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Mathematics Cum Computing Lecturer Resume Sample

This Resume is a sample for the post of Mathematics Cum Computing Lecturer. The prime thing required in teaching profession is the dedication and passion of the teacher for his subject and his interest to deliver it to his pupils. A Mathematics Cum Computing Lecturer teacher can bring the best out of one AND he can as well drop one’s caliber to zero. Your resume should stress about your expertise in your subject but it must show your patience and understanding with the student and their problems. Below we have given an example of such a resume. It should help your in creating a fine and convincing resume. Attach your recent photograph. Adding references and credits from your previous work experiences is highly recommended! Best of luck…!

Name: XYZ

Mobil No. 000

Email ID. xxxx


2013-2014 Masters of Teaching (secondary) specializing in Mathematics and Computing (information system and software), University of Western Sydney, Sydney Australia.


Current: Teacher

Tutoring club is an American franchise that helps students achieves success in education. As part of the tutoring club team my responsibilities are as follow:

  1. Teaching English (reading, writing) (K-12)
  2. Teaching mathematics (K-12)
  3. Teaching sciences ( chemistry, physics and biology)
  4. Teaching languages ( Arabic and French)
  5. Teaching SAT students
  6. Teaching students with special needs ( ADHD, depression)
  7. Helping students improve their grades in their preparation to university.

Pre-service teacher practice

Taught years 8, 9 and 10 General mathematics. Classes involved all levels of abilities and diverse backgrounds.

  1. Implementation of diverse classroom management techniques
  2. Design of assessment tasks according to the required outcomes of the curriculum
  3. Creation and marking of end of topic tests
  4. Excellent use of Information and Computer Technology(ICT) around the classroom such as interactive white boards, collaborative mathematical software on Windows and Apple products to assist students grasp difficult concepts e.g. geometric figures, functions.
  5. Implementation of the syllabus in smaller more manageable consecutive lesson plans
  6. Implementation of group work as well as individual tasks
  7. Involvement indifferent school activities (sports, events…)

Pre-service teacher practice

Taught years 9 and 10 Information System Technology and Years 11 and 12 Information Process Technology. Classes involved all levels of abilities but mostly students from low ability and diverse backgrounds.

Provided support and help for year 12 students in their preparation for the HSC.

  1. Implementation of diverse­classroom management techniques in computer rooms as well as normal classroom settings
  2. Creation of practical as well as theoretical exams
  3. Marking exams according to specific syllabus outcomes
  4. Arranging educational excursions and creating assessment tasks that evolve around it
  5. Excellent use of ICT around the classroom such as interactive white boards and graphical organisers
  6. Implementation of the syllabus in smaller more manageable consecutive lesson plans
  7. Implementation of group work as well as individual activities
  8. Involvement in different school activities


Taught years 6, 7 and 8 Advance Mathematical classes. Classes were split into low and high abilities around 20 students per class.

  1. Planning and implementation of lessons that met the syllabus requirements
  2. Involvement in preparing homework and assessment tasks
  3. Diverse classroom management skills

Consultant-Professional services Delivery APAC

Worked as part of the professional services team on a major project called “Analytics Management System” that was installed on a mobile network to collect and analyse data that was displayed through a business object (BO) system to make them simple and understandable by business managers.

The following are some of the areas I have experienced in this role:

  • Coordinated and managed the resources and projects
  • Prepared Agendas and minutes for meetings
  • Learned to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Managed financial aspects of the project; invoicing and achieving milestones.

Proof of Concept (POC) Application Support Engineer

Worked in the Innovation Central Executive Briefing Centre as part of the Solution and Marketing Group.


  • Delivered operational Excellence in the Presentation, Demonstration and Solution.

Development in Innovation Central EBC to meet current and future needs of Alcatel-Lucent in Australasia and APAC.

  • Planned, organised and delivered demonstrations to a wide range of Journalists / Media, politicians, Telco and Enterprise customers at executive, technical and end user levels. (Including CEO of Telstra, CxO of Hospitals).
  • Participated and presented to customers at trade shows such as FTTH Council, Comms Day, and Healthcare Seminars etc.

Network Optimization Engineer:

Servicing one the of the Telecommunication companies in Australia, AAPT.


Some of the courses involved:

  • Diversity Classrooms: It reflects on how cultural diversity and differences are characterized in schools and how teachers can understand students’ cultural backgrounds and personal constructions of identity and influence that in their teaching practice.
  • Pedagogies: It analyses the models of pedagogy and apply understanding to the design of learning activities. It recognizes and interprets subject specific general capabilities (including literacy and numeracy) demands to effectively sequence teaching / learning outcomes.


Effective relationships with customers; Alcatel-Lucent University Australia 2009

Business Writing Skills; Australian Institute of Management                         2009

In Stride Program (Instinctive Drives)                                                                  2008

Professional Presentations; Australian Institute of Management                  2008

Fundamental components of a Business Case; Alcatel-Lucent University     2007

Multi language’s: English, French and Arabic written and verbal fluently.


Available upon request

Student Affair Cum Training Coordinator Resume Sample

A Student Affair Cum Training Coordinator is primarily responsible for training, maintaining and handling all the student teacher relates problems, he has to make sure to train the new staff, to manage enrollment, registration and paperwork of new students. Following resume is an example of Student Affair Cum Training Coordinator Resume. Now as a resume is your first introduction to the employer or hiring team. Pay considerable attention to it. Make sure that it has all the essential information that the employer is looking for, it must highlight your those expertise that are in accord of employer’s requisites. Be honest and humble but confident and promising. This resume has all the key points and steps to help you make a convincing and attractive resume. Finally best of luck!




  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Training
  • Recognition
  • Communication
  • Continuous Improvement


To find a challenging position to meet my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience.


Nationality:                                            Pakistani

Gender:                                                   Female

Birth Date:                                              000

Marital Status:                                        Single

Joining Time:                                          1week


Oct 2013 – Present: Coordinator Junior School:

Grammar Schools

Major work:

  • Manage enrollment and registration of new children to the school
  • Induct new teachers into the school
  • To train new school staff in health and safety, child protection and school behavior policies.
  • Ensuring policies are implemented by all staff.
  • Reviewing and adapting course to ensure it keeps to schedule
  • Identifying indicators to measure the impact of the course
  • Design and/or adapt projects and small courses within the programs when appropriate
  • Updating the school notice board
  • Filing school paperwork such as registration forms, attendance sheets, incident reports and exam results and transferring to electronic databases.
  • Sending letters to parents to inform of meetings, trips, workshops etc.
  • Write the agenda for and co-lead parents meeting.
  • Coordinate school staff to undertake cleaning and general maintenance
  • Report damages to office staff and liaise with handyman to arrange repairs
  • Coordinate the monthly student assembly
  • Acting as the day-to-day point of contact in the school for students, parents and the community
  • Managing staff assessment of curriculum through teacher assessments, weekly meetings and curriculum reviews
  • Assessing volunteer teacher performance through observing English classes once a month to give constructive feedback to the teachers
  • Taking lectures English and Geography (24 periods a week)

Nov 2012– Student Affairs Officer:

June 2013: Rehman Medical Institute

Major Work:

  • Receives and provides detailed information and explanations to students. Participates in the organization of admissions and registration. Prepares, examines and verifies admissions and registration session files. Ensures follow-up. Completes and approves forms concerning course or program changes, interdepartmental or inter-university registration, and residency and internship programs.
  • Coordinates and schedules student interviews.
  • Informs students in relation to their files. Resolves problems. Ensures the application of academic regulations and deadlines
  • Coordinates application process for awards, scholarships and fellowships. Distributes application forms and provides information on procedures and deadlines. Verifies that student files are complete and, as required, ensures necessary linkage with admissions process.
  • Liaises with students, teaching staff, departments, faculties, services, high schools, training centers, and university and governmental authorities.
  • Controls enrolment in courses. Compiles information, verifies and updates timetables and calendar entries. Coordinates submission to central scheduling system and acts as a contact person for the unit. Maintains a current file of courses, calendars, programs, students and graduates. Coordinates administrative processes relating to doctoral comprehensive and oral defense examinations and the submission of theses and dissertations.
  • Obtains and compiles grades. Completes and verifies lists of examination results
  • Coordinates submission of grades
  • Verifies and corrects transcripts. Identifies and verifies files of graduating students. Prepares for and attends evaluation meetings and follows up as required.
  • Ensures that tuition fees and other student fees are properly assessed. Verifies results of language tests and informs students of course of action in case of failure; follows up on these cases.
  • Identifies and verifies files of graduating students. Prepares forms requesting diplomas and lists of graduating students. Prepares documents for convocation, attends and assists with this event.
  • Maintains filing system and prepares material for archiving. Performs data entry and updating of student files. Resolves related problems.
  • Produces reports and statistics involving the determination of variables, sorting queries and the selection of format.
  • Produces and signs correspondence and instructions related to the duties of the position. Types various documents. Compiles information, updates, formats and edits, for grammar and accuracy, unit publications related to student affairs. Coordinates publication of materials in consultation with appropriate resource persons including maintaining and updating Web pages.
  • Organizes meetings and attends various committees such as the admissions or program committees. Prepares minutes and follows up as required. Provides information to other members of the unit on files for which she/he has specific knowledge and experience.
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of current policies, procedures and regulations.

June 2010 – Manager Operations and Coordination:

Oct 2012: Institute of Business Management

Major Work:

  • working on committees including academic boards, governing bodies and task groups;
  • assisting with recruitment, public or alumni relations
  • marketing activities
  • administering the ‘student lifecycle’ from registration or admission to graduation or leaving;
  • providing administrative support to an academic team of lecturers, tutors or teachers;
  • drafting and interpreting regulations and dealing with queries and complaints procedures
  • coordinating examination and assessment processes;
  • maintaining high levels of quality assurance, including course evaluation and course approval procedures;
  • using information systems and preparing reports and statistics for internal and external use;
  • participating in the development of future information systems;
  • contributing to policy and planning;
  • managing budgets and ensuring financial systems are followed;
  • purchasing goods and equipment, as required, and processing invoices;
  • supervising staff;
  • liaising with other administrative staff, academic colleagues and students;
  • liaising with partner institutions, other institutions, external agencies, government departments and prospective students;
  • Organizing and facilitating a variety of educational or social activities.

2008 – 2010: English Teacher:

Major Work:

  • Teaching Grammar


  • Skill development project of book keeping with USAID
  • Skill development project of book keeping with SMEDA
  • Micro Finance
  • Presentation to Schools and college about awareness of Professional studies


Present:  Certified Internal Auditor

2012-2014   Masters in International Relations

Presentation Convent High School Peshawar


  • English Advance
  • International Relations


  • English Conversation
  • English Grammar



  • Awarded for : Excellent in Services as Head Captain
  • Awarded for : Regular Attendance
  • Awarded for : Net Ball winner


  • Awarded for : Serving as College Proctor


  • Awarded for : Helping women and children in Peshawar prison


  • MS Word
  • MS Excel


  • English
  • Urdu
  • Pashto



Examination Coordinator Resume Sample

Examination Coordinator  category falls under wider educational category of management. An Examination Coordinator Resume manages, controls and handles all the exam requisites. It is his responsibility from seating arrangements to answering sheets arrangements, he covers all the areas. This resume is a sample for this post. You are going to introduce yourself to the employer through this piece of paper. You are going to be as reckless as your resume is and you are going to be as professional as your resume tells about you. Below we have given a sample of resume for you. It should help in creating a fine resume. It indistinctively shows where you are suppose to put what information and where you are suppose to put your qualification.

Name:  xyz

Mobile: 000                                                                                                          Paste your pic here

Email: xxxx

Visa Status: Residence Visa                                          

OBJECTIVE (Examination Coordinator)

Aspiring to become a teacher and mould the lives of the next generation of leaders. I have a strong interest in being involved in, and promoting, inclusive education, multicultural recognition, environmental conservation and performance arts.

Educational PROFILE
  • Ed. from Bharathidasan University in 2009
  • SC Chemistry from Bharathidasan University in 2008
  • SC Chemistry from Bharathidasan University in 2005
  • Completed certification course in PGDCA
work experience (Examination Coordinator)

ABC Academy Hr. Sec School

PG Assistant (Grade – 10 and 12)

Exam Coordinator


  • Daily classroom management, monitoring student behavior and individual student progress.
  • Student Dairy checkup.
  • Preparing Power Point Presentation and Flow Chart.
  • Handling and maintaining Chemistry Lab Properties and practical class.
  • Taking Class and Batch attendances.
  • Parent Teachers Meeting – Monthly once.
  • Planning Education trip.
  • Checking seating arrangements in Examination Hall
  • Checking Question paper and answer key.

Have excellent communication skill to deliver and present learning effectively
Can create an enthusiastic environment and make learning a happy journey among children
Have creative and imaginative blend which helps in delivering lessons in a practical and interesting manner among children
Have a caring attitude to attend to children’s needs and concerns in time.
Have a strong desire to work with children

  • Awarded Silver Bowl for the continuously top result in Grade 10 and 12
  • Distinction Holder in B.sc., M.sc., and B.ed.
Personal  information

Date of Birth                :           00000

Gender                           :           Female

Marital Status              :           Married

Nationality                    :           Indian

Passport No                  :           00000

Place of Issue               :           xxxx

Date of Issue                :           0000

Date of Expiry             :           0000

Engineer in Computer Resume Sample

Following resume is a sample for the post of Computer Engineer. Computer Engineer is a combo of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to create computer software and other equipment. Below is given the sample of this resume. It has all the essential information that is needed to impress an employer. Your resume is going to be your first introduction to the employer. It must manifest that you are a hard working, consistent and trustworthy person who has potential to do a lot. Make sure to enter you previous experiences and credits. adding references will certainly give good impression to your resume.


Mobile No: 0000

Email id: xxxx@example.com


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering with distinction.

Assessed as an Australian Bachelor of Engineering by the New South Wales Department of Education.



Taught years 6, 7 and 8 Advance Engineering in Computer  classes. Classes were split into low and high abilities around 20 students per class.

  1. Planning and implementation of lessons that met the syllabus requirements
  2. Involvement in preparing homework and assessment tasks
  3. Diverse classroom management skills

Consultant-Professional services Delivery APAC

Worked as part of the professional services team on a major project called “Analytics Management System” that was installed on a mobile network to collect and analyse data that was displayed through a business object (BO) system to make them simple and understandable by business managers.

The following are some of the areas I have experienced in this role:

  • Coordinated and managed the resources and projects
  • Prepared Agendas and minutes for meetings
  • Learned to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Managed financial aspects of the project; invoicing and achieving milestones.

Proof of Concept (POC) Application Support Engineer

Worked in the Innovation Central Executive Briefing Centre as part of the Solution and Marketing Group.


  • Delivered operational Excellence in the Presentation, Demonstration and Solution

Development in Innovation Central EBC to meet current and future needs of Alcatel-Lucent in Australasia and APAC

  • Planned, organised and delivered demonstrations to a wide range of Journalists / Media, politicians, Telco and Enterprise customers at executive, technical and end user levels. (Including CEO of Telstra, CxO of Hospitals)
  • Participated and presented to customers at trade shows such as FTTH Council, Comms Day, and Healthcare Seminars etc.

Network Optimization Engineer 

Servicing one the of the Telecommunication companies in Australia, AAPT.


Some of the courses involved:

  • Positive learning environment:

It involves understanding of issues relating to pre-teen and adolescent development in a diverse population and of the implications for creating positive learning environments and facilitating effective social and emotional learning. It analyses the influence of teacher behaviour and discipline practices on the behaviour and wellbeing of students from diverse backgrounds. It helps recognising how legislation, policy resources, school-based processes and system supports impact upon student welfare and effective discipline. Last but not least it identifies the role of teachers and schools in the promotion, prevention and early identification of students’ mental health difficulties, and use resources, personnel and referral agencies who can support this role.

  • Inclusive Classrooms:

It reflects on the likely impact that a disability, behavior disorder or learning difficulty, including a language delay, may have on a student’s access to and participation in learning. It helps in understanding the range of learners, features of an inclusive school, school planning teams, the responsibilities of teachers and the community and available services to identify best practices for individual students in regular education settings.



Professional Presentations; Australian Institute of Management                          2008

Fundamental components of a Business Case; Alcatel-Lucent University            2007


Software Name Role Level
IOS all versions User Excellent
Windows 2003, XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8 User Excellent
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Outlook User Excellent
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chromeand Firefox User Excellent
Microsoft Math User Excellent
Geogebra User Excellent
Adobe Captive User Good
Netcool (alarm monitoring system) User Good
Microsoft Access database Programmer/User Good
SQL serverdatabase, SQL+ Programmer/User Good
Java Programmer/User Fair
Oracle Database User Good
Visual Basic Programmer/User Fair
Provisioning SystemBIOSS User Excellent
Logic Design Circuits User Good
Microsoft Visio User Good
Business Object User/Admin Excellent


Multilanguage’s: English, French and Arabic written and verbal fluently.


Available upon request

English Teacher Resume Sample

In today’s world English Teacher is as important as is English language. For foreigners and for English speakers themselves English Teacher has maintained a very important place. This resume is a Professional sample of English Teacher (Subject). It has all the key points and necessary details that are required to make an excellent and appealing resume. Remember to put all the information that is relevant to your subject. An employer looking for an English Teacher would certainly be not interested about knowing your experiences in hiking. Finally add verified references of your previous work experiences.

Personal Data:

Name                      : XYZ

Occupation             : English Teacher.

Address                  : ABC)

Status                    : Married.

Mobil  number      : 0000

E-mail                    :xxxxx


To be a part of a prestigious school that enhances my knowledge and capabilities and at the same time utilizes the experienced. I have gained to have challenging position that will allow my personal and professional growth through work and increase responsibilities.

 Core strength:

  • Have excellent planning, analytically & problem solving skills.
  • Strongly communication and influencing skills.
  • Energetic and capable of working independently and a good deal of autonomy.
  • Have excellent time management skills & can meet the deadlines without compromising on quality.
  • Excellent presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic with great attention to details.
  • Excellent spoken & written skills in English.
  • Highly dependable & can prioritize and organize tasks.

Department                         : English Department.Graduation Certificate      : Faculty of Arts.

University                            : South Valley University.

Date of Graduation             :00000

High studies:

Educational Diploma (English)

Degree : Very Good.


Arabic                                   :  Excellent

English                                  :   Reading & Writing Excellent.

ِExtra Qualifications:

Excellent  about Communication Skills Course I had training

I had attended Nile TESOL conference (2013) at the A.U.C. (American University in Egypt).

I had training  I.C.D.L. course( 2007)

 Previous experiences

Position                              : English Teacher + Arabic and Islamic.

: English teacher+ Arabic and Islamic.

:  Good experience with children & Adults

:  I’ve worked in Note Dame Language schools as an English Teacher.

:  I teach English for grades (2 and 6).

:  Hard Worker reliable & Loyal.

:  Ability to work in Team.

El-salam Academy Language Private Schools

Position                                      :      Data Entry.


  • Assist the manager with the routine works
  • Prepare the files and upload it on the Local website.
  • Communicate with the relative person of the whole company
  • Dealings with other staff or visitors, whether in person or on the telephone.


  • Participated in various training programs.
  • Selected to represent the school on various exhibitions.
  • Won prizes in various competitions at college/university levels.
  • Active member in parents and teachers associations

Computer Skills:

Good dealing with:

  1. Operating Systems: Windows (Win 7& Win XP).
  2. MS Office XP (Word, Excel and Power point).
  3. Using Internet.

Note: I have the ability to learn anything about:

  1. Latest educational techniques for students.
  2. Computer hardware and software.
  3. Latest methods of learning.

I have great interest in helping others.

English Teacher Cum Coordinator Resume Sample

Many of the private organizations demands teacher for more than one duty that where English Teacher cum Coordinator comes. He is required to deliver the lectures as well as coordinate and manage different tasks. Following resume is a sample of such resume. Begin it with your initial information and education. followed by your experience and key skills, then mention any extra information related to your experience. In the end mention some references from your previous work experience.

Name:             XYZ

Nationality:  Pakistani

Contact #     00000

Email:          xxxx

Skype id:     xxxx

Objective Of My Life

Relevant Experience

Teaching IELTS Advised by Cambridge University

General English /IELTS

Teaching  ( English Teacher Cum Coordinator)

American ABC and Government schools Lahore

  • Developed and implemented programs to encourage student participation
  • Help to make lesson plans and activities according to the grade levels
  • Supervised others in the maintenance and enforcement of school policies
  • Participated in leadership training and community building workshops
  • Facilitate student learning and conduct research in the area of politics and western civilization
  • Assist in the coordination and implementation of community service and student affairs activities
  • Very strong eye contact & communication skills. Self-motivation, initiative with a high level of energy.
  • Verbal communication skills. Decision making, critical thinking, organizing and planning.
  • Patience. Tolerant. Flexible to different situations.
  • Obtain a position as an elementary School Teacher that will utilize my strong dedication to children’s development and to their educational needs.
  • Obtain a position at ABC institute where I can maximize my teaching experience, children’s program development skills and my training abilities.
  • Looking for a position of Special education teaching to use my strong passion for children’s development, together with skills and experience that will enable me to make a significant difference at your school.
  • To build a long-term career as an elementary teacher with opportunities for career growth and to keep up with the cutting edge of the teaching technologies.
  • To encourage creativity and higher-order thinking to increase children’s performance.
  • Obtain a teaching position that uses modern teaching methods such as e-learning and team learning.

Phone Net Pay Phone  Company (Pvt) LTD.

HR /Human resources

  • To provide inbound support to international clients in America and Canada.
  • Inbound support for the calling cards in America and Spain.
  • Data searching and cold calling for sales.
  • Management of HR inventories
  • Designing Job Description
  • Interviewing the new candidates
  • Project Performance reports
  • Administrative Hr Responsibilities
  • Responsibility on any special projects.
  • Participation in any leadership initiatives

Relevant Education

Degree                                                             University/College        

Master in Eng/Linguistic-                           University of Sargodha (Awaiting for result

English language teaching (dip)                Pakistan Institute of technical skills

TEFL (Diploma)                                           International Islamic University of Islamabad

Office Management (Dip)                            Y.M.C.A

Master in English literature                      University of the Punjab

B.COM                                                            University Of the Punjab

I.COM                                                             Standard college of Commerce

Matriculation                                               Lahore Board

Technical Skills

Related Computer

  • Windows Installation and troubleshooting.
  • Microsoft Office (complete Database skills)
  • Corel Draw
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Office Management

Other Skills 


  • English                               expert fluency
  • Urdu expert fluency
  • Punjabi                               expert fluency
  • I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and can speak, read and write English professionally, And can correspond nationally and internationally.

Professional Photographer Resume Sample

A photographer captures the reality, nature and imagination and preserves it either by modifying it or just staying true to it. There are many things in this world that are seen, taught and observed through photos only. A photographer occupies a very important part in every subject and walk of life. Following resume is a sample for the post of a Professional Photographer. A professional photographer works for some company or is hired by some company/organization. The resume for a photographer is totally different from any other resume sample. It needs to depict the hearty, lively and adventurous nature of the applicant. There must be a detailed description of what your skills are, and of what type of equipment and software you have dealt with. And finally adding some of your images is going to make a pleasant difference in your resume.


Mobil No.

Email ID:

Skype ID:


To obtain a position in education management environment where I can utilize and enhance my management skills and knowledge as a school manager and administrator to develop and implement school program and maximize growth of the education institute.


Sr. Certification / Degree Institution / University Specialization / Major Passing Year
1. MPA University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Finance 2007
2. Bsc  University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Economics, Mathematics, Statistics 2004
3. I.C.S Board of Lahore Computer, Mathematics & Statistics 2002
4. Matriculation Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Pak. Arts 2000

Work Experience:

  • Third Round Media (TRM) Brand Strategist: working on social network managing social                         pages including photography, editing and designing.
  • B & M Photography     CEO and Photographer: Capturing photos of different events Fotolicious by Maraam Khan,  such as weddings, model shoots, landscape and product photography.

Brick School       

  • Coordinator and Teacher of English, Mathematics Science and social studies and coordinating colleagues, helping teachers in making planners, organizing the classrooms and learning Resources. Creating workbooks and teaching resource. Design curriculum.
  • Beacon House School System Teacher: Teaching all areas of the lower primary curriculum.

Organizing the classroom and learning resources and creating displays to encourage a positive learning environment.

  • Azgard9 ( Textile Mills)   Internship in finance department, handling and managing  financial information.

  Professional Courses, Workshops, Certificates and Diplomas          


Oxford University Press

  • Montessori Teachers Training Course

PMC (Pakistan Montessori Council)

  • Montessori / Nursery Foundation Teachers Training Workshop

PMC (Pakistan Montessori Council)

  • Oxford English Phonics Training Course

Oxford University Press

  • Discovering Peace and Happiness Workshop

Al-Wabil, Center for Islamic Knowledge 

  • Photography Course

Studio 4

  • SPELT international conference

Oxford University Press

  • Arabic language Course

DHA library

  • Aurat Course

Al Noor International institute of Islamic education and research.

  • Information and communication technology Workshop

Para mount Publishing Enterprises

  • 3d Modeling and Animation Workshop 2009

Arena Multimedia

  • Multimedia Engineering Course

College of Tourism and Multimedia Computing

  • BSS Induction Course

Beacon House School System

  • Connect yourself with Allah

Al Huda international institute of Islamic education for woman

  Personality and Skills :                                                                                                                             

  • Ambitious, intelligent, hard working, inquisitive, quick learner, compassionate, enthusiastic, having creative mind and easy going personality
  • Very much interested in Photography, Computers, Islam, Early Childhood Training, Research & Development
  • Enjoy taking part in team work, supporting others with their work, as well as working on my own, whilst using my initiative
  • Ability to communicate fluently and effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Establishing very good public relations, developing and building strong friendships with colleagues
  • Ability to work with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Coral Draw, 3D Max, Audition, Macromedia Flash, Urdu Inpage, Audio-Video Production, Graphics and Animation

  Personal Profile:

       Marital Status               Single

Nationality                      Pakistani

Religion                            Islam

Languages Known        English / Urdu / Punjabi / Partial Arabic

Date of Birth                   000

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Economics Lecturer Resume Sample

Teacher is someone who has so much to offer than a book. Economics, like any other subject, needs more experience and exploration, that comes only from a teacher. This resume is a sample for the post of Economics Lecturer. A resume is very important in explaining your skills, abilities and capacity to the employer; it is your first introduction to the employer. You need to create it with quite a bit of concentration. It must entail your qualification, previous experience, field of expertise and career objectives very clearly. And finally adding references from your colleagues, seniors, known personalities and a well-written Cover Letter is going to increase the worth of your resume.

Name :   XYZ

E-mail :    xxxx

Contact No : 0000000

Living Place : xxxxxx

Career objective: (Economics Lecturer Resume)

Being a confident, amiable and enthusiastic individual, I find it easy to communicate with people of different personality types and backgrounds. I am punctual and reliable with an ability to adapt well to new situations and work efficiently as part of a team environment. As a focused and meticulous individual, I make an effort to produce work to the best of ability and always carry a positive and professional attitude. I am determined to apply the skills and knowledge I gained from my education and work for pursuing a successful career. I am able to Works within a team environment and have the ability to communicate with a various range of people. I have very good time management and excellent organisation skills, and also the ability to plan projects with presentation.

Professional Expérience :

Economics Lecturer

Damascus university – faculty of economics.

-Lecturer  of economics, business administration and law .

-Commercial and economics institute (Damascus University)Teacher of accounting, economics, business administration and law .

Cornerstone college – at RAK.

  • Lecturer of accounting , business finance , banking at Cornerstone College RAK.

Computer Skills:

_ MS Office.

_ Plus POS, (Oracle account system)

_ I-Mal bank system (creation- approve levels).

_ Internet.

_ Respect work and colleagues.

Education Qualification:

_ Bachelor of Economics / Banking and Insurance Dept, University: Damascus Univ. /Syria.

_ Master of stock markets, Academy: Damascus University / Syria.

_ Courses in: Islamic Banking and accounting, customer service, time management, team building and small and medium enterprises management.


_ Arabic            ( mother tongue )

_ English           ( good )

Personal details:

Date of Birth          January, 25th 1985.

Marital status         Married

Nationality              Syrian

Travel & Tourism Teacher Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for Travel & Tourism Teacher post. A Travel & Tourism Teacher resume is your first introduction to the employer and as it goes ‘first impression is the last impression’. Resume is a very important document, it needs to be prepared according to the job demand. A good resume highlights those skills and expertise that are according to the employer’s requisite. Following Travel & Tourism Teacher resume will serve you as a guide towards making a comprehensive and convincing resume. It has all the guideline of putting right information at the right place. Finally do add verified references and their contact information of your previous work experience.

Name: xyz

Mobile No:  0000

Email: xxxx

Nationality: Pakistani

Career Objective (Travel & Tourism Teacher)

To have a challenging and rewarding position in a competitive environment, where I can utilize my educational qualifications and experience for personal and organizational growth.


2014 English as Second Language (ESL)The Knowledge Factory.

2011     Diploma in Arabic Language University of Central Punjab .

2009     Master of Mass Communication University of South Asia Lahore.

(Advertising, PR, TV & Film Productions)

2007     Bachelor of Arts                                    Punjab University .

(Journalism, South East Languages)

2007    Bachelors in Textile Management       Riphah International University.

(Computers, Economics, Textile Modules)

2004    hssc in Humanities                                  Lahore Board.

(Mathematics, Economics, Islamic Studies)

2004    Diploma in Computers Edge College

(MS Office, Networking, Windows, Software installation)

Work Experience 

 Lahore Public School

Travel & Tourism Teacher (A levels)

  • Provide students with guidance on educational and social matters relating to their studies and future careers
  • Communicate and consult with parents and other persons or agencies outside the school as required
  • Review methods of teaching and programs of work of Travel & Tourism Teacher .
  • Set work which can be graded each week, if possible incorporating a weekly test of travel & tourism teacher.

Freelance Services& Consultancy

I have been offering freelance services & consultancy in Teaching & Administrative support to a wide range of clients. Main deliverable are highlighted below;


College students Teacher

  • Studied Economics, Sociology, Education& Social Sciences
  • Conducted group and one-on-one reading and writing activities
  • Administered and evaluate tests, analyzed student performances.
  • Plan activities that help in growth of language and social skills.

BA/BBA Student Teacher

  • Design and teach lessons in Business Studies, HR & Marketing, and Communication
  • Generate discussions questions for the purpose of students’ literary conversation.
  • Assist college students in understanding concepts and preparing for exams.


Data Entry Specialist

  • Transforming data from web to spreadsheet according to Employer’s requirements. Coordination and follow up on projects tasks.

Web Content Management

  • Using word press; creating religious based content on daily basis from provide sources and databases. Follow up on US Employers emails and feedback.

Novel Reviews

  • Writing reviews on released literature on the World Wide Web portal for public view.


  • In-depth research about USA Power and energy.
  • Collecting & compiling data on daily basis.
  • Follow up on US and Italy Employers regarding project tasks.

 Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC-Radio Pakistan)

Trainee Producer

  • Live and recorded program production.
  • Concept to release production.
  • Participating in radio talk shows, dramas.
  • Worked on idea conceiving and implementation of ideas.

Production in Liquid magic Studios

Researcher &Trainee Producer

  • Learning and adapting new techniques in Advertisement strategies
  • Conceptualize script, market and research script ideas.
  • Analysis and media planning.
  • Learning and performing Camera shots, frames, editing techniques.
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews of media personalities.

Production in Pakistan Television(P.T.V)

Trainee Producer& Coordinator

  • Played key role in gathering all aspects of news-entertainment operations such as political & social segment, talk shows, drama & film.
  • Coordinated with producers, cameramen and cast on set.
  • Performed indoor/outdoor shoots.
  • Learnt and implemented live and recorded production techniques.

INTERESTS& HOBBIES (Travel & Tourism Teacher)

  • I like reading literary fiction books and my favorite authors are NealeD. Walsch, Paulo Coelho and Ishfaq Ahmad.
  • I am interested in researching world wide information regarding culture,education and religion.
  • I like counseling to help my students and friends through their difficulty; motivate them to understand themselves, and; find ways of managing their situations.
  • Travelling to northern areas of Pakistan and experiencing different cultures.
  • I jog to keep myself healthy and active.


Available upon request.

Physics Teacher Resume Sample

Physics like any other science subject that needs more practical approach than books or lengthy notes. Any teacher with poor knowledge is simply unable to clear different physics concepts. This resume is a sample for the post pf Physics Teacher. It is a teacher’s job to clear all the fuzz out of their minds. And to make the subjects as easy and interesting as playing Angry Birds on android. A resume plays, no doubt, the basic role in getting good job. Your resume must be precise and according to the requisites of the employer, it should tell the employer that you have all the skills and expertise that he/she demands. Below we have given a sample of such a resume. Customize it with your personal information, qualification and experiences. Add verified references from your previous work as well.

Name:   XYZ
Cell Number:    0000
Email:            xxxxx


Seeking a teaching position where training and skills in active teaching methodologies will be fully utilized in order to provide students with a positive learning experience.


         Degree    Session      Division      Board/University
Master of Sciences (Specialization in Computational Physics) 2011-2013             Ist University Of The Punjab
 Bachelor of Sciences 2009-2011             Ist  University Of The Punjab
 Intermediate (Pre Eng.) 2007-2009             Ist  Lahore
Matriculation (Science) 2005-2007             Ist  Lahore

Professional Experience:

Monarch learning and Development center in , U.A.E:

TeachingExperience at Monarch learning and development center with different Grade student has enhanced my capabilities of teaching specially GCSE course of Physics and Mathematics

Responsibilities and duties:

Delivering Lectures of math and physic as well as finished all the courses within given period of time.
Taking personal interest to understand the needs and difficulties of students.
Demonstrate the Topics with concepts and examples.

Ali Academy:

Two year teachingExperience at Star Academy specially Subject of Physics and Mathematics of O level and A level students

Responsibilities and duties:

Planning & delivering well-structured lessons which engage & motivate students.

Supporting the school in delivering the curriculum effectively.

Looking after the teaching material and resources.

Achieving and maintain high Standards of care and education.

Computer Skills


C,C++and C #,Mathematica, PHP, JavaScript and HTML5&CSS3

Web developer Responsive and according to the demand.



Microsoft Access


Recently Design Professional website With Company Catalogue, Complete Social Media

And Search media optimization.

Field of Interest

Quantum Mechanics

Integration and differentiation

Programming and simulation


Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) Certificate.




Father’s Name xxxx
Date of Birth 00000
Passport no 00000
Visa status Employment
Religion Islam
Nationality Pakistani