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Sales Coordinator Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Sales Coordinator. A Sales Coordinator is specifically trained to create those policies and to implement them to help increase the sales of a corporation. He (Sales Coordinator) reviews retail prices, production costs and quotas from previous years to determine if the company is meeting sales expectations plus maintaining the quality of the products. A resume plays an important in explaining your key skills and talent to the employer so be very concerned while creating a Sales Coordinator resume. It must impress upon the employer that you are the right choice for this post. Enlist some previous experiences with verified references to nail your expertise upon him. And finally confidence is all what you need to name the job!(Sales Coordinator)

Curriculum Vitae –XYZ
Personal Details

DOB : 01 JULY 1988

Nationality: Indian

Passport No: 000

Visa: Visit Visa(UAE)

Marital Status: Single



MBA (June 2013) Finance and Marketing Mangalore, Karnataka, India)

BBM (March 2013)     (Sir Syed Institute For Technical Studies, Kannur Kerala, India)

Mobile No:000


Languages Known:

4   English

4   Hindi

4   Tamil

4   Malayalam

4   ARABIC(reading and writing only)


4   Good marketing and management skills.

4   Research skills and knowledge of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

4   Highly responsible and disciplined.

4   Ability to develop business with networking skills.

4   Flexible to work at any timing

4   Highly enthusiastic in taking initiative.

4   Good presentation and    excellent communication skills.

4   Strong motivational skills.

Interest & Hobbies:

4   Socializing with family and friends.

4   Swimming & body building.

4   Watching movies and news.

4   Reading books and magazines.

4   Watching, playing cricket, football and volleyball on weekly basis.

Computer Proficiency:

4   MS-Office and Tally

4   Microsoft Windows:

XP, 7, 9

4   Internet applications and E-mailing

4   Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

4   Adobe Page Maker.



Career Objective

To pursue a challenging high caliber career that improves my skills and creativity along with the organization. Being ambitious and hard working, I am looking forward to challenge my potential and be worthy of management’s trust and confidence.Career Graph


Job Profile


Duties & Responsibilities:

  •  Respond to and follow up sales enquirers using appropriate methods.
  •  Prepare and maintain Sales reports.
  •  Coordinate sales and business initiatives and integrate sales processes across the company.
  •  Work with Sales Operations & Sales Leadership to ensure business is transacted accurately and within pricing guidelines to the highest ethical standards.
  •   Arranging meetings and site visits for the interested clients  Arranging meetings and site visits for the interested clients.
  •   Making first round of call on the data received through various marketing activities such as Mail Campaign, SMS Campaign, etc and then distribute it to different team members.
  •   Handled a team of 5 people and maintain the records of their performance.(Sales Coordinator)


(JANUARY 2012 to MAY 2013)

Job Profile


Duties & Responsibilities:

  •   Oversee individual store and supervise various stores in particular local market.
  •   Provide excellent customer service and assist departments in store image and merchandise presentation to achieve all company objectives.
  •   Train and guide sales staff to focus on store’s sales strategies a per company standards.
  •   Develop strategies to achieve personal sales targets.
  •   Manage all communication with existing client to maintain long term relationship.
  •   Participate in all product launches, promotions and stock replenishment to maintain appropriate merchandising standards throughout store.
  •   Supervise daily store operation and ensure achievement of all productivity and sales target.


      (JULY 2010 to AUGUST 2011)

Job Profile


Duties & Responsibilities:

v  Investigates new items and makes recommendations for purchasing products.

v  Recognize the needs of the consumer and provide detailed information to the consumer about the technical specifications of the computer hardware/software offered by the company.

v  Advises customers on technical matters and recommends appropriate computer configurations.

v  Provide technical support after merchandise is purchased.

v  Serve as a customer service rep for customers who have questions or difficulties.

v  Demonstrate product features before a sale.

v  Ensure quality of service by developing a thorough and detailed knowledge of technical specifications and other features of employers’ systems and processes.

v  Help customers maximize the use of software features.


     (JANUARY 2009 to JUNE 2010)

Job Profile


Duties & Responsibilities:

v  Handling inquiries related to new client.

v  Investigating customer’s needs and advising appropriate insurance.

v  Visiting clients (when required).

v  Calculate premiums and establish payment method.

v  Explain features, advantages and disadvantages of various policies to promote sale of insurance plans.

References will be provided upon request.

Accountant Cum HR Resume Sample

This resume is a sample for the post of Accounts cum HR officer. This is a double-task job where you are required double skills and knowledge. The human resource manager cum accountant, mostly these types of jobs are offered by mediocre level companies that has fewer numbers of employees. Such employers would prefer to hire one person with multiple talent. So, for this kind of opportunity you should build your resume (Accountant Cum HR) keeping in mind manifesting all your multiple skills and experiences. A Accountant Cum HR resume sample is given below which will be helpful for you to create an impressive and convincing resume. Start Accountant Cum HR resume with your introduction shortly followed by an explanation of what types of duties you have been preforming throughout and what kind of experiences you are looking forward to perform. Highlighting your abilities and to-the-point expertise in resume is bound to attract the employer and giving you a chance of interview.

Name: xyz

CPA-MBA Finance

Mobile Number:000

Email Id:xxx

Contact Address

Chak No. 520 GB, Faisalabad Punjab, 38000

Language Known

English   IELTS Band-6

Urdu       Official Language
Punjabi  Mother Language
Hindi      Known


To gain a dynamic and challenging role in the area of Accounts, Finance, and Auditing, that will offer me the best opportunity for further development of my abilities, skills and knowledge in an established organization by making positive contribution to the company and personal growth through team effort.

Course Discipline University/  board Passing year
MBA Finance Virtual University of Pakistan 2011
B.Com Commerce University of the Punjab 2008
ICS Computer. Sc. B.I.S.E Lahore 2005
SSC Metric B. I.S.E Faisalabad 2003

Subjects: Auditing, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Money & Banking, Principle of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Economics Entrepreneurship, Advance Financial Accounting, Auditing, Business Communication & Report Writing, Business Law, Business Taxation.(Accountant Cum HR)


Diploma in Computer Science                                                COMTECH
Certified Training in PMP                                                      Project Management Institute USA
Member of PMI USA                                                              ID: 0000000
CPA   (SRN-109/CPA)   ICPAP                                            Last two module left.

Highlights                                                                          Over 6 Years Experience

MBA (Finance)Advance Computer Proficiency (Pc &  Mac)Flexible team player MS Office ExpertiseEffective time managementExcellent management techniques


Best Skills in all computer Operating systems Windows & Dos.
Domain InstallationSoftware & Hardware managementBusiness communication & report writingProgramming visual basic, java, Html, C++

VMware workstation installing

Networking Cable and wireless

 MS office (Excel,DB,PPoint etc)Media presentationWeb developingTroubleshooting

Internet Browsing

Outlook express



Creative and dedicated to work efficiently and effectively manage time Business DevelopmentEvent Management

E.R.P Software (Oracle)


Strong Computer SkillsSmart Working NaturePublic Relation

Committed to work

IT Skills



Accounts Officer /Internal Auditor                           from Feb 2008   Current Job
Din Group of industries                                               Lahore, Punjab
Area of expertise

Bank reconciliationReconciliationsCash flow managementPreparing monthly opt. reports

Finance vouching in E.R.P system

Generation of imprest sheets

Production and OPS report

Assist with external Auditor

Ledger tally/maintainCost analysisA/R moduleA/P module

Preparing of Journal entries

Insurance Claims

Stock reports

E-enrollment, Tax deduction and deposit (FBR)Developing internal control procedure
Aging reports of debt(micro finance, Loan installment, Salary advances, USPL advances)
Payroll/Store Audit.Compliance of task assignment and timelines for completion for each task and main activities and reporting result.System payment and other documents are verified for their accuracy compliance with supporting.Preparing special reports when asked for the management on various aspects, including asset management and security, financial reporting and management information system.

Specifying internal check including pre-audit checks, adherence to company policy procedure and compliance with rules, law and regulation to ensure that payments to contractors are made to them in accordance with guideline.

Maintain open communication with management and audit committee.

Appraise progressively the soundness, adequacy and application of the internal control systems.

Keep Current on trends in accounting and auditing.

Ensuring that systems exist for generation of accurate and reliable financial and other information.

Monthly bases work in process maintain for yield.

Preparing audit base on information provided.

Conducting internal control evaluation and risk assessment to prevent frauds embezzlements, misuse and wastage and ensuring that objectives of the organization are achieved efficiently and effectively.

Compliance of task assignment and timelines for completion for each task and main activities and reporting result.

Understand key business risks, including associated technology risks.


Date of birth         : 01.04.1982

Gender                   : Male

Marital Status      : Single

Country                 : Pakistan

Domicile                : Punjab

Passport No          : XXXXX

E.O.B.I. No            : 000000

C.N.I.C.                  :000000




Interaction with people


During working with this organization, Cash prize was awarded to me several of times.


I hereby declare that all the information and facts given above are true to best of my knowledge and belief.

Yours faithfully