificates and Diplomas                          Year


Oxford University Press                                                                             2014

  • Montessori Teachers Training Course                Diploma              2014

PMC (Pakistan Montessori Council)

  • Montessori / Nursery Foundation Teachers Training Workshop              2014

PMC (Pakistan Montessori Council)

  • Oxford English Phonics Training Course                                                  2014

Oxford University Press

  • Discovering Peace and Happiness Workshop                                          2013

Al-Wabil, Center for Islamic Knowledge

  • Photography Course                                                                                    2013

Studio 4

  • SPELT international conference                                                            2013

Oxford University Press

  • Arabic language Course                                                                            2012

DHA library

  • Aurat Course                                                                                             2012

Al Noor International institute of Islamic education and research

  • Information and communication technology Workshop                            2010

Para mount Publishing Enterprises

  • 3d Modeling and Animation Workshop 2009

Arena Multimedia

  • Multimedia Engineering Course                                          Aug 2008 – Mar 2009

College of Tourism and Multimedia Computing

  • BSS Induction Course                                                                               2008

Beacon House School System

  • Connect yourself with Allah                                                                      2004

Al Huda international institute of Islamic education for woman.

Personality and Skills:

  • Ambitious, intelligent, hard working, inquisitive, quick learner, compassionate, enthusiastic, having creative mind and easy going personality.
  • Very much interested in Photography, Computers, Islam, Early Childhood Training, Research & Development.
  • Enjoy taking part in team work, supporting others with their work, as well as working on my own, whilst using my initiative.
  • Ability to communicate fluently and effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Establishing very good public relations, developing and building strong friendships with colleagues
  • Ability to work with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Coral Draw, 3D Max, Audition, Macromedia Flash, Urdu In-page, Audio-Video Production, Graphics and

 Personal Profile:

Marital Status              Single
Nationality                     Pakistani
Religion                         Islam
Languages Known          English / Urdu / Punjabi / Partial Arabic
Date of Birth                   DD/MM/YYYY
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Fabricator/Fitter Welder Resume Sample

A Fabricator/Fitter Welder are those categories of jobs that are required mostly everywhere. In this era of rapid progress, you can find a new building being constructed in every third street. Fabricators and the Fitter Welders are the most essential part of builders. Usually foreigners with little or no education are the main subject for this category. The employer is interested to hire a young and vibrant employee who is available for 12 or more hours of service. They are offered with residence and some other benefits as well. The resume, here, needs to stress more over your moral character, your enthusiasm of being a part of their company and to grow yourself in alien environment. Below we have build a resume sample for your help and guidance. Best of luck!

Name    : xyz

Contact  : 000

E-Mail   : xxxx

Objective: (Fabricator/Fitter Welder)

Seeking a challenging opportunity in a projectile organization, which will allow my experience and extensive communication and organizational skills while proving an opportunity for career.

Applied For Post: Fabricator/Fitter / Assistant/Experience/Supervisor/Certified Welder

Personal Details:

Name of father     : xxxx

Date of birth         : 000

Nationality            : Pakistan

Sex                       : Male

Marital Status :       : Married/Single

Religion                  : Muslim/Non-Muslim

Passport Details:

Passport No              : 00000

Date of issue             : 00000

Date of Expiry           : 00000

Driving license Details:

Driving license No     : 0000

Category                    :  Light vehicle (manual)

Issue date                  :   0000

Expiry date                 :   0000

Place of issue               : Country Name

Languages Known:

English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi,Arbic

Educational Qualification:

Matriculation 10th from Govt. high school daska Pakistan in 1998.

One year diploma.


3 years experience as a Fabrication Welder.

2 years experience as Supervisor Fitted Welder.

1 year experience as a Helper/Trainee.


I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Peon/Security Guard Resume Sample

The Peon/Security Guard falls under the category of Labor jobs. Foreigners with little or no education are the main subject for this category. This resume is a sample for the post of Peon/Security Guard. Almost every manufacturing or construction company/firm/restaurant/mall/general or any kind of store is always i need of a peon or security man.  The employer is interested to hire a young and vibrant employee who is available for 12 or more hours of service. They are offered with residence and some other benefits as well. The resume, here, needs to stress more over your moral character, your enthusiasm of being a part of their company and to grow yourself in alien environment. Below we have build a resume sample for your help and guidance. Best of luck!

Name     : xyz

Contact  : 000

E-Mail   : xxxx

Objective: (Peon/Security Guard)

Seeking a challenging opportunity in a projectile organization, which will allow my experience and extensive communication and organizational skills while proving an opportunity for career.

Applied For Post: Peon/Guard / Armed Guard/Experience/Supervisor/Certified Security Guard

Personal Details:

Name of father     : xxxx

Date of birth         : 000

Nationality            : Pakistan

Sex                       : Male

Marital Status        : Married/Single

Religion                  : Muslim/Non-Muslim

Passport Details:

Passport No              : 00000

Date of issue             : 00000

Date of Expiry           : 00000

Driving license Details:

Driving license No     : 0000

Category                    :  Light vehicle (manual)

Issue date                  :   0000

Expiry date                 :   0000

Place of issue               : Country Name

Languages Known:

English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi,Arbic

Educational Qualification:

Matriculation 10th from Govt. high school daska Pakistan in 1998.

One year diploma.


3 years experience as a Peon Cum Security Guard.

2 years experience as Peon Cum Office Boy.

1 year experience as a Hotel Armed Security Guard.


I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.